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Boudoir photographer near me

Berlin, Germany

Discover fantastic boudoir photographers in Berlin, a city in Germany that is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and innovative art scene, which make it a popular destination for creative individuals from around the world.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
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  • 10 credits for additional photos
  • Nude filter for all photos

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Photography Anna Müller

Photography Anna Müller is a professional and talented boudoir photographer who has garnered an exceptional reputation for her work. She has a knack for capturing her subjects in the perfect light, and with her innovative techniques, she creates truly stunning photographs that are perfect for any occasion. Anna's attention to detail and her ability to guide her clients through their photoshoots make her an ideal choice for anyone looking to create beautiful and memorable images. Her clients rave about her diligence in choosing the right locations and backgrounds for their photos, as well as her ability to make them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire session. Whether you're looking for professional photos, wedding photography, or just some casual shots, Anna will work with you to create the perfect images that capture your unique style and personality.

Customer Reviews

Epameinondas Antonakos

My experience with Anna was exceptional! I needed some formal and more casual photos for an interview. Anna suggested great locations to take the pictures. She was brilliant at guiding me throughout the shooting on my body posture and look. She was also very diligent at choosing the right locations with the right background for the photos. It was the first time that I do a photoshoot and I enjoyed it a lot. It was really hard to choose the final photos since all of them were amazing with diverse background and themes. Thank you very much Anna! :)

Miguel Calderon

Excellent work, the entire photo session made her enjoyable and relaxed. She was very fast but patient at the same time. The result was beautiful. Widely recommended

Noah Millican

Really great photographer! My photographs are for professional use and Anna came up with some innovative techniques that suit my use perfectly :) Thanks Anna! 10/10

Simone Sevenich Fotografin

Simone Sevenich Fotografin is more than just a boudoir photographer. She helps clients achieve their goals by providing coaching in social media and maintaining the shop design. Her relaxed approach to business photography makes it fun and produces great results. Simone's workshops are informative, inspiring, and ideal for beginners. She has a talent for finding the right mix between theory, practical tips, and hands-on experience. Whether it's important photos for a website or capturing special moments, Simone stays calm and captures the best and most beautiful out of every situation. Her open, creative, honest, and constructive cooperation make her a fantastic choice for any photography needs.

Customer Reviews

Christina Krischel

Excellent! It was a very relaxed shooting (business photos), which was fun and, thanks to Simone's knowledgeable guidance, resulted in many great photos.

Daniela Hannemann

If you need important photos, you're in good hands with a professional." Photos make you happy"... We can only confirm that!!! Simone did it. We were very excited and at the same time curious about our first business pictures for our website/Google presence/flyer. We laughed so much, completely forgot everything around us and it gave birth to great photos that make us happy. Simone doesn't just take pictures, she thinks, advises and gets the best and most beautiful out of the situation. She enjoys special moments, captures them in a targeted manner and actively helps to shape them. No matter what she photographs, she always stays calm and in a good mood. Fantastic and Stunning! I really appreciate their open, creative, honest and constructive cooperation. By the way, we got Instagram info as a treat Thank you very much for the beautiful carefree day Daniela HANNEMANN & Luisa Nueske

Martina Milbrandt

Simone helped create and design my online shop, I am enthusiastic about her work. Simone doesn't just take pictures for the shop, she also motivates me to keep at it. She continues to coach me in social media and maintains the shop design. When I see the great photos of my products, I would like to buy from myself.

Nadine Glad

Nadine Glad is a boudoir photographer who is highly regarded for her exceptional work. Clients have consistently praised her for her professionalism and eye for aesthetics. Those who have worked with her describe feeling completely at ease during their sessions, which has resulted in stunning photos that capture the beauty and essence of each individual. Her ability to create images that evoke feelings of love and admiration is truly remarkable. Overall, Nadine Glad is an outstanding choice for anyone looking for a talented and experienced boudoir photographer.

Customer Reviews

Anna Uhlmann

I'm really overwhelmed by the quality. Many thanks for the personal and professional work!

