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Boudoir photographer near me

Augsburg, Germany

Discover remarkable boudoir photographers in Augsburg, a city in Germany that boasts a rich history, stunning architecture, picturesque streets, and a vibrant cultural scene.

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Our carefully curated AI is crafted to provide you with an unforgettable experience that celebrates your unique beauty, sensuality, and confidence.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
  • Multiple poses and outfits
  • 10 credits for additional photos
  • Nude filter for all photos

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19.95 USD

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π…πŽπ“πŽπ’π“π”πƒπˆπŽ πƒπˆπ€πŒπŽππƒ 𝐃𝐄𝐋𝐔𝐗𝐄 - Fotograf Augsburg - nur nach Terminvereinbarung

Fotograf Augsburg is a boudoir photography studio that takes pride in delivering exceptional service to their clients. Alexandra, the lead photographer, is known for her unbelievable patience and attention to detail. She takes her time to understand what her clients are looking for and delivers beyond expectations. The studio offers a fast delivery of edited photos, with clients receiving four within two to three working days. Clients have praised the studio for its professionalism and commitment to providing the best service. One client even printed their portfolio at Fotograf Augsburg and was delighted with the results. The studio is highly recommended by satisfied clients who appreciate the quality of the photos and the quick turnaround time. Alexandra is an incredibly professional photographer who takes her time to understand her clients' needs. Her skills extend beyond photography to editing and hair styling. Although the price may be a bit high, clients believe it's more than justified considering the quality of the pictures. Clients have also mentioned how much fun it was taking pictures with Alexandra. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer in Augsburg, look no further than Fotograf Augsburg.

Customer Reviews


Incredibly professional photographer who takes her time, is understanding and just knows exactly what she's doing, whether it's photography/editing/hair styling etc. I honestly would never have my pictures taken anywhere else. The price is a bit high but more than justified and the pictures are absolutely worth the money. It was also a lot of fun taking the pictures with her :) I'm just thrilled and can recommend the studio to EVERYONE with a clear conscience.

Cristiana Areias

Alexandra was super nice and had this unbelievable patience. She is very into detail and wants to do the best job possible. The delivery of the photos was very fast! (in 2/3 working days I got already 4 edited photos available)

Yevhen Makieiev

Everything was quickly and qualitatively. GREAT photos! I recommend this studio!

Verliebt Fotografie

Verliebt Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that has captured the hearts of many couples. With a portfolio that stands out among its competitors, Verliebt Fotografie has been able to provide clients with exceptional service and stunning results. The personalized approach taken by the studio ensures that clients feel comfortable and at ease during their photo shoot. As one happy couple stated, "we now hold your work in our hands and are more than enthusiastic about the result!" Verliebt Fotografie's dedication to creating beautiful boudoir photographs that capture the essence of its clients is what sets them apart from the rest.

Customer Reviews

Robert HΓ€ckl

Ramona accompanied us long before the wedding. After initially soliciting offers, we liked their portfolio by far the best! During a pleasant preliminary talk, we noticed right away that it also fits very well on a personal level. We now hold your work in our hands and are more than enthusiastic about the result! At this point, many thanks again for the beautiful pictures!


At Preiselbeer-Fotografie, you can expect nothing less than top-notch professionalism and quality. The studio equipment is of the highest standard, and the results speak for themselves. The friendly photographer is quick to respond and will make you feel at ease, even if you're not used to being in front of the camera. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the perfect shot, Preiselbeer-Fotografie is the go-to choice for boudoir photography. Whether you're looking for family portraits or a wedding shoot, you can trust that Lingonberry Photography will deliver beautiful and memorable pictures that you'll treasure for years to come.

Customer Reviews


Quick to respond, professional studio equipment aswell as professional photos and very friendly photographer. I can only recommend, overall a good experience!

Butterfly 1804

Very friendly photographer! Is good with children... order arrived on time... have nothing to complain about! Have hired the lingonberry before, with a consultation, lots of different options! Inside in my own studio, church at baptism, kindergarten at Christmas and school photos. She is easy to talk to and ideas are implemented very well!

Nadja MΓΌller

The pictures of my son from the kindergarten at the outdoor pool in Meitingen turned out really great. I'm thrilled and that you can download the pictures from the folder online for free, to give away is of course great ☺️ We will certainly book a family shoot in the foreseeable future. Thank you again for the great pictures!


