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Discover remarkable boudoir photographers in Los Angeles, a city in United States that is known for its sunny beaches, iconic landmarks such as the Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame, diverse entertainment industry, and vibrant cultural scene.

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CG Studios

CG Studios delivers an exceptional boudoir photography experience that leaves clients feeling confident and empowered. Cristen, the mastermind behind the lens, has a remarkable talent for making clients feel at ease during the shoot. Her approachable and sweet demeanor has earned her high praise from clients who rave about her ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Cristen takes the time to get to know her clients, ensuring that every session is personalized and tailored to their unique needs. She is an expert in posing and knows how to accentuate the beauty of every body type, making clients feel sexy and confident in their own skin. Her attention to detail extends beyond the photoshoot, as she provides excellent hair and makeup services to ensure that every client looks and feels their best. CG Studios is the perfect choice for anyone looking to capture their beauty and confidence in stunning boudoir photographs.

Customer Reviews

Shauna Welch

So before meeting Cristen, I always was extremely unconfident. YEARS later I decided to do a photo shoot with Cristen after a friend told me about her personal experience about doing a boudoir shoot. To boost my confidence I took a leap of faith and I couldn’t be more grateful. The only regret I have is that I didn’t do this photo shoot with Cristen sooner, she changed my outlook on myself and made me feel more confident than I’ve ever felt. Everyone should feel this way.

Tylor Ezell

Cristen is the absolute best!!! She is so sweet from the moment you meet her to the time you leave. She is personable and really makes you feel comfortable . My hair and makeup was amazing. So simple, but I looked and felt beautiful. I haven’t received my pictures yet but I just know they are going to be way more amazing than I was expecting them to be. She just really knows how to pose you and show off those sexy curves. I can’t wait to give this gift to my fiancé for our wedding day. Thanks cristen can’t wait to see the finished project.

alina swarovski

I had wonderful time with Cristen! She is absolutely brilliant in her settings and the way she guided my body movements ! I have the best shots with Cristen ..... I highly recommend her to my friends ,,,,, Thank You dear ... see you soon

deBoudoir Boudoir Photography

If you're searching for a boudoir photography studio that will make you feel like the fierce and sexy tigress that you are, look no further than deBoudoir Boudoir Photography. With three locations, including one in the trendy arts district of downtown LA, this studio offers a professional and empowering experience for women looking to capture their beauty on camera. The entire process is handled by women, so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout your shoot. The talented photographers and editors will work with you to create stunning images that make you feel like a seductive goddess. Although pricing can be steep, the quality and experience are worth every penny. And if you're lucky enough to catch one of their Groupon deals, you'll get an hour-long shoot with four outfit changes for just $19. Don't miss out on the opportunity to feel beautiful and empowered with deBoudoir Boudoir Photography.

