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Ghent, Belgium

Discover remarkable boudoir photographers in Ghent, a city in Belgium that boasts stunning medieval architecture, vibrant cultural scene, picturesque canals, and delicious cuisine.

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The talented Anaïs from AnboPhotography is known for creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere during her photo shoots. With years of experience in boudoir photography, Anaïs knows just how to put her clients at ease and capture stunning images. Clients have raved about Anaïs's ability to make them feel like they are spending a nice afternoon with a friend, while still producing great results. She has successfully photographed individuals, couples, families, and even entire companies. Anaïs's top-notch skills and friendly personality have earned her high praise from clients who say they felt completely comfortable in front of her lens. If you're looking to treat yourself or a loved one to beautiful photos, AnboPhotography is the way to go.

Customer Reviews

Lieselot Vandemeulebroucke

A photo shoot at Anaïs is a wonderful gift for yourself! She is a very sweet and skilled photographer, who immediately puts you at ease - with beautiful images as a result!

Tamara Sergooris

I have only positive things to say about Anaïs. Top photographer who puts you completely at ease. I did a boudoir shoot and was very nervous, those nerves disappeared very quickly. She takes you through the shoot, tells you what to look for, helps you choose the outfits. A very nice experience and highly recommended!

Tine Josephy

Anaïs is a super fun photographer to work with. We've worked together a few times where I did the make-up for the shoots. The atmosphere on the shoot is always very pleasant and the results are great! In the meantime I've also done 3 shoots where I modeled. 2 lifestyle/street style shoots and 1 boudoir shoot. At all shoots I felt completely at ease and as if I was just spending a nice afternoon with a friend.

Studio Woot Woot

Studio Woot Woot is a boudoir photography studio known for its exceptional style and creative visuals that are sure to impress. The team is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience, from styling to art direction and photography. They understand the importance of ensuring that their clients feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. Their follow-up is impeccable, and they have a top-notch team that provides extremely friendly responses to any questions or concerns. With Studio Woot Woot, you can be assured that you will receive stunning results and a memorable experience.

Customer Reviews

Daniel - Désiré De Raeve

Extremely friendly response.

Eva Goethals

Top studio, creative visuals within a unique framework. From styling over photography to art direction. Perfect follow-up, top team!

Nathalie Stroobant Photography

Nathalie Stroobant Photography captures the true essence of boudoir photography, creating stunning and intimate images that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. With a gift for making her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, Nathalie's enthusiasm is contagious, making the entire photo shoot experience an enjoyable one. Her attention to detail and professional approach ensures that every aspect of the shoot is well-prepared, leaving you stress-free and able to fully embrace the experience. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, Nathalie's passion for boudoir photography shines through, resulting in truly phenomenal photos that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Don't hesitate, book your boudoir photo shoot with Nathalie today and discover the beauty in yourself.

Customer Reviews

HIP Vandijck

I can only speak in superlatives here. Nathalie is a fantastic photographer. I did a photo shoot with her and it was finished to perfection. I'm a complete layman myself as a 'model', but the entire photo shoot experience was just fantastic. Everything was well prepared, from the introductory meeting, photo shoot and even the reveal. I'm super happy that I took the step to do a photo shoot like this. The photos are truly phenomenal. It did bring tears to my eyes though. Highly recommended with a really top madam at the camera. Happy to have known her. I hope she can make many people happy with her photos like she did with me.

Ellen Verwimp

Why I chose a boudoir photo shoot with Nathalie.... After a breast cancer diagnosis, with accompanying chemotherapy and operations, this seemed like the ideal closing gift for myself... And what a gift! During the introductory meeting with Nathalie, "the experience" actually starts. The date of the shoot is set and from then on it's countdown! The shoot was a top experience. Intense, yes, but so much fun! Nathalie has the gift of making me feel comfortable in a completely new environment/situation for me and you can see that in the photos! Talk about a confidence boost! And highly recommended for every woman who wants to get to know herself from a different side 😊 That's how it felt to me anyway. The photos get a nice place in my house anyway.

