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How to generate stunning AI boudoir photos

In this article we'll cover how you can generate stunning AI boudoir photos using your credits.
After you've placed an order that includes photo credits, you can create new photos with a few simple steps.

How to create AI generated photos

After your images are generated, you'll be presented with the 'studio' of your model. Creating a new image is as easy as describing the image (1) and pressing the big button 'take photo' (2):

  1. Describe the image you want to see
  2. Start generating the image by pressing 'take photo'

After pressing 'take photo' the AI generated image will start processing. When the studio is warm, the first results will be coming in in about 20 seconds. Our unique process will automatically improve the image progressively as shown in the following image, providing you feedback with every step
Our unique multi-step process will guide you along the way

How many AI generated photos can I create?

There are 2 factors that affect the amount of AI generated photos you can create:
  1. How many credits are included in your package
  2. How many photos are blocked due to our filter
We block inappropriate photos with a strong NSFW filter, so it's possible you will see a blocked image in your results, like so:
Example of a blocked image

Worry not though, these blocked images are added to your photo credits, so you can try again!

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