Customer Reviews

Tiffany Duong

i've done quite my share of boudoir shoots in hopes of capturing my younger, hotter self for when im in my 40-somethings, and deBoudour is hands down the BEST. I've shot with them three times now (once in Carlsbad, once at the old Beverly Hills studio with Kimber, and once with Kimber here at the new dtla studio). Each shoot produces better pictures than the last, because my comfort level with myself and in front of the camera increases exponentially. Their photographers and editors are also very talented, and make you feel and look like a sexpot (in a great way). First of all, the entire process at deBoudoir is VERY professional. They do not allow men in any of their studios or for the viewing appointments, so you always feel like you are in a strong female zone. They also outsource their photos to a partner vendor who specializes in boudoir prints, so you get high quality and the added discreteness of not having the guy at walgreens see your photos if you choose to print them. Check their pricing before you jump in, as it's quite money, but you really do get what you pay for. They circulate groupons regularly for $19 sitting fee (as opposed to $400), which is a steal for an hour shoot and 4 outfits. Image pricing is $159 for a single image, and $800 for 7. It goes up from there. I've never ever been able to leave deBoudoir without purchasing the 7-pack, as I'd really regret not having those pictures in the future. The downtown studio is top knotch. It's chic and located in the poppin arts' district of DLTA, which is just booming. There's a great restaurant and wine bar around the corner for you to go out afterwards. The decor is all very... "naughty princess", which is perfect for a boudoir shoot. There's lace, gold, chains, diamonds, beads, everything. Kimber, the photographer, is AMAZING. She tells you you look amazing, and she really makes you feel like you are the fierce tigress that you could be. It shows in her pictures. If you feel awkward, tell her and she will help you through being more comfortable in your own skin. At the end, you'll probably want to just hang out with her and be her friend because she makes you feel so awesome about yourself. Tips: -They offer hair and make-up if you aren't comfortable doing your own, but if you are, that's a great way to save some cash. Do your eyes up really dark for added sultry effect. -False lashes are a MUST. they make your eyes really pop and add that bedroom-boudoir-seductive feel -Corsets end up looking best, as they add that that boudoir/bedroom feel, boost up your girls, and suck in the rest. get ones with boning for that extra "hourglass" effect. if you don't have any, they sell them at the studio for anywhere between $80-150 each -Bring black lace undies, black thigh highs with a lace top (that stay up well), and black heels. Bring jewelry and hair accessories. These all really enhance your photos and make them look high quality. -Come with girlfriends, and make it a fun event together. You shoot separately, but if you book stacked appointments, you can help each other get ready and feel comfortable, and then go out on the town all made up! -Parking is free on the streets, but read the signs. -Studio is inside a converted loft, so go inside and check in with the guard, and get sent up to apt 311. -To see your pics, you come back a few days later, because the editors (who are the best I have EVER seen) put in a good 4-6 hours on just your photos. You'll have about 100-150 great photos to view, and each one looks, feels, and will hit you differently. You'll have quite a hard time narrowing down, but the whole process will make you realize just how sexy or beautiful you can be and already are. -Overall, just be free with yourself and have fun. It's an empowering, different, and very eye-opening experience!

Anastasia Portraits

Anastasia Portraits is a boudoir photographer that specializes in maternity and intimate photo shoots. Her ability to make her clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera is unmatched. Anastasia provides a friendly atmosphere throughout the whole process, from choosing the outfits to posing. Her studio is the cutest, and she offers wardrobe options to help her clients look and feel their best. The final retouched photos exceed expectations, leaving clients thrilled with the results. Anastasia's skill and professionalism make for an intimate experience that captures beautiful moments to be cherished forever.

Customer Reviews


I came to Anastasia to do my maternity shoot at 34 weeks of being pregnant and I couldn’t have picked a better photographer for this experience!!! Beyond happy with Fiance and I photos she was very nice to work with and very professional. She made the environment a comfortable one and captured the perfect shots within a short time frame. Her website is user friendly and it was easy to pick the photos we loved ! I’m excited to show these photos to our son when he is older and look back on this journey through these very artistic shots Anastasia took! Thank you once again xoxoxo

David Min

My wife maternity shoot with Anastasia was wonderful. She was funny, open minded and courteous. In my opinion, a photography session is a very intimate experience and Anastasia make us comfortable and pleasant during the shoot. She is a true professional and you will be happy with what she brings forth. It was an absolute privilege to work with Anastasia.

Jacqueline Pineda

Anastasia took my maternity photos. I’m so in love with them! The whole experience was amazing. She provided the wardrobe, she directed me during the photo-session and the final images came out better than I could have hoped for. Her studio is the cutest and she made me feel so comfortable in front of a camera. It was my first time taking pictures and I’m so happy with the results.

Ararel Photography

Ararel Photography, run by Narek, is a boudoir photography studio that promises to capture the best moments and create timeless photos. Narek's talent is not only limitless but extraordinary and out of all the boundaries of perfection. His professionalism and individual approach to all his clients are evident in his photos. Narek's creative mind gives his clients outstanding results and absolute satisfaction. The studio is cozy and aesthetically pleasing, making clients feel at home. Narek loves his work and puts his all into his photos, making everyone comfortable and giving them the best experience. With his artistic knowledge, he encourages various poses and knows the angles to focus on for the perfect shot. Ararel Photography is not just a studio, but an artist who creates art and captures priceless emotions.

