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Boudoir photographer near me

Beringen, Belgium

Discover outstanding boudoir photographers in Beringen, a city in Belgium that was once a major coal mining center and now boasts a diverse population, beautiful green spaces, and historic buildings.

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Rebel Photography

Rebel Photography offers a unique and professional experience, perfect for those looking to capture intimate and beautiful boudoir photos. With a focus on personalized shoots, clients can be sure that their wishes and ideas will be taken into account. The studio creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, allowing clients to feel at ease during the shoot. Whether it's in the studio or outside, Rebel Photography provides top-notch guidance and a positive feeling throughout the entire process. Couples seeking a more intimate experience can also enjoy a boudoir shoot together, with warm and professional guidance to ensure a unique and enjoyable experience. Overall, Rebel Photography is highly recommended for anyone looking for a professional and personalized boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Janice Weyns

Had my first boudoir shoot and what a great experience! With Kristof I quickly felt at ease, he ensures that the experience is personal and you choose what you do or don't do! Everything goes at your own pace. He is very professional and highly recommended for anyone who is in doubt! Big thanks Kristof for the experience and the beautiful photos!

eline seberechts

Had a very nice first boudoir shoot with Kristof. At no point did I feel uncomfortable and genuinely enjoyed working with him. I'm already looking forward to the pictures!


The boudoir photoshoot was a super fun experience! Had never done a photoshoot before and am usually very awkward in front of the camera, but that wasn't the case this time. Very professional and highly recommended to everyone. Thank you!


Dina is a talented and professional boudoir photographer who has a passion for capturing life's beautiful moments. Her friendly and welcoming personality make her clients feel at ease, even if they have no prior photography experience. With an eye for detail and simplicity, Dina's photo shoots produce incredible results that capture the essence of her subjects. From pregnancy sessions to newborn and baby sessions, Dina and her team go above and beyond to ensure their clients' satisfaction. Her love and professionalism show in her work, leaving her clients delighted and eager to return for future sessions. If you're looking for a skilled photographer who will create stunning memories, look no further than Dina.

Customer Reviews

Justine Manfredi

We had a wonderful time with Dina, for a pregnancy session. In addition to her talent and her professionalism, she made us so comfortable that the result is just incredible 🤩 We are so won over that we have already booked the newborn and 6-9 month baby sessions! 😍 Needless to say, we rejoice! 🥰 A big thank you again to Dina and her team!

Sandra De Freitas

We loved doing the shoot with Dina! We laughed throughout the session, she was able to put us at ease from the first minute and she is very caring and empathetic! She is an exceptional photographer!

Alessia Barbaro

In addition to being professional, Dina is a real sun who makes you feel comfortable even if you have no experience with photo shoots. The rendering of the photos is just incredible! Simple and efficient. I recommend with eyes closed

Mieke Hermans Fotografie, MH Fotografie

Mieke Hermans Fotografie, also known as MH Fotografie, is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio that has gained the trust of many satisfied clients. With years of experience in capturing stunning images, Mieke has also proven her talent in animal photography, which translates to her ability to make her clients feel at ease during their photoshoots. Her patience and friendly demeanor create a comfortable atmosphere that allows her to capture every client's unique beauty. Whether you are looking for a gift for your significant other or want to capture your own beauty, Mieke Hermans Fotografie is the go-to studio for all your boudoir photography needs.

Customer Reviews

Marijke Stessens

Mieke is a great madam and photographer!! You immediately feel at ease with her.. Always great results!! Highly recommended!

Sofie Geukens

Mieke has already done several photoshoots of our Great Danes, and every time the photos are the max, a winner from a photographer So much patience, and always such beautiful pictures! Best photographer from this area! Highly recommended 🙂

Ilke Poelman Photography

Ilke Poelman Photography creates stunning boudoir photography that captures the essence of each individual woman. With a warm and friendly approach, Ilke helps her clients feel at ease and confident during their shoot. Her expertise in posing and attention to detail ensures that every photo is beautiful and reflects the true essence of her clients. With a range of outfits from her extensive client closet, clients can choose the perfect look for their shoot. Ilke's final product is a custom-made album that perfectly encapsulates the individuality of each client. Her talent and professionalism make her a top choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photographer.

