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Boudoir photographer near me

Namur, Belgium

Discover amazing boudoir photographers in Namur, a city in Belgium that boasts a picturesque location at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, with a stunning citadel overlooking the historic center and a rich cultural scene including numerous museums and festivals.

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Sl Studio

SL Studio is a boudoir photography studio that offers a comfortable and professional environment for all your photography needs. The photographer, Sandra, knows how to make her clients feel at ease and has a welcoming presence that makes the entire experience enjoyable. Whether you're looking for pregnancy or family photos, SL Studio will deliver stunning results that capture your precious moments perfectly. Sandra's expertise and patience shine through in every photo, and her prices are affordable and competitive. If you're in search of a photographer who can immortalize your memories in the best way possible, SL Studio is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Justine Excelmans

I went for a little shoot with my 9 month old daughter. I had never done her before and I can tell you that she knows how to make her clients feel comfortable and very welcoming. Thank you very much for allowing me to immortalize her moments with my daughter and for your professionalism :)

Justine Leroy

I recommend 100%!! I went to "Sl Studio" for a pregnancy shoot 🤰 . I really had a good time 🥰 Sandra is really welcoming, professional and above all she knows how to put us at ease. I definitely didn't feel like it was my first shoot! I will go back there with my eyes closed to take pictures once my son is there, or even family pictures :-)!

Jazy F. (Epicurean)

From making contact to delivering the report, Sandra had a benevolent and reassuring presence. Everything you need during wedding preparations. Her photos are beautiful and she manages to capture the emotions. Our memories are immortalized in the best way thanks to her. Also note the price that rivals all the competition. Pre-wedding visit, 2 photographers present, quick touch-ups, slide show, prints, box set and original USB key,... for an affordable price. Thank you Sandra for your beautiful photos and for your reassuring presence on D-Day. (Special mention also for her partner who was on top!)

Coralie Baudour Photographe à Namur

Coralie Baudour Photographe à Namur is a boudoir photographer who creates beautiful memories through her lens. Her attention to detail and warm personality make every session a unique and personalized experience. Her studio is beautifully decorated and provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for clients of all ages. Whether it's a mini Christmas photo shoot or a first pregnancy photo shoot, Coralie is patient, professional, and attentive to her client's needs. Her sets and props are breathtaking, and she takes the time to explain everything beforehand. Her professionalism shines through in every aspect of her work, from the quick email exchange to the transparent explanation of the session's course. If you're looking for someone who can capture your moments in a beautiful and timeless way, Coralie is the photographer for you.

Customer Reviews

Maureen Kaye

Really great pregnancy photo session! Very attentive, reassures enormously and puts at ease. I recommend without problem. Can't wait to see the pictures ☺️

Giulia Face

Glad to have made the road to have had a session really at the top. We were in a bubble with our little princess. Coralie is very patient and very sweet. Everything went well from all points of view: very quick exchange by email, explanation of the course of the session beforehand by email and the set-up during the shoot. Very transparent in her work and very professional. The sets and props were magnificent, even more beautiful than I imagined. Can't wait to see the result, I highly recommend it!

Sabrina Minet

It was a first photo shoot for us to keep beautiful memories of our first pregnancy. Very easy contact, warm welcome, sympathy and kindness throughout the session. Proposal of great ideas and also listening to ours. We are delighted to have done our session with Coralie :-)

Pino Romeo Photographe

Pino Romeo is a talented and passionate boudoir photographer with a knack for capturing the essence of his subjects. He has a unique ability to make people feel at ease in front of the camera, allowing them to express themselves freely and authentically. Pino's professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched, and he goes above and beyond to ensure that his clients are happy with the end result. Whether you're looking for a photographer for your wedding, boudoir shoot, or any other special occasion, Pino Romeo will not disappoint. His work speaks for itself, and his clients rave about his creativity, empathy, and friendliness. If you want to create lasting memories that you'll cherish for years to come, look no further than Pino Romeo Photographe.

Customer Reviews

Sylvain Lehanse

Choosing a wedding photographer is not to be taken lightly, his place is so essential throughout D-Day. He is the one who will be able to immortalize these magnificent moments and who will therefore leave a mark in time. We didn't know Pino before calling on him. After some research on the internet, we found his contact details. A first exchange by email, then a meeting, and our choice was made. There was no doubt for us, that it was indeed towards Pino that we had to turn so much his work reflected all that we were looking for. We met someone who is passionate about his work, who does it for pleasure and not for greed, and that translates into the end result...his beautiful photos. These are intended to be at the same time funny, moving, sensitive, benevolent, as many qualities that also stick to Pino.

Petit Alexandre

Pino is an incredible photographer, attentive to the people for whom he makes portraits... He directly puts people in trust and shares all his professional experience throughout the session; it is a great moment of sharing and discovery. Finally, the result of his work meets our expectations! Pino can't do enough for everyone and is a very pleasant and friendly photographer!