PhareaNutello-Fotografie is a boudoir photographer with an exceptional eye for the extraordinary. This photographer is known for their creativity, professionalism, and sensitivity in capturing stunning and artistically valuable work. Clients have noted the photographer's resourcefulness, thoughtfulness, and intuitive approach in delivering exceptional results. With a relaxed and fun atmosphere, clients can expect a professional and enjoyable experience that ensures their vision and wishes are met. PhareaNutello-Fotografie's portfolio speaks for itself and their expertise in boudoir photography make them a top choice for anyone looking for high-quality and personalized images.

Customer Reviews


Simply an incredibly great, creative and intuitive photographer who always delivers great, artistically valuable work. And in really all areas πŸ‘πŸ˜€. Always happy πŸ‘


Great photographer who did great pictures according to my wishes! Until next time Greetings Markus


Great photographer with an eye for the extraordinary. If you are looking for creativity, you will find it here. I have already been able to take part in two shootings here and I am extremely satisfied with the results. The work is very professional, relaxed and sensitive and there is definitely no shortage of fun ;) Always a pleasure ;)


THOMAS ZEISING PHOTOGRAPHY is a boudoir photographer who has mastered the art of creating unique and unusual photos that stand out from the rest. With his personable and professional approach, he creates a safe and trustworthy atmosphere that puts even the shyest person at ease. He takes the time to understand your wishes and ideas and offers suggestions that help bring your vision to life. As a fashion photographer, he has an excellent eye for outfit and makeup, and he gives tips on how to best showcase yourself during the shoot. He pays attention to details and has an exceptional talent for capturing the essence of his subjects. The quality of his photos is extremely high, and you can be sure that you will receive a selection of only the best shots. He offers an all-round carefree package in the best quality and ensures that you receive the result that exceeds your expectations. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can boost your self-confidence and create stunning and unique photos, THOMAS ZEISING PHOTOGRAPHY is highly recommendable.

Customer Reviews

Dani Aschenbren

The photographer is very personable and professional at the same time. A very good combination, especially if you want or need unusual photos. Due to the experience and pictures of the photographer, I really wanted to have photos taken by him. Because they are very different from others. He asks beforehand what your wishes or ideas are. If you don't have any ideas yourself, he makes suggestions. But he always contributes and thus creates a safe and pleasant, trustworthy atmosphere. It took away my shyness, even though I'm a bit shy. He has an eye for the essentials, ideas for positions and also uses small utensils if desired. For me it was, among other things, a cloth. I am delighted with the result. I don't have the perfect figure either, but he took great photos and also edited a few photos, which was included in my package. Something you should treat yourself to. It also boosts self-confidence. Absolutely recommendable. I would accept another trip for that.

Daniela Ronesch

Photographer gives tips on outfit and make-up. He's actually a fashion photographer, so I guess he has a particularly good eye for it. He took his time until I could get involved (I'm not a professional model) and he also had some ideas for the staging himself. He pays attention to details. The quality of the photos is extremely good and you don't get all of them. So not 10 motifs that are completely similar, but still enough so that you are happy with the result and have a good selection. I was very happy about the result. I booked a business shoot.

Ma Ma

All-round carefree package in the best quality!

Stochian Madalin Photography

Stochian Madalin Photography is the epitome of excellence when it comes to boudoir photography. With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the perfect shot, Stochian Madalin knows exactly how to bring out the best in every subject. Clients rave about the friendly atmosphere during their shoots and the stunning results that exceed expectations. Whether you're looking for a photographer in Augsburg or beyond, Stochian Madalin Photography is the clear choice for capturing your most precious memories with clarity and beauty. Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

Paul Mos

The best photographer ! Congratulations!

Raul Sandor

The best photographer.. I recommend with all my heart.. maximum clarity and super beautiful pictures plus he is a sweet boy

Raluca Langu

I recommend with all my heart!! If you want all the key moments of your event to be captured, so that years from now you have the most beautiful memories, call us with confidence. Madalin, we thank you for taking part in our event.


Designschloss is a boudoir photography studio that offers unique and intimate experiences for their clients. Geri, the CEO and talented photographer, provides an exceptional belly painting service that captures the beauty of pregnancy in a fun and creative way. Her charming and courteous personality makes clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process, from choosing the perfect motif to capturing the moment with professional photos. Clients rave about the memorable and positive experiences they have had with Designschloss and highly recommend Geri's services for any special occasion. Whether it's wedding photography or belly painting, Designschloss delivers stunning results that leave clients satisfied and coming back for more.

Customer Reviews

Merve Aratma

I'm excited! My husband and I booked a baby belly painting shoot. Geri is incredibly talented. She has conjured up a really great motif with skin colors on my stomach. Afterwards we took great photos together with my husband. Highly Recommended!