Customer Reviews

Chloé Nunes e Santos Cruz

After a first boudoir shoot a few years ago, I found Ilke Poelman on Instagram. I was immediately sold and immediately knew that I couldn't possibly finish my boudoir story without also standing in front of her lens, because I fell completely in love with her style of photography. I had a nice introductory meeting and exactly a month ago I took the bus (super easy to reach from Leuven, stop a few minutes from her door) and went to her for my shoot. Hair and make-up artist Marike took care of me and for the first time I was satisfied with the result of make-up that I did not apply myself. She used beautiful colors, and my hair was also styled, taking into account my wishes. It was immediately very pleasant, and I felt good, welcome and not nervous at all. I was looking for outfits from the super extensive client closet, so many beautiful pieces! And then the hard work began. I was really comfortable; Ilke explained everything well, showed poses, had a lot of patience and understanding and occasionally showed the back of her camera, which is really nice, because a corner of the veil is already being lifted. We laughed a lot, worked hard and before I knew it it was over. She took into account my wishes, my preferences (and insecurities) and at the end checked to make sure we had done everything I wanted from poses, backgrounds, outfits, which I found very thoughtful. Yesterday was my reveal, exactly one month after the shoot. It was like visiting a friend. First the slideshow, then the selection, which went super smoothly, and I am extremely happy with the selection I made together with her. Endless choices for the album, the cover, the box, the side of the box, even down to the smallest details such as the ribbon inside the album box. This makes your album very personal and exactly what suits you. Ilke has tons of talent and has a lot of expertise in her field. She has an eye for detail and took into account the little things that I indicated were important. Her finish is an 'Ilke touch'; mysterious, tough, sensual, and very pure. My final selection is 50 photos that I think are all beautiful, that I will look back at proudly for the rest of my life. When I see my photos I think: 'that's me', she has portrayed very well who I am, how I feel and how I see myself. If you are reading this review and have you already visited Ilke, then I suspect that my story is recognizable, I am convinced that Ilke can adapt effortlessly to any type of woman and she also knows very well what every woman needs throughout the entire process . Are you reading this review and still in doubt? No need, just do it, you deserve it!

Andrew Turner

I'm starting this review and for the first time ever I wish you could give 6 stars instead of 5. My girlfriend had been looking for a boudoir photo shoot for a while and after a first bad experience she happened upon Ilke. By a stroke of luck, she was able to get a place that had become vacant. Due to the distance, the first introduction took place via Zoom. I noticed everything about her that she was very excited for the shoot with Ilke. I myself was present during both the shoot and the reveal. Ilke exudes professionalism in everything she does. At the same time she is heartwarming, funny and friendly. She clearly guides you through all the poses and demonstrates them where necessary. She brings ideas, but at the same time listens to what you want. As a partner of a model it was a fantastic experience to experience, you feel very welcome, your input is also appreciated and where necessary you are neatly put in your place (in the corner on a stool, lol). The end result is astonishing. 6 stars, ignore my 5, 6 well deserved über stars.

Natalie Van Dyck

Dear Ike, I found your instagram page a few years ago through a fellow student. Your photos kept triggering me and I was so curious about a Boudoirshoot and especially about you! How happy I would be with some extra self-confidence... But like many women I thought 'my photos will never be so beautiful, my body isn't that beautiful, I'm not that beautiful,...'. So I kept doubting. In the end, I took the plunge and booked an introductory meeting with you. This felt so good that I immediately booked the shoot. Because of my pregnancy and corona, it took 2 years, but I'm so glad I stood in front of your camera 2 weeks ago! The healthy nerves melted like snow in the sun after a few minutes because of the warm welcome from you and Audrey. While Audrey did my hair and makeup, we chatted small talk. Very pleasant and loose. During the shoot you demonstrated every pose, making it easy peasy to imitate them and you made adjustments where necessary. Fortunately, because that was one of my concerns! With a satisfied, relaxed feeling (and some tired muscles) I went home, I couldn't wait for the result! Two weeks later, the Reveal! With my mouth full of teeth I looked at the pictures. Beautiful, one by one. My pride grew with every photo. Looking for the photos and in full expectation of the album we put together together, I drove home. Of course my husband was also very happy with the result 😉 The whole experience, the photos, my confidence, it was all worth it and I would recommend it to any woman immediately. Thank you Ilke, for everything... For who you are and what you do. X

The Vigilante Photography

At The Vigilante Photography, clients can expect a warm and friendly welcome from the team. Steve, a true photography enthusiast, offers invaluable advice that will make you appreciate the world of photography even more. Mieke, on the other hand, is happy to advise models on clothing and make-up, ensuring that they look their best for the shoot. With an impressive 5-star rating, this studio is the place to be for a top-notch photography workshop. Clients rave about their experience, with one even describing it as "beyond imagination." Steve is always prepared and attentive to how models feel during the shoot, creating not only amazing pictures but also a great day. Communication with the team is also excellent, making for a seamless and enjoyable experience. Overall, clients highly recommend The Vigilante Photography and their passion for photography shines through in their beautiful end results.