Natalie Schuck

The pictures are just so beautiful. Your pictures actually make you fall in love a little more - and the other ladies you were allowed to photograph certainly feel the same way! Therefore: 1000 thanks for your energy, time and above all for the wonderful results!

Jessie D.

Nadine ist eine wundervolle Fotografin. Ich habe mich rundum wohl gefühlt. Sie hat ein Auge für Ästhetik, ist professionell und macht eine tolle Arbeit. Ich kann sie nur empfehlen.


CICCI PHOTO is a boudoir photography business that specializes in creating stunning and unforgettable memories for their clients. Selina, the photographer behind the lens, is known for her professionalism, friendly demeanor, and ability to make clients feel comfortable and at ease during the entire photoshoot experience. With a talent for capturing natural and beautiful imagery, CICCI PHOTO's photographs speak for themselves. Whether it's a newborn photoshoot or a couples session, Selina's empathetic and funny nature helps establish a connection with her clients, resulting in unique and unforgettable experiences. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can capture precious moments with sensitivity and flair, CICCI PHOTO is the perfect choice for you.

Customer Reviews

Alessia D.

Selina took our first newborn pictures 1.5 years ago and I still cry when I look at the pictures. She captured beautiful moments at the right time with great sensitivity and flair. I never felt uncomfortable for a second. I can heartily recommend them

Gonzalo Pérez

I recently had a couples photoshoot with Selina and I have to say, the service was incredible. From the initial consultation to the final photographs, she was professional, friendly, and truly invested in creating beautiful memories for us. The photos came out stunning and we couldn't be happier with our experience. I highly recommend this business to anyone in need of a photoshoot. 5 stars!

Denise Krause

I have already done several shootings with Selina and was always enthusiastic. Not only the pictures are beautiful and capture precious moments; she also manages to make the day a unique, unforgettable experience. With her emphatic, calm and very funny nature, she takes away the excitement, responds to you and manages to establish a connection directly. Thank you dear Selina. I can absolutely recommend the shootings with her!

Fotostudio Peekaboo - Fotograf für Babys, Kinder, Familien & Portraits

Fotostudio Peekaboo - Fotograf für Babys, Kinder, Familien & Portraits is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio that offers exceptional services. Tom, the photographer, has a super pleasant and calm manner that puts clients at ease during the photo session. He also has unique ideas that are tailored to individual needs, ensuring that clients are satisfied with their pictures. Tom's prices are very fair, making it possible for clients to book a shoot with him again and again. The studio's excellent work has earned them numerous positive reviews, with clients expressing their satisfaction with the quality of service provided. Whether you need a family shoot, wedding photography, or baby bump shoot, Fotostudio Peekaboo - Fotograf für Babys, Kinder, Familien & Portraits is the right place to be. Their organization and communication are super uncomplicated, making the photo session relaxed, without any time pressure, and with plenty of room for your own ideas and suggestions. Book a shoot with Tom today, and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Yasmin Gruber

We had an absolutely great time with Tom as a photographer both in 2021 for our wedding and now for the baby bump shoot! Always a great atmosphere, good guidance, unique ideas that are always tailored to you and a lot of individuality! We are always very satisfied with all the pictures and will not have been there for the last time 😊

Jane Brüllke

We were more than satisfied. Tom saved our A... at the last second (as they say). Our photographer, who had already been booked for our wedding, dropped out at short notice and Tom pushed us in between. Without him we would have been lost. The pictures turned out super beautiful and we would recommend him again and again. Thank you for everything. You will create more beautiful memories for people. Greetings 😀

F Oppermann

We had a wonderful family shoot. It was the first photo shoot with our 10 month old daughter. Tom has a super pleasant, calm manner and great ideas, so that we couldn't decide on the pictures. The prices are really very fair too. We would book a shoot with him again and again and have recommended him to friends.


PhotoPoeten is a boudoir photography studio that stands out in Berlin for its personalized and professional approach. With a keen eye for capturing emotions, PhotoPoeten creates pictures that are sure to last a lifetime. Clients rave about the warm and natural style of Jeanine, the photographer behind PhotoPoeten. Jeanine's talent lies in capturing small, emotional moments with beautiful imagery, and her calm and loving manner puts clients at ease during their shoots. Whether it's a civil wedding or a boudoir session, PhotoPoeten has the passion and skill to create stunning and timeless photographs.