Eva De Witte

A photo shoot of (and especially for) myself: the idea had never spontaneously occurred to me. Not only do I think (or thought better) of myself that I never look good in a photo (I don't stick on paper), furthermore such a photo shoot seemed to me a very uncomfortable task. In short, I had simply never considered ordering a photo series of myself until I (via Facebook) 'discovered' Nathalie's photos. On her FB page, instagram and website it would be better to say 'enter at your own risk', because once you've seen her photos you think: 'I would actually like that too'. Real, pure photos without too much fuss, sometimes soft, sometimes with power, but above all 'just me'. I didn't immediately tack, but the regularity of films and photos of 'ordinary' women like you and me, portrayed in all simplicity by Nathalie, made me decide to contact her. The 40 over 40 project, to which several 40'ers had already signed up, gave me the final push. I wasn't the only 40'er who wanted such a shoot for himself... Anyone hoping for a 'quickie' with Nathalie is well worth the effort. After the first phone call, an appointment followed in her cozy studio under the Balegem church tower. In a long conversation, Nathalie sounded out my wishes extensively. And no, this was certainly not cross-examination, but a very pleasant chat in which Nathalie also gave me useful tips for my choice of clothing, etc. Nathalie also took the necessary time for the photo shoot itself to put me at ease. Laughing, but professionally she guided me through the entire shoot without rush and again with many tips and tricks for a beautiful attitude, a spontaneous smile... Her enthusiasm was contagious. The shoot itself was fortunately not 'torture', on the contrary I even enjoyed it. Then it's a bit nervous to wait for the result, because during the shoot itself, you don't get to see any photos. There followed a real 'show moment' in which Nathalie - again in peace - let me discover my photos. One by one and at my own pace, I let the pictures come to me. It even made me a little quiet. And then followed the difficult assignment - together with my husband - to choose the photos for my photo box. The fact that choosing the photos would be the hardest part of this whole experience proves that the total experience of the photo shoot is TOP in all areas. I am very happy with the result and I am secretly proud of it. Nathalie has already posted one of my photos on her social media and the many positive reactions to it are simply good. So for those who are still 'in doubt': don't hesitate, just do it! Eve

Irina Usova Photography

Irina Usova Photography is a boudoir photography studio that offers a unique and personalized experience for clients looking for high-quality photos. The studio is run by Irina herself, who has a sweet and attentive approach that instantly puts her clients at ease. Her dedication to making sure every client feels comfortable and confident shines through in the stunning photos she produces. With Irina Usova Photography, you can trust that your intimate moments will be captured with skill and care.

Customer Reviews

Ekaterina Franck

I am very satisfied with the quality of the photos. Irina is a sweet and attentive woman which made me feel comfortable and confident.

Be My Bride Photography

Be My Bride Photography is more than just a wedding photographer, they are an artist with an incredibly beautiful taste and eye for detail. Their flexibility and production experience allow them to go above and beyond to capture special moments. Clients rave about their enthusiastic, sweet, and helpful demeanor which makes them feel at ease during the big day. They have a knack for capturing stunning photos in even the darkest venues, making them stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for a photographer who is passionate about their craft and dedicated to creating a beautiful end result, Be My Bride Photography is the perfect choice for you.

Customer Reviews

Marieke Boone

Liz was our wedding photographer. She immediately put us at ease during the big day and was actually so much more than a photographer during the day. For example, during the reception she saw that my hair was tangled by the wind and immediately offered to put it back nicely. :-) The photos are really beautiful, our friends and family agree. Even now, a few months after the wedding, we still occasionally look back at the photos with a big smile. In short: Liz is enthusiastic, very sweet and helpful and also fantastic at her job!

Julie Gaspard

Liz was our wedding photographer and did a wonderful job. The communication leading up to the day was easy and she was happy to skype with us at our convenience. On the day itself she was in the background yet always there to capture a special moment. The photos are wonderful and she made our quite dark venue look filled with light. Thank you Liz!

Julie Dispersyn

We immediately clicked with Liz. She has an incredibly beautiful taste & eye for detail. Liz is very flexible & also helped us with the preparations. Thanks to her production experience, she was able to give us good tips. She was so much more than a photographer at our wedding. She helped with creative solutions, was just as enthusiastic as we were and clearly enjoyed the whole event :-) Afterwards, our family and friends were also very positive about her presence & approach. The end result is therefore astonishing: she managed to make a beautiful whole of our wedding reportage.

Juliaesphotographs | by Julia Egger

Julia Egger is a talented boudoir photographer based in Ghent. Her work has been highly praised by clients who have had nothing but positive experiences with her. Julia is known for her open-mindedness, passion, and energy which she brings to every shoot. She has a talent for capturing expressive, artistic photos that tell a story and evoke emotions. From group events to individual sessions, Julia makes her clients feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Her creativity and patience make her an excellent choice for shoots with children. With her ability to choose the right moments and capture images that are unique and beautiful, Julia is a top choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photographer in Ghent.