Customer Reviews

Jana De Guchtenaere

Very nice to work with Steve and Mieke as a model and stylist. They create a very pleasant atmosphere, everything planned down to the last detail and beautiful images as the end result. A couple that lives for their passion. On to many more great collaborations!

gianni vermeylen

Without a doubt, worth a 5 star rating!!! The place to be for a decent Photography workshop 👌 Had an experience beyond imagination!


Amazing event! Great people. Do not miss out on this event!

Boudoir by G

At Boudoir by G, you will experience a photo shoot like no other. Gina's cozy castle offers the perfect setting for a day of me-time and self-love. From the moment you arrive, you will be pampered by a muah who will fix both hair and make-up, and depending on the shoot, you can use the client closet or bring your own outfit. During the shoot, Gina will guide you through all kinds of poses, making sure you feel comfortable and beautiful in every shot. Afterward, you can relax and have a drink or eat in the cozy bar next to the castle while Gina prepares some photos for you. Her expertise and calm demeanor will put even the most insecure person at ease. You will leave feeling more confident and with beautiful photos that capture your unique beauty. Don't hesitate to give yourself the gift of self-love and book a shoot with Gina at Boudoir by G.

Customer Reviews

Saar Mertens

I booked a themed shoot with Gina, being a total layman. 😂 But it soon turned out that I had nothing to worry about. The communication in advance was super clear and upon arrival I immediately felt at ease! The best thing about the shoot is that it is a total experience: the personal welcome, the good care, your hair and make-up are perfected down to the last detail, the personal coaching is calm and pleasant. Gradually you feel your confidence grow and before you know it it's already over. Gina immediately puts you at ease, she introduces the poses in a fun way and gives tips and tricks that lead to beautiful photos. Small sneak peaks in between make it extra fun. This tastes like more 🥰

Elly Van den Bergh

Last week I had my first shoot with Gina. I quite impulsively booked the "down the rabbit hole" shoot because it really appealed to me. Something different with all the colors and glitter than the standard boudoir shoot. I love it! After some emailing back and forth where she patiently answered all my questions and provided me with a prep guide, I started my morning with her quite relaxed anyway. If there was any tension, Gina immediately took it away with her calm and open greeting. Gina is just Gina and that's very nice. From the moment you enter, to the make-up and then the final shoot, there is a very relaxed atmosphere. It even feels effective like a day of wellness (with very nice results afterwards). The shooting itself also went very well. Feeling uncomfortable or not knowing a pose is out of the question because Gina guides you through the shoot by giving suggestions of poses that you then adopt in a way that feels good to you. After a while you almost forget that there is someone with a camera in front of you. The result: very natural-feeling photos that are just right. In short, if you're looking for a present for yourself: give yourself the ego boost that Gina manages to achieve beautifully with her photos.

V. Debbie

I was able to 'discover' Gina through my colleague and I've been so happy about that. I am sometimes insecure about my appearance and prefer not to stand out too much. When I registered, I immediately thought: 'Oh no, what have I done now?' On the day of the shoot I left with a small heart, but as soon as I saw Gina and Sarah (the make-up artist), a 'burden' was lifted off my shoulders. Both super sweet and professional ladies who immediately reassured me. Gina knows what she's doing in her cozy studio. She guides you very well during the poses and never makes you feel uncomfortable. I felt like a top woman! Gina herself had a number of things ready that I could wear for the shoot. It was as if she knew what would make me feel most beautiful, unbelievable ❤. In between there was also time for a laugh and a swan, Gina is so relaxed and funny. When I saw my photos afterwards, I could only be grateful and proud. Thank you Gina (and Sarah) for making me feel so beautiful. Do not hesitate to plan such a nice day, it is simply TOP!


