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Boudoir photographer near me

Verviers, Belgium

Discover top-notch boudoir photographers in Verviers, a city in Belgium that is known for its wool industry heritage, beautiful parks, and charming architecture.

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Pascale Neuville - Photographe

Pascale Neuville - Photographe is a professional boudoir photographer who has gained a reputation for providing an exceptional experience to her clients. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the perfect shot, Pascale's work speaks for itself. Her portfolio showcases her mastery of both color and black and white photography, but what truly sets Pascale apart is her ability to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease during their photo shoot. Clients rave about Pascale's friendliness, kindness, and expertise, making her the go-to choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photographer who can help them look and feel their best. Whether you are looking for a traditional boudoir session or something more unique, Pascale is super attentive and always adapts to your preferences. In addition to her skill behind the camera, Pascale is also known for her patience and reactivity when it comes to scheduling appointments and sharing results. Clients appreciate her attention to detail and her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that they are happy with the final product. Overall, Pascale Neuville - Photographe is a top-notch boudoir photographer who provides a brilliant experience and top-quality results. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer who can capture their personality and essence in a beautiful and unique way.

Customer Reviews

Caroline Vanwerst

Pascale is super attentive and attentive! Several very different sessions with her and she always puts you at ease!

Isabelle Lodetti

Pascale is a very professional photographer, in every sense of the word. The quality of his photos can be seen on his website. Color or black and white, Pascale manages. The invisible side via his site is his friendliness, his kindness, his know-how, his cheerfulness; she gently guides you during the photo shoot.

KroketteB Un peu de tout

Brilliant moments together and Topissimes results corresponding to what I wanted! Pascale adapts to everyone and their preferences! I highly recommend!

Jenn von Montigny Agency

Jenn von Montigny Agency is more than just a boudoir photography studio, it's an experience that leaves you feeling confident and beautiful. With the incredible talent of Jenni and her eye for detail, she captures every moment with ease and creativity. Her relaxed and loving manner makes you feel at ease, creating a pleasant atmosphere right from the start. Whether it's a private shoot or events, she has a way of bringing out the best in people without them even noticing that there is a photographer in the room. Her work is simply unbeatable, capturing the most beautiful moments in life perfectly and very authentically. With her professionalism and friendly demeanor, Jenni is a great support for any project. A clear recommendation from satisfied clients who have been thrilled with the results every time!

Customer Reviews

Joanne Schlink

We are simply thrilled with the result every time! Jenni manages to capture every moment with her relaxed and loving manner, without you having to pretend or even noticing that there is a photographer in the room. The pregnancy, newborn and family shoots exceeded all expectations! A work that captures the most beautiful moments in life perfectly and very authentically!

Linda Kremer

For me the best photographer ever!! I've been to a few shoots and I'm always fascinated by the work Jenni does. Her way of dealing with customers, bringing out the best in people and above all the good feeling she gives you at this moment are really unbeatable. Crowned by the result that you hold in your hands at the end. I will keep booking them because I know I'm 100 percent satisfied!

Jenna B'oheme

It was great fun to be photographed by Jenni and I felt very comfortable. She knows how to get involved and to use the surroundings and circumstances spontaneously and creatively. Absolute recommendation! Strong, creative, inspiring woman 💪🏼🍀✨💃🏼

Valérie Morreale Studio photo

Valérie Morreale Studio photo is a place where you can feel at ease and confident in your own skin. Valérie's professionalism and extreme kindness are evident from the moment you walk through the door, and she knows exactly how to direct you to achieve natural poses for the desired photo. Her smiling and friendly attitude puts even the most uptight clients at ease, allowing her to capture their desires and emotions effortlessly. Valérie has all the qualities of a great photographer - a beautiful setting, a good camera, mastering techniques, and most importantly, a lot of human qualities. She has the ability to freeze a moment in time and leave you with memories of the most beautiful moments of your life. If you're looking for a boudoir photography experience that will change the way you see yourself, Valérie Morreale Studio photo is the perfect place for you.

Customer Reviews

Mykl Mykl

A great first for me to pose naked in front of Valérie's lens, she knows how to put you at ease from the reception and during the session she knows how to direct you to manage to strike a pose naturally to arrive at the desired photo, a big professionalism and extreme kindness, I recommend without hesitation

Dominick Käh

I am, let's say, a bit of a "special" case, so I was very uptight in Valérie Morreale's studio. With delicacy and patience she succeeded in regenerating all the confidence that I had lost for too long. The result ; polished, professional shots where I find myself, freed from all anxiety, naturally. I love them so much that I expose them without more complex. Like a click, Valérie's photos have changed something in my life, I accept myself today as I am and all the credit goes to her because her "Morreale" qualities are matched only by her photographic talent. .