Customer Reviews

Gayane Gabrielyan

There are people who are good photographers and there also are people who are GODS of PHOTOGRAPHY. Narek’s talent is limitless, extraordinary, out of all the boundaries of perfection, but the most important thing is that it’s priceless. I do really mean priceless because no $$$$ matters when you get the best version of yourself. You never know how flattered you can feel unless you get a photo shoot with Ararel Photography. Thank you for your talent, thank you for your vision, thank you for your friendship and thank you for the details that only you can pay attention to that make us all perfect

Ashot Karapetyan

This was my first time using Ararel Photography and definitely not the last one. I just wanted to highlight some of the best qualities of Narek. First of all the professionalism, that he puts in his work, which was the most important for me. Then the individual approach to all of his clients, obviously you can tell that from his photos. Also, the way he works with camera and lights in order to get the best possible result from the shot. Last, but not least - his creative mind, which gives you the outstanding results and an absolute satisfaction. P.S. the name "Ararel" is translated to English as "To Create" and that's exactly what Narek does at his cosy studio.

Olesia Dmitrichenko

That was a best experience in a photo shooting. Narek is a photographer who doesn't just take beautiful photos. He is an artist who creates art. I completely trusted his idea, although it seemed a little strange to me, but I did not regret it for a second. In the studio we felt at home, part of the family - it's unforgettable. The photographer is a magician and his fairy assistants did everything for perfect comfort for our whole family and baby. Thanks to Narek and his team for the emotions - they are priceless! If I could give 10 stars I will. Highly recommend!

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production

Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production is a leader in the industry, with a team of experts that know how to capture the essence of fashion and beauty. With years of experience, they have honed their skills to deliver the highest quality photographs that are both stunning and timeless. They take pride in making their clients feel comfortable and at ease during shoots, ensuring that every shot is perfect. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of their photography is impeccable. If you're looking for a fashion photographer who is professional, easy to work with, and produces exceptional results, Fashion Photographer Los Angeles & Orange County Video Production is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Irfan Arshad

David is an absolute pro at fashion photography. He is a brilliant mind in this genre and a great source of inspiration. We are proud to host his articles and fantastic images.

Cameron Lee Price

I have had the pleasure of modeling for David twice now and he makes each time fun and engaging. He is always giving tips to make you look your best and his attention to detail as a fashion photographer is one of his many strengths. I look forward to shooting with you a third time, David!

Annetta Kh

David is the best photographer I ever worked with! Also his crew is very friendly and professional! They perfectly realize the most wonderful ideas! All of the shoots look extremely qualitative and sophisticated. Love it a lot! Thank you! Looking forward to creating masterpieces with you again!

Boudoir by Brittnie Price

Boudoir by Brittnie Price is known for capturing magic in every image she takes. Her clients are always blown away by the way she makes them feel comfortable and safe during their session. Brittnie's artistic eye and attention to detail make her stand out as a true artist. She guides her clients through every pose, making sure to capture their bodies in the most beautiful way possible. Her positive outlook, professionalism, and encouraging vibes make her one of the most body-positive photographers in the industry. Brittnie's ability to bring out the goddess in her clients is truly remarkable and empowering. Anyone looking for a photographer who can create artful images that showcase their beauty should look no further than Boudoir by Brittnie Price.