Tobelicious is a boudoir photography studio that was founded by an enthusiastic and creative lady who is full of energy. Her passion for photography is evident in her work as she captures the most beautiful moments in a spontaneous and relaxed way. Baci always looks for new locations and creations to make her clients shine. Whether it's weddings, newborns, or occasion photos, you can count on Tobelicious to deliver amazing results. Her positivity is infectious and her photos benefit from that. In addition to photography, Tobelicious also designs jewelry and prints shirts. Thanks to her leadership and commitment, Tobelicious is flourishing and highly recommended for different types of photo shoots. Contact Tobelicious today and be impressed by her strong vibes.

Customer Reviews

Sophie Geuens

Beautiful and fun photos 😊

Wendy Wuytens

We have already called on this photographer several times for communion photos, designing a Christmas card, a report on an event, a family shoot. We always enjoy the end result and her personal touch. She delivers quickly and the photos were conveniently sent to us digitally. We will definitely remember her for new, fun photo opportunities in the future.

Myrjam De Wachter

Tobelicious is a young company, founded by an enthusiastic lady, photographer, creative jack-of-all-trades who is brimming with energy. She is a power woman and you can tell by her work. Baci is always looking for new locations and creations for its customers. Nothing is too much or too crazy for her. Weddings, newborns, occasion photos... you come out of her magic device at your best. Her positivism is infectious and her photos benefit from that. Also "Above the clouds" can count on her in all serenity. She also makes you shine through the jewels she designs or the shirts she prints . Tobelicious is flourishing thanks to her leadership and commitment. Contact her, you will be immediately impressed by her strong vibes. my.

Domien Engelen Fotografie

Domien Engelen Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that captures the true essence of sensuality and intimacy. Their unique style and approach to photography result in stunning, timeless images that their clients cherish forever. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating artful compositions, Domien Engelen Fotografie ensures that each photo shoot is a personalized experience that perfectly reflects the client's personality and desires. Their dedication to customer service is unmatched, and they go above and beyond to ensure that every client feels comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Domien Engelen Fotografie is a top choice for those seeking a boudoir photography experience that is both empowering and unforgettable.

Customer Reviews

La Rosa

La Rosa Boudoir Photography Studio offers a one-of-a-kind experience that highlights the woman in you and creates the perfect atmosphere for self-exploration. With a warm and open reception, women are made to feel completely at ease from the very first moment. Professionalism is key, and this is evident in the guidance provided throughout the photo shoot, which takes into consideration the client's wishes and ideas. The result? Beautiful pictures that capture the essence of each individual and showcase their unique beauty. Highly recommended by past clients who have enjoyed the day of "me time" and felt like the center of attention. If you're looking for a top-notch boudoir photography experience, La Rosa is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews


Very friendly lady! Takes her time to listen. The photos were TOP! Highly recommended!


A top experience, definitely recommended. From the first moment Tinneke put me completely at ease. After the make-up artist had made me up very nicely, I was ready for the shoot. I found posing the most exciting beforehand, but Tinneke guided me through the entire process and also took my wishes/ideas into account. In the end I had so much fun that the hours flew by and afterwards I received beautiful pictures. Thank you for this nice experience!

Jessica Coosemans

What a wonderful experience! Having arrived with some tension, I soon felt completely at ease with the reception of Tinneke and make-up artist Joke. With nice chats and a snack and a drink, Joke did my hair and make-up. Just the way I wanted it. The photo shoot itself with Tinneke was great. Completely new to me and quite exciting, but soon I really liked it. Tinneke guided me through it nicely. The photos are beautiful too! A very nice experience, thank you Tinke

Brys Fotografie & Video

Brys Fotografie & Video is a talented and experienced photographer who has a keen eye for detail. Specializing in boudoir photography studios, Brys Fotografie & Video has a diverse portfolio that includes partner, brother/sister/family, child, and baby photography as well. With a focus on creating beautiful and captivating photos, Brys Fotografie & Video is dedicated to ensuring that every client feels comfortable and confident during their photo session. The results speak for themselves, with high-quality photos that capture the essence of each individual. Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, Brys Fotografie & Video is a top choice for anyone looking for stunning photography.

Customer Reviews

Ghandi Shammas

Thank you for being there on our special day. The video and photos are really beautiful! We are very satisfied, nice work. Thanks!


A very nice photographer who knows what she is talking about and what she is doing. She can also do multiple forms of photography, including partner, brother/sister/family, child and baby photography. Am satisfied with the quality of the photos and how she handles things!

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