Fernando Perez Puentes

I have had a very positive experience with the design lock. I'm someone who likes to be photographed, but from the moment I got in touch with the CEO of Designschloss I knew I had made the best decision. Gergana you are a very talented photographer I will keep coming back period.

Martin Fischer

We got married on June 3rd, 2022 and decided on the photos of β€œGeri” from Designschloss. In the end we realized that the decision was more than perfect. From the first meeting, through the big day to the final result, everything was satisfying. We love the pictures. Thank you very much for your time and the wonderful work. Best regards, Melanie and Martin.

Nikola Weigleova Photography

Nikola Weigleova Photography is a boudoir photography studio that offers exceptional service and stunning photos. Scheduling an appointment is made easy, ensuring a hassle-free experience for clients. During the shoot, clients can expect to have a lot of fun while achieving impressive results. With a commitment to excellence, Nikola Weigleova Photography is a top choice for those seeking a professional and enjoyable boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Sebastian Beinhofer

Great service and great photos. Scheduling an appointment was super easy and the shoot was a lot of fun. Any time.

Bob Meister

Great pictures. Had a lot of fun. Thanks very much. Ll be back soon.

Lichtwerkstatt Augsburg

Lichtwerkstatt Augsburg is a boudoir photography studio that offers a comfortable and professional experience for their clients. Isabella, the photographer, takes her time to ensure that her clients feel at ease during every shoot, whether it's an intimate session or a couple's shoot. Her attention to detail and willingness to provide tips and tricks make every shoot a success. Clients receive a plethora of photos for their money, which is a testament to Isabella's dedication to capturing the perfect shot. Her style is unique, detailed and emotional, making her the perfect choice for weddings, social media content, and building an online presence. Isabella's professionalism and pleasant demeanor make her clients feel comfortable from the start, resulting in stunning photographs that speak for themselves. Overall, Lichtwerkstatt Augsburg is a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a creative, empathetic, and talented artist to capture their special moments.

Customer Reviews

Thomas S.

For building my online presence, I wanted serious and coherent images that have a certain charm. Isabella picked me up here perfectly and accompanied me at work. Her professional and pleasant manner made me feel comfortable right from the start. It was really fun working with her and the result is just perfect. She definitely knows what she's doing! I am more than satisfied and look forward to continuing to work with Isabella! :)

valifa lu

I was allowed to meet dear Isabella in the spring. She had started a photo project that I really wanted to be part of. The pictures convinced me immediately and booked her directly as our wedding photographer in July. The chemistry was just right. She took a lot of time in advance to implement our wishes perfectly 🀍 Thank you for capturing our day so well! Our B2B project (social media content) was also a complete success! I can only say, I love your pictures and your attention to detail! Can't wait to start big projects with her 🀍

Alev Ocak

Isabella her pictures speak for themselves! Great photographer. I've had several shoots including my wedding. I'm just in love with these pictures and infinitely grateful that she captured this day so incredibly perfectly for us.

Rosemary Photography

Rosemary Photography specializes in capturing the most beautiful and candid moments of your wedding day. With a keen eye for detail and great empathy, Laura creates stunning photos that tell a story and take you back to your special day. Her easygoing and friendly personality make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to let go of any tension and enjoy the moment. The lovingly designed wedding box is a great extra touch, and the high-quality album will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Whether it's your wedding day or an after-wedding shoot, Laura is a pleasure to work with and will create memories that you'll cherish forever.

Customer Reviews

Frank Frank

Laura accompanied our wedding and we love our wedding photos! When we first got to know each other personally, we immediately noticed that we were riding a wave - it was all the nicer to have her by our side at our wedding celebration. Candid and Natural she captured our special day in pictures! Thank you for these great memories and the super high-quality album! We would choose you again and again. Michelle & Frank

Felicitas Lorbeer

Laura is the best photographer we could have wished for. She captured our wedding with all her emotions wonderfully (even moments when we didn't even notice that she was taking pictures). Not only the pictures of the bridal couple but also those of the guests are fantastically beautiful and she also captured special moments with our guests, which made us very happy. This way we can simply relive the day together with our friends and family. In addition to the great pictures, Laura is an incredibly lovely and open person. We felt very comfortable with her right from the start and we have always heard that from our guests. We thank Laura from the bottom of our hearts and would book her again and again! (We can't stop looking at the pictures)

Nina Berghald

Laura took some wonderful photos at our wedding in August! She captured every moment beautifully and we and all the guests hardly noticed her when taking pictures. She makes you feel totally comfortable in front of the camera and not at all tense as she is so easygoing and happy herself. The lovingly designed wedding box is a great extra and you hold the first printed photos in your hand. Thank you dear Laura!

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  • 10 credits for additional photos