Vandersaenen Axel

Excellent shoot! Valérie is smiling, friendly, she puts you at ease, patience... first but not the last time! I recommend. I am a woman with generous curves but she was able to put me at ease quickly! Those who hesitated until then... you have found the right person

Alison Bourgeois photographe

Alison Bourgeois is a talented boudoir photographer who has made quite an impression on her clients. Her pregnancy and newborn photo sessions are described as nothing short of amazing, with great attention to detail and stunning results. Alison's patience, attentiveness, and gentle approach ensure that even the littlest subjects feel relaxed and at ease during their shoots. Clients have praised Alison for creating beautiful family memories, from capturing the joy of birth to celebrating holidays and special occasions. With over 6 photo shoots under their belt, many clients rave that Alison is their go-to boudoir photographer. So if you're looking for a highly skilled and experienced photographer to capture your cherished moments, look no further than Alison Bourgeois.

Customer Reviews

Laura Vaiser

Thank you again for this "newborn" photo shoot, we had a great time and we were impressed by your patience and your ability to relax baby 😊. The raw photos are already beautiful🤩. We look forward to receiving the final result


Alison allows us to create such beautiful family memories. From pregnancy, birth, first birthdays, Mother's Day and Christmas. We are subscribers and are fully satisfied. If you hesitate, go for it!!!

Cindy Six

Birth shoot and mini Christmas session at Alison's and both times the result was more than splendid! The photos were more magnificent than each other. Choosing is often complicated as the result is beautiful. In addition, she is very gentle and patient, which allows baby to be relaxed and serene. We will come back a 3rd time for sure :)

Manon Lheureux Photographe

Manon Lheureux Photographe is a talented and dedicated boudoir photographer based in Brussels who is highly recommended by her clients. With a keen eye for detail, Manon creates stunning and unique photos that truly capture the essence of her subjects. Her Christmas sessions are a particular highlight, with beautiful decor and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that puts her clients at ease. Manon's professionalism and patience make her an ideal choice for family photoshoots, especially those involving children. Her fast turnaround time and affordable prices make her an excellent value, and her commitment to delivering high-quality photos ensures that her clients are always satisfied. Whether you're looking for a boudoir photographer for your next photoshoot or just want to capture some special memories with your loved ones, Manon Lheureux Photographe is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Manon Van Steelant

Manon was very professional with our little girl, very patient and welcoming with us. We are very happy with our photos.

Sylvie Ritella

Christmas session carried out this year with this young photographer, attentive, gentle, patient but also professional and talented! Very affordable price and fast sending of photos! I recommend it 🙂

Jjhdheh Ilq

I was looking for a photographer for family Christmas sessions... I saw a few, but Manon made me like her Christmas decor more 😊😊 I received my photos today they are really beautiful ❤️🙏 especially work well. Well done Manon. I'm from Brussels and I don't regret the kilometers I did to get to your place with a smile and a good mood and above all patience 😀💪🙏. Thanks a lot

Boudoir by Denise & Stefan

Boudoir by Denise & Stefan is a photography studio that specializes in capturing beautiful and authentic moments. The team is led by the talented and friendly duo, Denise and Stefan, who have an unbelievable talent for capturing emotions photographically. Their relaxed and loving nature creates a pleasant atmosphere for their clients, making them feel comfortable and at ease during their photoshoots. The studio offers various types of shoots, including couple shoots, family photo shoots, and even boudoir shoots. Denise and Stefan work closely with their clients to explore locations and understand their unique vision and wishes. They are always open to ideas and requests and ensure that every detail is executed perfectly. Clients love their experience with Boudoir by Denise & Stefan and highly recommend their services. The studio's professional and highly skilled work has resulted in unforgettable moments and beautiful photos that are admired and cherished by clients and their loved ones. If you're looking for a photography studio that will capture your special moments in the most authentic and beautiful way, Boudoir by Denise & Stefan is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

carina keusch

We are grateful that Stefan and Denise accompanied our civil and church wedding. It turned out wonderful photos that will remind us of these moments again and again.