Charlotte Byloos

Pino, in addition to being a beautiful person, is an excellent photographer. His work is of incredible quality. My companion and I had a wonderful experience thanks to him. He is reassuring, he guided us so that we were as comfortable as possible. He is very kind and he is also funny! What more. The photos are breathtaking, we were left speechless when we saw the result. Don't hesitate any longer, you have found the photographer you need, I promise!!

François Falier photographe

François Falier is a talented photographer with a passion for capturing unforgettable moments. His professionalism and expertise in handling his equipment are second to none, resulting in stunning photographs that will leave you in awe. Whether you want to capture a special event or simply create a boudoir photoshoot, François can easily adapt to your needs and preferences. He has a knack for putting his clients at ease, making the entire process an enjoyable experience. With François Falier Photographe, you can trust that you'll receive top-quality service and breathtaking photos every time.

Customer Reviews

Elodie Falier

Passionate and talented photographer, he captures the moments! He takes the photos of all our events, and it's a great success every time. I recommend without hesitation

Anne-Sophie Catry

What to say ?? Very professional photographer, he knows his equipment very well and uses it perfectly!! It adapts quickly to what you want, moving or not. Very pleasant to discuss with him, he puts you easily at ease!

marine waroquier

Quality photographer who adapts to several styles and types of events. Beautiful photos and very friendly photographer!!

Studio 46

Vincent at Studio 46 is highly regarded for his professional yet fun and lighthearted approach to boudoir photography. He takes the time to listen to his clients' needs and delivers exceptional assets that perfectly fit the social media format. Vincent's versatility as a photographer was evident when he successfully covered his first wedding, delivering superb quality photos with great attention to detail. Studio 46 offers a unique experience for clients, including pet owners who want to capture special moments with their furry friends. Vincent's professionalism and ability to put his clients at ease make for a real moment of pleasure during the photo session. The rendering of the photos is fast and always of superb quality. Overall, Studio 46 is highly recommended for its top-notch sessions and excellent service.

Customer Reviews

Pierre-Baptiste Rousseau

We called on Vincent to shoot our wedding! It was his first time covering this kind of event, and everything went according to plan :) Vincent went to great lengths to give us as many memories of the event as possible. The photos arrived very quickly with superb quality!


We did a shoot with our puppy and are very happy with the experience. Vincent is very professional and it was a real moment of pleasure for all. We received the photos quickly and they are superb.

Arnaud Duquesne

Working with Vincent is a breeze: he's fun and lighthearted. He listened to my needs and delivered great assets. I love working with him because he understands the social media format. An absolute professional. I'll be contacting him for my next photo shoots!

Cameleon Photography

Cameleon Photography is a highly skilled and professional boudoir photographer, known for their exceptional work in the industry. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of their clients, Cameleon Photography has helped many individuals and businesses alike to showcase their premises and products in the best possible light. Their work on the Google virtual tour and photos of various premises have received accolades from all those who have worked with them. Clients have praised Cameleon Photography's professionalism and reliability, with many happy to recommend them for any occasion. Whether it's for a wedding or a commercial project, Cameleon Photography is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality photography services.

Customer Reviews

Le Roma

We are very happy with the services of Mr. Legrain The photos of our dishes and his cooking photos serve us for our communication which has improved a lot thanks to him and his good advice


Superb work done with us for the Google virtual tour and especially for the photos of our premises that we use on our site for our customers a big thank you to Cameleon photography that we absolutely recommend

L'entrée des artistes

I can't thank Legrain Claude and Cameleon Photography enough - Google Belgium Virtual Tour for the beautiful virtual tour he made with us Artists who want to come to us can see the place where they are going to play when they are looking for a concert hall in Namur and tell us that thanks to this they come to us with confidence, at least for those who did not know us yet. In addition, Mr. Legrain Claude took great photos for us and is a very professional photographer, we will take him for our wedding.

Namur Fashion Studio

Namur Fashion Studio is a popular boudoir photography studio that offers a wide range of services to capture your most intimate and cherished moments. The studio has a reputation for delivering high-quality images that perfectly capture the unique beauty of each subject. Whether you're looking for a pregnancy shoot or any other type of boudoir photography, NFS promises a personalized and professional experience that will exceed your expectations. However, it's important to note that some customers have reported delays in receiving their photos and difficulty communicating with the photographer. Despite this, many clients have had positive experiences with NFS and recommend it as a top choice for boudoir photography in Namur.

Customer Reviews

Astrid Ines Mokoko

We chose NFS for our first pregnancy shoot on January 28, 2023 and the session was pretty awesome (welcome, advice). The photographer is committed to retouching and returning the photos selected by us within 3 weeks (this is part of the price). Unfortunately to date we have not received anything and we have been disappointed by the lack of communication from the latter, despite several attempts to contact by email and mobile phone. Delays happen, but there is nothing more unpleasant than having to run after a service provider who has committed itself to providing us with a service after direct payment from us. Even after giving birth in March no news! I do not recommend if you are in Namur or simply attracted by the competitive price.

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