Customer Reviews

Córdova Bleu

Ladies , look no further my girl Brit is here to take excellent care of you . I booked her for my first boudoir experience and it was 10/10. My images came out beautifully. Very professional and made sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend. Such a sweet heart and kind woman. She’s also good at giving direction for the girlies that need some assistance. Thank me later . 💋

Pear M

Attention to details is one of the quality that makes an exceptional photographer...Brittnie had that and more! I just had one of the most AMAZING boudoir photo sessions with Brittnie. She's professional photographer with an absolutely beautiful soul. Brittnie radiates genuine, positive, encouraging vibes, and has the power to make you feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. She was respectful and repeatedly checked in on how I felt making sure I was comfortable throughout the shoot. Brittnie's attention to details from fixing the hair, to how the fabric drapes over the shoulders, to suggesting and guiding on posture and poses were impeccable. She not only a professional photographer...she's a true artist. I'm more than grateful and thankful to be photographed by her. Brittnie, thank you so much for bringing out the goddess in me. I'm walking out of this photoshoot feeling more empowered and embracing my whole femininity thanks to you. A million thank you's, Brittnie Price! ❤️

Rachel Lowther

I would recommend Brittnie to anyone and everyone! She is first and foremost the most body positive woman I have ever encountered, and all of that strong outlook and passion can’t help but rub off on you. Next the session with her, is truly a next level experience. She helps guide you though every pose - and when I say guide you I mean she gets in and shows you exactly what she is trying to explain to you herself to make sure you feel comfortable doing it and does the pose with you and then poses you perfectly to show off your body to it’s fullest beautiful extent. The entire session is fun and full of jokes and laughter. When it comes to the reveal, the pictures are truly something that can be displayed as art on a wall, can be in an ad, and look like they are from a gallery. The colors she chooses and lighting are always to perfection and the style is everything I love. She is one of my favorite artists to work with and the only person I would travel across the states to see to do a session with. And if you want to get creative trust me, she has plenty of ideas, just ask!!!!

Masha Lou Photography

Masha Lou Photography is a professional and experienced boudoir photographer based in Los Angeles. Her ability to communicate well and direct her clients during the shoot helps them to feel more comfortable and natural in front of the camera. Masha’s expertise in photography is showcased in her ability to capture creative and editorial content, while still making sure each shot is unique and personalized for her clients. Her passion for photography and working with models shines through in the quality of her work and her attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a fun, candid shoot or a more editorial style, Masha Lou Photography can help bring your vision to life.

Customer Reviews

Dasha Ellma

Masha is the sweetest! She was so personable and made me feel comfortable during the entire photoshoot. She guided me with posing and gave me positive feedback during the session! We were shooting on Venice beach in the busiest hour but she found the best spots to avoid the crowd! Photos came out so natural, fun and candid! I’m super happy and would love to do it again! Thanks Masha!

Laura Strausbaugh

I have done several shoots with Masha over past few years, and it was incredible experience every time. We created a mood board for every photo session, and I’m more then happy with the results. Masha is sweet and very easy to work with. I could not recommend her enough.

Zack palmisano

Masha is a fantastic photographer and took one of my favorite photos of myself in front of the famous Hollywood sign! She is professional, friendly, creative, and CARES about your photos just as much as you do! I can tell she loves her craft and working with models as her work shows!

Boho Boudoir Photography

Boho Boudoir Photography provides a luxurious and professional boudoir photography experience that leaves clients feeling like royalty. The studio is clean and inviting, creating a comfortable and positive atmosphere from the moment you arrive. With professional hair and makeup services, champagne, and cozy slippers to wear, every detail is carefully considered to make sure you feel confident and beautiful. Brandon, the photographer, provides expert direction on posing and captures each client's unique personality flawlessly. Clients leave feeling empowered and with stunning photos to cherish forever. Boho Boudoir Photography is a true gem in the world of boudoir photography.

Customer Reviews

Karina Herrera

I am really glad I had the opportunity to work with Brandon for my first boudoir shoot. It was an experience I will never forget. He went above and beyond to ensure this day was a really special day for me. Professional hair, makeup, champagne, comfy slippers to walk around in and warm robe to wear as I was getting ready. He was able to provide me with direction on how to pose that was easy to follow and had amazing results. I absolutely love the shots we got. Great memories I will hold on forever.

Ashe Ellis

I’ve worked with Brandon at Boho Boudoir a couple times now and it has always been such an empowering and professional experience. The vibe was completely set when I arrived, and I went on to feel very comfortable from start to finish. The photos & videos turned out beautifully too. Boho Boudoir is truly a gem, I can’t wait to go back!