Stefanie Bergrath

We have had the good fortune to be photographed by Stefan and Denise several times. Both of them have an unbelievable talent for capturing emotions photographically, and for waiting for the moments when you don't think about being photographed. With their friendly and relaxed manner, they create a pleasant atmosphere, we always felt very comfortable. They gave us wonderful memories of our wedding. Even during our "getting to know each other" conversation, they took a lot of time and responded to our wishes. Stefan and Denise explored the location in advance and photographed us at the most beautiful spots. The family photo shoot with the children was also very relaxed. Due to her loving nature, children also felt very comfortable and also have wonderful souvenir photos here. We are always excited! Very great and professional work - an absolute recommendation!

Rebecca Kriescher

We had our couple shooting with Denise and Stefan today and are absolutely thrilled! The most important and most beautiful thing is that the photos are all totally authentic and we really laughed a lot together. Ideas and wishes are implemented exactly as you imagine. It was a great day with you both and you are super professional photographers. We would always like to appear in front of your lens. Keep it up and then we and the people around us can enjoy the beautiful photos.

Arnaud Chabot Photographe

Arnaud Chabot Photographe is a talented and experienced boudoir photographer who always strives to exceed the expectations of his clients. With an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful and unforgettable memories, Arnaud listens attentively to his clients' needs and desires, while maintaining a discreet and professional approach. His impeccable skills behind the camera, combined with his vivid imagination, result in stunning photos that are sure to impress. Whether it's capturing the magic of your wedding day or the beauty of your pregnancy, Arnaud Chabot Photographe delivers exceptional work that you will treasure forever. Don't hesitate to book this amazing photographer for your next boudoir photography session!

Customer Reviews

Gaëlle Doupagne

Photographer at the top!! Listening, discreet, full of imagination, the photos are simply magnificent!

Magali Pasqualino

Excellent photographer who tries to best satisfy all his clients. He has an eye for detail! To recommend without hesitation

Perez Anthéa

Great photographer, very professional! The photos are just amazing 😻

Alice Langerôme - Photographies

Alice Langerôme - Photographies is a talented boudoir photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of her clients. Her work has been praised by numerous couples who have had the opportunity to work with her. One couple mentioned that they had the pleasure of having Alice photograph their marriage proposal, which led them to choose her for their commitment photoshoot as well. They described her as always smiling, passionate, and natural, with the gift of putting even the most camera-shy individuals at ease. Alice's professionalism, advice, and caring nature have earned her a reputation as a photographer who takes care of her clients both humanly and materially. Her well-thought-out website and platform make it easy for clients to follow up efficiently and simply. Another couple who worked with Alice for their EVJf photo session were thrilled with the natural and relaxed atmosphere she created. They highly recommend her services and are delighted with the results. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who is not only skilled but also a beautiful, caring, and endearing person, Alice Langerôme - Photographies comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Jerome Berny

After having immortalized our marriage proposal, we naturally chose to continue the road with Alice on the way to our union. A second shooting, commitment this time, and a second excellent moment lived. Always smiling, passionate and natural, Alice has the gift of putting at ease, even the most novices and those who imagine themselves to be non-photogenic. In addition to her professionalism and her advice, Alice is simply a beautiful, caring and endearing person. Available and always attentive to needs, desires and expectations, Alice takes care of her customers, both humanly and materially with a platform and a well thought-out website, set up to allow efficient and simple follow-up. We rejoice to see our marriage arrive; where Alice will of course occupy her role as photographer; but just as much in our hearts, his place as a guest. Is it useful to specify that we recommend his services? Do not hesitate for a moment.

milena quaglia

Very nice EVJf photo session with Alice! Very natural photos thanks to a photographer who was able to very quickly relax the atmosphere and create a friendly atmosphere! We are delighted with the results and highly recommend her!

Ad Astra - Fotoatelier

Ad Astra - Fotoatelier is a boudoir photography studio that offers an unforgettable experience for those looking to capture their true selves in front of the camera. Nikki, the talented photographer behind the lens, creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that puts clients at ease from the moment they walk in the door. With attention to detail and a critical eye, Nikki takes the time to understand each client's unique needs and preferences, ensuring that the resulting images are stunning and true to their personality. From personal branding shoots to more intimate portraits, Ad Astra - Fotoatelier delivers exceptional service and quality that leaves clients feeling confident and empowered.

