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Boudoir photographer near me

La Louvière, Belgium

Discover top-notch boudoir photographers in La Louvière, a city in Belgium that boasts beautiful Art Deco architecture, a vibrant cultural scene, and a rich industrial heritage.

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Lune & l’Autre

Lune & l’Autre is a boudoir photography studio that has been praised for their kindness and professionalism by their clients. They are known for taking the time to make their clients feel comfortable during their sessions, especially when photographing children or reluctant subjects. The studio's spacious layout offers a range of accessories and staging options, resulting in natural and personalized photos that capture each individual's personality. Clients appreciate the team's creativity and willingness to collaborate, making each session a unique experience. Lune & l’Autre's dedication to their craft and their clients ensures that each photo shoot is an unforgettable moment.

Customer Reviews

Mélanie Duvinage

Clémence, 2 years old and almost all her teeth: "I really liked Olivier and the cat Jean-Claude, on the other hand there was a lady who kept taking pictures of me, it annoyed me a little. The Nic-Nacs were very good!" Mélanie, mom sometimes (often) at the end of the line: Thank you for your patience, your welcome, your listening and your understanding of my little "Not even in a dream" 😉. I hope the result will be worth the sweats and aches we all had 😜 Bravo for the nice flashy decor which obviously brought the sun! 🌞

godefroid anicée

Great... a reluctant little boy on arrival, they were able to put him more than at ease. Besides, he wants to start over. Can't wait to see the wonderful result. It was necessary to launch a 1st time. We will definitely go back for a session with the dad.

Gladys Seghers

First experience this morning for a Mother's Day session with my daughter. Very nice time! A team full of kindness and professionalism. Thank you for the welcome and for taking the time with my daughter. I recommend without hesitation!

Julie coppens photographie

Looking for a boudoir photographer who will make you feel confident and relaxed? Look no further than Julie Coppens Photographie! With her ability to put clients at ease, Julie has received rave reviews from customers who have worked with her for both pregnancy and boudoir photo shoots. Her professionalism, quick responses, and guidance on poses are just a few of the reasons why clients have had unforgettable experiences at her studio. Plus, her retouching skills will leave you with stunning photos that look like they could be on the cover of a magazine. Don't hesitate to book your session with Julie for an excellent time and magnificent results!

Customer Reviews

Aude Janssens

I found the page "once upon a pose" a little by chance, and as they say chance does things well. I really liked Julie's professionalism, who answers our questions quickly, who offers a multitude of dresses, who guides us for the poses... And then this very relaxed and friendly side that you have to experience in her studio because I can't explain it, this moment was so magical! The same evening, I was entitled to a retouched photo so that I could realize the talent of his work, worthy of a magazine cover. Thank you for my wonderful pregnancy session of February 13, 2023 ❤️

Neve Marine

Julie is a very good photographer! I was able to do two sessions with her and she immediately put me at ease. I recommend ++++

Nadege Dehaspe

I did three different themed photo shoots and I loved it! I, who am not comfortable in front of a camera, she knew how to relax me and put me in confidence. The result is amazing. I am more than satisfied and I recommend without hesitation. Thank you Julie

Jenny Photography

Jenny Photography is a boudoir photography studio that has left its customers in awe with its stunning photos. With a soft and attentive approach, Jenny captures fabulous shots that immortalize wonderful memories. The studio is known for providing unparalleled professionalism and being incredibly gentle with children. Customers have been going back to Jenny Photography for years due to their honest pricing and ability to deliver exceptional results within short deadlines. If you are looking for a photographer who is patient, full of ideas and super professional, look no further than Jenny Photography. Trust them to capture those precious moments and create long-lasting memories for you.

Customer Reviews

Marie Gourmandise

great Christmas shoot

Valentine piette

Soft photographer and attentive to our expectations. Available, she takes fabulous shots to immortalize wonderful memories! I have been taking my photos for 2 years at Jenny Photography and I am always amazed by the result. In addition, it practices honest prices within short deadlines. Don't hesitate any longer, trust him, he's a pearl!