Angela Crupi

This was one of the most positive, affirming experiences ever. The studio was clean and professional. From start to finish I felt like a queen. Brandon and his staff were very professional. The make up artist made me look and feel beautiful. During the photo shoot Brandon encouraged me to be myself and was able to capture that so beautifully. The day ended with a relaxing massage! I couldn't have asked for a better experience.


Kourosh Sotoodeh, a talented and professional boudoir photographer, is highly recommended by his clients. His kind and helpful nature makes him a pleasure to work with every step of the way. As the owner of a production company, Kourosh's top-tier content for all brands he works with speaks for itself. He has an incredible creative eye that captures breathtaking images and is overly talented in his field. Kourosh's client satisfaction is his top priority, and he strives for perfection with a smile on his face. His friendly and professional manner puts his models at ease and allows him to guide them through posing if needed. Kourosh's proficiency in different styles of shoots including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and still life makes him a breath of fresh air when it comes to photography.

Customer Reviews

Mateen Mortazavi

As the owner of a production company, I can say Kourosh is absolutely wonderful to work with and delivers top tier content for all brands he puts his creative touch on. Highly recommend booking him for your next shoot!

Julia Hoadley

I had the pleasure of shooting with Kourosh a couple of weeks ago and have nothing but great things to say about him. Not only is he very talented and completely professional but also very kind and helpful every step of the way. I really enjoyed working with him and his company in general. I would highly recommend him as a photographer, and it’s clear that his work speaks for itself!

Jacci Jaye

I have worked with Kourosh on many photoshoots and he is such a pleasure to work with. He goes above and beyond to be a team player, and client satisfaction is his top priority. Kourosh strives for perfection, and does it with a smile on his face. He is one of my favorite photographers to work with. I know when I work with Kourosh the work will be amazing, it will be a very pleasant experience, and the deadlines will always be met. I highly recommend him!

Glass Darkly

Glass Darkly Photography is a true gem in the world of boudoir photography studios. Ren Scott, the mastermind behind the lens, is an absolute professional who knows how to put his clients at ease and bring out their best selves in front of the camera. His work is ethereal, vibrant, and truly breathtaking. Ren is not just a photographer, he's also a coach who helps his clients capture the character they're trying to portray in their photos. With a whole team of professionals to assist him, Ren's work is always top-notch. Whether you're looking for headshots or wedding photography, Glass Darkly Photography is the perfect choice for anyone who wants high-quality, stunning photos that truly capture the essence of the subject.

Customer Reviews

Maria Baruxis

I considered a lot of photographers before landing on Ren as our wedding photographer. There was something about his style that was ethereal, different…saturated with life and color. I can’t tell you how happy I am with his work; it’s truly amazing. He asks for your input, tries to understand your sense of aesthetic and has a whole team of professionals to help bring out the best looks: Honestly, the photos are unbelievable. I was very nervous about our venue being so dark and seeing so many others’ wedding photographs there looking incredibly washed out; I really didn’t want that to happen…there is nothing washed out about our pics. They are vibrant and beautiful! Thank you, Ren!

Ezekiel Ajeigbe

Love shooting with Glass Darkly Photography. He’s extremely professional, gives you high quality headshots that get you in the room, and coaches you through the session to really bring out the character you’re trying to capture for your look! I highly recommend!

Rebecca Ritz

First of all…let’s talk about what a phenomenal person Ren Scott is…SO VERY VERY EASY TO WORK WITH!!!! Ren puts the actor at ease in order to get “our best work!” (And we all know how us actors are!). Ren goes the extra mile! I had so many questions, and Ren was always helpful, courteous, and available to answer all of them! (And there were a lot). Ren never left me hanging; a true professional. Now let’s talk about his amazing work! LOVED MY HEADSHOTS! And so did my reps! I absolutely recommend Ren Scott for any photography you may need! He is a true gem to find and thank goodness I did! Thank YOU Ren! I really appreciate you! 🙏♥️

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