Customer Reviews

Virginie Van Hecke

What a creative talent! Julia takes very nice pictures! Group events, exercise activities or want to get to work creatively? You are immediately at ease with Julia. She knows exactly when to click and surprises time and again with the result. Top!

Arissa Verbeurgt

Julia is a very nice lady who works professionally and knows what she is doing as a photographer. She listens and understands your own ideas and can convert them into expressive, artistic photos. She is the photographer in Ghent if you don't just want beautiful photos, but photos with a story and feeling in it.

Laura Van der Vorst

Julia is a wonderful person to work with. You can be yourself with her, she is open to many ideas, she is a barrel full of creativity. We have achieved wonderful results together. Highly recommended!!!

Studio Salien

Studio Salien is a boudoir photography studio that specializes in capturing the most intimate and beautiful moments of your life. From wedding photos to belly shoots and newborn shoots, Salien's eye for detail and composition is second to none. Her warm and friendly personality makes you feel at ease in front of the lens, and her professionalism ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day. Salien is not only an expert in her field but also a true artist who brings creative ideas to every shoot. With her help, the uncertainty of standing in front of the lens disappears, and you will be left with phenomenal results. Don't waste any more time looking for a photographer, Salien is the one you've been searching for.

Customer Reviews

Line Peters

Salien is incredibly talented. Her eye for detail and composition is second to none. Her friendliness, calmness and good laughter are contagious. We are very satisfied with her services and therefore she is undoubtedly recommended!

Lieselot VS

Ever since the introductory meeting, the atmosphere was very relaxed and cozy. On our day itself we were also very comfortable with her. She has an eye for details, the incidence of light and has creative ideas. The uncertainty of standing in front of the lens immediately disappeared due to Salien's spontaneity. Even afterwards she is still ready for tips and help. She is a true professional and, as a great bonus, a wonderful personality. ♥️

Gwendolina Cnudde

Salien is the best! We did our wedding photos, belly shoot and newborn shoot with Salien and we have not complained for a moment. From moment one she felt like a friend you haven't seen in a long time. Immediately put yourself at ease and take the time for the photos! For us there is only one and that is Salien.

Dreams Fotografie

Dreams Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that prides itself on creating a warm and personable experience for their clients. With a focus on providing a soothing approach, they strive to make every photoshoot a comfortable and enjoyable experience. One happy customer even praised Dreams Fotografie for their ability to create beautiful memories during a cake smash photo shoot with their baby. If you're looking for a photography studio that values personal connection and stunning results, Dreams Fotografie may be the perfect fit for you.

Customer Reviews

Joeri E

Very warm people with a personal and soothing approach. Did a very pleasant cake smash photo shoot with our baby.

Be Pictured - Newborn Fotografie

Be Pictured - Newborn Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that specializes in capturing the precious moments of your newborn's life. Liann, the photographer, is known for her professionalism and friendly demeanor. She adopts the rhythm of your baby, ensuring that there is no rush during the photo session, making it a pleasant experience for both baby and parents. Liann's patience and love shine through in the results, creating beautiful and lasting memories for your family. Highly recommended by satisfied clients, Be Pictured - Newborn Fotografie is a must-visit for those looking to capture the essence of their newborn's early days.

Customer Reviews

Melissa Verdegem

We recently did a newborn shoot at Be Pictured. What a pleasant experience. There is no rush, our baby's rhythm was adopted so time was not an issue. Very sweet for both baby and parents! Results are wonderful! Highly recommended.

Audry Lassoie

We did the newborn photo shoot, and I was very stressed at first that Jules would cry all the time and we would go home without a decent photo. Liann immediately put us at ease and took beautiful pictures, with a lot of love and, above all, a lot of patience! We are so glad we chose her as a photographer. We will cherish those photos forever. Definitely recommended!

Sílvia Labadia Quesada

We did two photo sessions: pregnancy and newborn. Liann is very professional, always very friendly and helpful. The photos are precious and a valuable memory for our family. Highly recommended!

Ashley Althea Entertainment Co.

Ashley Althea Entertainment Co. is a boudoir photography studio that has garnered a reputation for creating stunning and intimate portraits. Their unique approach to capturing the beauty and sensuality of their clients has earned them rave reviews from satisfied customers. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to creating a comfortable and empowering atmosphere, Ashley Althea Entertainment Co. will leave you feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. Their talented team of photographers work closely with each client to ensure that their vision is brought to life, resulting in a truly personalized experience. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer that will deliver exceptional results, Ashley Althea Entertainment Co. should be at the top of your list.

Customer Reviews

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