Sophie Ilardo

Super friendly photographer, patient, full of ideas and super Pro 😊 Thanks to her for immortalizing these precious moments for us 😊


Roverphoto is a top-notch boudoir photography studio that prides itself on capturing the essence of each client. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, the photographer behind Roverphoto has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business. Clients rave about their experience with Roverphoto, noting the photographer's super nice demeanor and extraordinary patience. It's no wonder why Roverphoto comes highly recommended by satisfied customers who have received nothing but the best from this talented artist. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer whose work speaks for itself, look no further than Roverphoto.

Customer Reviews

Isabelle Martin

Photographer at the top! Super nice with lots of patience. I recommand it.

Best of You

Best of You is a boudoir photography studio that offers exceptional services with a personal touch. The team comprises of highly skilled and friendly professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that every client feels comfortable and satisfied with the end result. They go above and beyond to make sure that children feel at ease during family photo shoots, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable experience. Best of You is known for their top-notch work, providing quality and professional photography that captures the beauty and essence of each individual. Their attention to detail and respect for their clients make them one of the top boudoir photography studios in the area.

Customer Reviews

Stéphanie Potencier

Excellent family time with professional and extremely friendly people, I totally recommend for putting children at ease and supervising them. Can't wait to see the result now ;-)

Liiloo Denolf

In the top . Respect the children and their patience not always to the point 😅 very sweet

Audoan Elodie

Professional and quality work 😍

Pierre-O-Tulkens Photography & Alcapone Studio

Indulge in a moment of pure comfort and well-being with Pierre-O-Tulkens Photography & Alcapone Studio. Pierre-Olivier's studio provides a soft cocoon where time seems to fly by, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease. His kindness and rare benevolence add to the experience, making it more than just taking pictures. The photos themselves are a true reflection of the happiness that is captured during the session; they are artistic, beautiful, and faithful. Pierre-Olivier's professionalism and impeccable quality have been praised by his clients, who have used his services for both private and professional shoots. They speak highly of his ability to put them at ease and capture magnificent images in a friendly atmosphere. His talent as a photography artist, particularly in black and white portraits, has left clients impressed and satisfied. Don't hesitate any longer, experience the amazing work of Pierre-O-Tulkens Photography & Alcapone Studio today.

Customer Reviews

Nicolas Cheruy

I have been using POL since 2018 and I must admit that his talent and professionalism have always brought me complete satisfaction, it is a real pleasure to work with him! TOP


Taking pictures with Pierre-Olivier is more than that. It's a moment of well-being, a very soft cocoon where the hours pass like minutes. His studio is so comfortable, his kindness and benevolence are precious and rare. And then come the famous photos and they are obviously the faithful reflection of a moment of happiness. Fair, artistic and beautiful!!

manon hansay

Pierre Olivier is a great photographer who knows how to put you at ease and capture magnificent images in a friendly and super benevolent atmosphere. Thanks to him. is a talented and passionate boudoir photographer who always goes above and beyond to capture stunning shots. His professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched, ensuring that each photo shoot is a memorable and enjoyable experience for his clients. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, consistently delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations. Whether you're looking for a romantic, sensual or playful photo shoot, has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Book him today and discover why he's one of the most sought-after boudoir photographers in the industry.

Customer Reviews

Thibault Fievez

Talented , professional and passionate photograph who will always give 100%.

ollivier aurore

Ousam made very good photographes on the spot at different we went together. Always so nice to see the pretty surprise !! Really recommand him :)

Andréas de Frettes

Talented and passionate photographer! He takes the time, relaxes and is very nice! I'm very happy with the results and recommend this very talented photographer.


Photography-By-Malou is a boudoir photographer who truly loves what she does, and it's evident in the stunning photos she captures. Her passion is not just limited to boudoir photography, as she also excels at newborn shoots, making sure to follow the needs of the little ones with great patience. Her clients appreciate her kindness and attentiveness, which puts them at ease during the sessions. With a lot of ideas and a professional approach, Photography-By-Malou's work is simply beautiful, earning her a recommendation from 100% of her satisfied clients.