Customer Reviews

Christina V

The best photographer in Berlin by far 🧡 I cannot recommend her enough for her personalized professional approach and pictures that create emotions forever. With love, christina

Mareike Zimpel

Jeanine accompanied our civil wedding. We are thrilled by the many great pictures that perfectly reflect our big day - she captured emotions and joy beautifully

Laurenz Koops

To all future bridal couples, please do yourself a favor and book Jeanine as your photographer!! Jeanine accompanied our wedding in May 2022 and we are really more than happy. She has a very loving and calm manner and we had no problems letting go in the couple shoot and enjoying the moment together. We almost didn't notice Jeanine like that and it was just super nice and pleasant with her. She fitted perfectly into our wedding party and was calm herself. We haven't even gotten all the pictures yet ('just' a small preview so far) and we're already more than happy. There are already such incredibly beautiful pictures that captured the day so well and, unlike our memories, will last forever. It's really great how Jeanine captures such special moments and has a knack for pulling the trigger at the right moment. Jeanine also 'pulled us out' once to take some nice pictures in the evening light, for which we are very grateful, because we wouldn't have paid attention to that :) Jeanine always kept an eye on everything and thought along with us so that we fell completely could leave. We are really so, so happy with the pictures and recommend all bridal couples to stop looking and book Jeanine if she is still available, you really won't regret it. We are very excited to see the full gallery from our day. Thank you for capturing everything for us forever

Boris Mehl fotografiert Hochzeiten Boudoir und Familien

Boris Mehl is a talented photographer who specializes in capturing natural and authentic moments at weddings, boudoir sessions, and family shoots. His work is highly praised by his clients, who appreciate his ability to blend into the background and capture beautiful images without being intrusive. Boris has a gift for capturing the perfect moment, resulting in stunning photos that tell a story. His clients are always impressed with the quality of his work and his professionalism. Boris is not only a skilled photographer but also a friendly and sociable person, making him the perfect choice for any special event.

Customer Reviews

Nina Schmidt

Boris was just amazing on our special day. He accompanied us from early in the morning until late in the evening and fitted perfectly into our small wedding party. In addition, he managed to take a large number of great photos without us even noticing. The day was captured wonderfully and authentically by Boris in pictures and reflects the many small and large moments that we always like to remember, thanks to his photos, among other things. Thank you Boris for your great work and the pleasant get-together.

Alexandra Bellmann

Great candid photos that tell a story - that's how I've been watching Boris photography on Instagram for a few years. As we were planning our wedding I quickly realized that nobody else should be photographing our wedding and we were lucky that Boris was still available that weekend. We met beforehand in his studio for a preliminary talk, looked at photo books and just chatted a bit about everything and everything. Our planned celebration, we and Boris attitude as a photographer (and of course also as a person) just fit together 100%. On the wedding day itself, he was there everywhere without being intrusive or too much in the foreground. In the end, I didn't even notice when he was snapping, which probably led to the wonderfully candid and natural photos we ended up with. Of course we also took the obligatory couple photos, but these too turned out wonderfully informal and natural - without the typical photo smile! We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the photos, the photo book and the USB stick. And for being such a great sociable person! We would always ask Boris if he would accompany us photographically at such an important event!

Eric Nn

Boris photographed our wedding in November and we are very enthusiastic about his photos. Everything with him went smoothly and very professionally. The first meeting, the communication up to the day of the wedding, the wedding day itself and afterwards. His pictures allowed us to really enjoy our wedding once again. They're great pictures. We would book Boris again!