Customer Reviews

Annelies Leenen

Thanks to my nail stylist's enthusiasm about her empowerment session, I went to look up Ad Astra on instagram. I had been looking for someone in a certain style for a while to have a branding session done for my photography business. And there was Nikki! Her style appealed to me so much that I sent a message that same day to arrange an introductory meeting. After a very nice chat at her house and after seeing the beautiful boxes and portraits, I immediately decided to book the session! Nikki really puts you at ease and with her great styling skills from hair and make-up to putting together outfits, make it an exciting yet soothing experience! The session itself took a lot of getting used to since I'm always behind the camera, but thanks to Nikki's posing tips, tricks, contagious humor and laughter, this was no problem at all! We alternately combined business shots with more intimate portraits. Only now came the difficult part, namely choosing my images. Straight out of the camera they looked amazingly good and I couldn't even believe it was me in certain images. Wow! Nikki helped me very well and smoothly with choosing the images thanks to her critical view. From the countdown to your moment with the perfect preparation guide to the last chat and great goodie bag, it was an overall great experience with a beautiful soul that I still look back on with a warm heart and afterglow! Thank you for an unforgettable day! Dear greetings, Annelies

De Glundering Jongeren- en PerfectionismeCoach

I'm Vicky from De Glundering. As a perfectionism coach, I teach young people and children how they can do more instead of having to. So the bar may be a little lower, as we say. That critical voice often remains dormant, because 'beautifier' is also a talent. How do you find balance in that? I often had that myself. Especially when it comes to photos of myself. Before the intake interview with Niki I felt very nervous. Was I good enough, I don't 'take' a picture and so on. Niki quickly put me at ease and over a coffee we ended up chatting about anything and everything. By throwing in a specific question now and then, she got the info she needed for the photo shoot. The day itself I was also nervous. Being in front of the camera like that is not for me (I thought). I would have preferred to drive home with half my wardrobe. Because I know myself and because I also allowed myself to do so, I rang the doorbell anyway. Like a pro in her field, Niki managed to reassure me again. She gave me confidence that I didn't feel myself. She knew it was going to be okay, just what I needed at that moment. Because I had no idea! Being made up, with nice conversation, my hair neatly curled by skilled hands ... I was quietly prepared for the shoot. Also at the start of the shoot I was quite nervous (as the first photo shows) but thanks to Niki's fine, subtle instructions, the nerves disappeared. I can't say I really enjoyed that hour in front of the camera, but it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. We started chatting so that my attention was not completely on that camera. Postures were adjusted, clothes were changed and Niki occasionally disappeared behind her camera. During the reveal I became silent... that doesn't happen often. Niki managed to capture me as I am. I recognize myself, my looks and my attitude in the photos she took. In retrospect, choosing the images turned out to be the most difficult of all. (In which again her nice, patient, calming and structured way of working ensured that this job was also done) It was a very nice experience, definitely worth repeating.

Celine Stylemans

A photo shoot with Nikki is an unforgettable experience. You will be welcomed in a homely atmosphere with a smile, a drink and positive vibes. Everything is explained in detail during an intake interview so that you know what to expect and you have already visited the location. Nikki quickly removes your insecurity about being in front of the camera by creating a cozy casual atmosphere in which you can be yourself. The shoot itself is a pampering moment that left me beaming and beaming for a full week. You feel completely woman and enjoy the experience.

Dmitry Ewig Fotografie

Dmitry Ewig Fotografie is a highly professional and passionate boudoir photographer, whose work has impressed many clients. With his personable approach, Dmitry is easy to work with and brings out the best in his subjects, resulting in well-edited photos that truly capture their essence. His love for photography shines through in every shoot, making it a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved. Dmitry's attention to detail and ability to bring photos to life is truly remarkable, making him a top choice for anyone looking for a talented photographer in the Aachen, Cologne, Düsseldorf area. Highly recommended!

Customer Reviews

Stefan Theissen

I think you can really tell how much Dmitry likes to be a photographer. He is very nice, polite and motivated in the matter. The pictures turned out pretty good too. It was a lot of fun working with him, always a pleasure! 📸


A very passionate and personable photographer. Working with him is really fun, he is passionate about his work and has a lot of humor. He has very imaginative ideas and the results are great! Great photos will be taken again in spring 📸

Aleks Korvet

Professional Photographer - Bring your photos to life with your camera and your smiles! I have already worked with this person, I can only say that you don’t give up on thinking - what position is better to become - Dmitry will be happy to tell you and put you in order to make the photo rich and not stop making you happy! Regarding the price, everything suits - the payment is hourly and if you find a common language with the photographer, then this time will pass very cool and bright! Thanks to Dmitry, I got a lot of beautiful portraits, which, by the way, can be printed in high quality on a flash drive and get an ideal printed version in perfect quality! In general, I advise everyone to spend one or more days with this amazing photographer!

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