Customer Reviews

Jennifer Pire

Accompanying my sister for my nephew's shoot, I met a photographer passionate about her work, her patience, her love for photography quite simply! So excited to see the end result even though I know it will be perfect! Never give up on your dream of going further, you will get there for sure! Thank you for this beautiful moment in your company 🙏

Maeva lovagyal

A very good experience alongside this photographer who is passionate about her job and it shows in her photos, her approaches with her clients, for my part a shoot for my newborn with a qualified person!, she is very sweet and really devotes her session following the needs of the little ones a lot of patience that's what babies need and she has it!!!! But I think that with all that together she manages despite herself to soothe baby and manages to do beautiful things!! Thank you again for this moment with you, you are a superb woman, continue like this, the photo has succeeded you!!!

Eurydice Fronek

An excellent photographer 🥰 who makes these models very comfortable. Pleasant and very professional. I recommend 100% Beautiful pictures

Seb Carlier Photography

Seb Carlier Photography is more than just a photographer - he is a giant in the industry with a keen sense of capturing the perfect moments to create unforgettable memories. His professionalism, warm personality and willingness to go above and beyond for his clients make him stand out from the crowd. Seb doesn't just take static photos, he captures the emotions and atmosphere of the moment to create dynamic and engaging photos. He is a master of his craft and has a talent for making his clients feel comfortable and at ease during photo shoots. Whether it's for weddings, births, pregnancies, or any other special occasion, Seb's patience, creativity and attention to detail always deliver impeccable results. Working with Seb is like becoming part of his family, and his team is professional, friendly and always available. If you want to immortalize your happiness and create beautiful memories, then Seb Carlier Photography is the perfect choice for you.

Customer Reviews

Costa Van Moerkerke

More than a photographer, a giant who has a sense of the moment to capture and immortalize. A good mood and a smile in all circumstances, top-notch professional work and brilliant advice to highlight wonderful memories! Thank you again for our wedding which was also magnified by you and your professional work.

Jon Espera

Seb captures emotions in the present moment. We didn't want static photos for our wedding but photos of the atmosphere and he understood very well what we wanted. Very human, he is discreet. In photo shoots, he lets us get creative without judgment and he gives good advice. Working with Seb is like becoming his family. Do not hesitate ;)

Daisy Lombart

Excellent photographer! We have done several photo shoots with him and we have never been disappointed. (marriage, birth, pregnancy, ...) Very patient with children too and the result is always impeccable! I highly recommend !

D.Labbé Photographie

D.Labbé Photographie is a professional boudoir photography studio that creates stunning and captivating photos. With a focus on creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, Daphne, the photographer, is known for her kindness, patience, and professionalism. Her ability to capture beautiful moments is highly praised by her clients, who recommend her services without hesitation. Whether it's for a breastfeeding session or a shoot with Santa Claus, Daphne has a way of making her subjects feel at ease, resulting in sublime and emotional photographs. Her attention to detail and ability to showcase her subjects' beauty is what sets her apart from others in the industry. If you're looking for a photographer with fairy fingers, who takes beautiful photos and puts you at ease, then D.Labbé Photographie is the perfect choice for you.

Customer Reviews

Morgane Lisa

The very first time I went with my son for a breastfeeding session she put me on a sheet and a second time for my son with Santa Claus. She is very kind, patient and professional. The photos are beautiful every time. I recommend 100%

Anaïs Hauquier

I was able to meet Daphne for a birth shoot for my little girl who was only 12 days old, she is sweet, kind, patient and super nice! I haven't made my choice for the photos yet, the photos are so sublime and she managed to showcase my daughter! And I even went back there for a shoot with Santa Claus the following week, once again the photos are awesome! Thank you again for these magical and emotional moments! We will call on you again for our next madness 💖💖

Parent Sandy

I had the opportunity to meet this photographer with fairy fingers, to take my daughter's Christmas photos 😍 nothing to complain about, I'm always satisfied, always very hard to make a final choice. But go ahead with your eyes closed frankly it's a love 😍

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