Boudoir Fotograf(in) Berlin - Martencja

Boudoir Fotograf(in) Berlin - Martencja is a studio that creates exceptional boudoir photographs with a warm atmosphere that puts you at ease. Marta, the photographer, is known for being totally chilled, easygoing, and fun, making you feel comfortable throughout the whole shooting experience. She has a great sense of poses, body language, and motifs that look great and individual, responding to all your wishes. The indoor set she uses is small but fine, and the results are impressive. Marta manages to create a super safe and trusting, personal level between her and her clients in a very short time, making them feel comfortable even when lightly clothed or naked. The styling artist is also very sweet and makes getting ready a lot of fun. The finished product is worth every penny, and you will receive an extremely high-quality photo book with your input in every design step. The USB stick with the digital images is super classy, packed lovingly and with high quality. Clients cannot wait to come back and would recommend Boudoir Fotograf(in) Berlin - Martencja 100%.

Customer Reviews

Kacandra Straub

Marta is really a great photographer ☺️. She is totally chilled, easygoing, fun and really makes you feel comfortable. Since such a shooting is something different and special, Marta manages to take the excitement away.

Maike S.

I booked a photo shoot with Marta in March 2022, which I gave myself for my birthday. I didn't know her before. The entire experience was absolutely gorgeous. Marta managed to create a super safe and trusting, personal level between us in a very short time. That's why it really only took a very short time before I could feel comfortable in her presence, either lightly clothed or naked. The motifs that she can pull out of her small, fine indoor set are impressive. She responded to all my wishes and has a very good sense for poses, body language and motifs that look great and individual. It was very worthwhile choosing the package with the photo book - it is extremely high quality and I had a say in every step of the design. The finished book was packed lovingly and with high quality, and even the USB stick with the digital images is super classy. I would have photos taken by Marta again at any time. Clear recommendation!

Lauryta Ingrid

Exceptional pictures and a warm atmosphere where you feel at ease. 100% recommend!✅️🤩

Studio78 - Fotografie Berlin

Studio78 - Fotografie Berlin is a top choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photography studio that is not only technically competent but also professional and personable. Tommy, the photographer, has received glowing reviews from satisfied clients who highly recommend his services. Tommy's friendly and relaxed approach helps clients feel comfortable during the shoot, making it easy to communicate their needs and preferences. With his good ideas and attention to detail, Tommy ensures that clients receive beautiful results that they can be proud of. The private but professional location of the studio provides a perfect setting for intimate and tasteful photography sessions. Tommy's passion for his job is evident in the quality of his work, which has earned him repeat customers who keep coming back for more. Whether you're looking for a boudoir photoshoot or a baby bump shoot, Studio78 - Fotografie Berlin is definitely worth the investment.

Customer Reviews

Maxine Mühr

Completely satisfied!! Private but professional location, a nice photographer - that's how you feel right from the start. We have been well instructed as Leien and have beautiful results. It's definitely worth the money.

Michael K

Absolute recommendation. Very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with simultaneous professionalism. You notice and see from the results that Tommy is passionate about his job. Have been a customer several times and will definitely be back!

Starvos van Houten

Tommy is very nice, listens to the client's needs, has good ideas and makes sure you don't feel uncomfortable during the shoot. He helps to choose the photos and delivers in a timely manner. Any time.

ATELIER VRIL - Atelier für Grafik und Fotokunst

ATELIER VRIL - Atelier für Grafik und Fotokunst is a boudoir photography studio that boasts of a talented photographer by the name of Diana. Diana is not only a professional and reliable photographer but also one who takes pride in pushing the boundaries to create the best content possible for her clients. Her unique and recognisable style is what sets her work apart from others, making it truly one of a kind. With a great eye and mature approach to her craft, Diana has been able to create dreamy portraits that showcase her wonderful artistic abilities. Working with her is not only a delight but also an opportunity to experience her perfectionist and honest nature. It's no wonder that she is highly recommended and a favorite among many. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who is not afraid to create unique and strong images, then Diana from ATELIER VRIL is definitely worth considering.

Customer Reviews

SuSana MonTaNa

Absolutely unique point of view and a great eye! Very mature and dreamy portraits. Wonderful artist and great person to work with. Absolutely recommended.

Claudia Vogel (BerlinluxStyling)

I love working with Diana. She is professional, reliable and always pushes to create the best content possible for her clients and for herself. You would be lucky to work with her in any project.

Pazit Almakies

Diana she is one of the special artists. Her pictures are very strong and interesting.. ❤❤❤

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