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Bielefeld, Germany

Discover remarkable boudoir photographers in Bielefeld, a city in Germany that boasts a rich industrial history and is known for its beautiful parks and gardens.

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Fräulein Haupt Fotografie

Fräulein Haupt Fotografie captures the big and small moments of your special day with ease. With a professional and organized approach, Kathi is able to blend in perfectly while still being present and capturing all the right moments. She has a talent for making couples feel comfortable in front of the camera, creating photos that are natural and relaxed. Clients have raved about how her work allows them to relive their wedding day every time they look at their photos. In addition to weddings, Kathi also excels in boudoir photography, baby bump shoots and more. Her clients appreciate her open and calm manner and highly recommend her for her great work.

Customer Reviews

Vanessa H.

Kathi is just a super great photographer: professional and organized, she fits in perfectly, stays in the background, but is still present and always there at exactly the right time to capture and capture the big and especially the small moments . Kathi accompanied us at the civil wedding in August and at the free wedding one day later. We really liked each other right after the first Zoom introductory meeting and at the latest after the introductory shoot in the run-up to the wedding we no longer had any doubts that Kathi was the right photographer for us! She captured those special days, those forever memories. When we look at our wedding report, it's almost like being able to relive the day, because all the feelings, the romance, the tears of joy, the happy laughter and the huge party atmosphere - Kathi captured all of that. Kathi, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your great work! Jens & Vanessa


We have Kathi for our Booked an after-weeding shoot as a photographer and didn't regret the decision. There are so many beautiful photos with wow effect. You simply feel comfortable in her presence and she knows exactly what to do and what position to take in order to create professional wedding pictures. The atmosphere with her was just totally relaxed and informal, which you can see very well in the pictures. We can 100% recommend Kathi for couples who value wedding photos very much :)

Isabelle Brühl

We did a baby bump shoot with Kathi and were completely satisfied. Your great support and advice in advance were just as enriching for us as the photo shoot in a pleasant and familiar atmosphere. The great results speak for themselves and we can recommend Kathi unreservedly! :-)


MinoltArt is a boudoir photography studio that has been capturing special moments for clients for over three years. Their lead photographer, Andy, has been praised for his calm and personable nature, which helps clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. With an eye for detail, MinoltArt captures authentic images that don't look staged. Clients have raved about their experience with MinoltArt, with one stating that they would give six stars if they could. From weddings to family shoots, MinoltArt's professionalism and beautiful photos have left clients speechless.

Customer Reviews

Kendra Lamar

Andy has accompanied us photographically for over 3 years now. First in November 2019 at our civil wedding, where incredibly beautiful photos were taken. After more than 2 years we were finally able to catch up on our wedding holidays. Andy really captured the celebration perfectly and also responded to the individual photo requests of the guests. His calm and personable nature made it very easy for us to feel comfortable in front of the camera. Furthermore, we already had 2 family shootings with him. The images are incredibly authentic and don't look posed. We can really only recommend him as a photographer! C+L

Nikias Machnik

Thank you for capturing our wedding so wonderfully and for accompanying us on this day. The photos turned out stunning. Thanks!

Sebastian K.

If there were 6 stars I would give 6 stars. It was a wonderful shooting with an indescribable result. Thanks for the love of your work, my wife and I are still speechless.

Maike Retzlaff Fotografie

Maike Retzlaff Fotografie is a self-confident and honest woman who has a flair for capturing the perfect moment without losing naturalness. Her warm and loving personality creates a super relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, making her clients feel comfortable and at ease. Maike takes the time to understand her clients' needs and desires before the shoot, ensuring that the final product reflects their wishes. She has a great eye for the special moments and snapshots that perfectly reflect the affection and security towards each other. Maike's color advice before the shoot and editing skills are praised by her clients, resulting in beautiful pictures that are full of memories for eternity. Whether it's a home shooting with a newborn or a couple's shoot, Maike offers freedom for the implementation of ideas and gives friendly assistance when needed. For those who are hesitant about being in front of the camera, Maike is the perfect choice, as she manages to capture wonderful photos even of those who don't like being photographed. Maike Retzlaff Fotografie is highly recommended for those looking for a talented boudoir photographer who can create stunning and unforgettable pictures.

Customer Reviews

S Koenitzer

We are delighted with the pictures! I'm critical myself, I was afraid I wouldn't like it, but Maike hit me so well, it was difficult for me to decide. My kids had a lot of fun, that was my biggest concern. They didn't need Maike's reward. Maike asked us what we wanted beforehand, it was a great shoot! Man could even be convinced: D Self-confident & honest woman, we felt very comfortable with her, which is very important to me personally! Many thanks and best regards

Meike Blobel

We had a home shooting with our newborn at dear Maike's and it was really a wonderful experience 🥰❤️ the pictures are beautiful and Maike is a wonderful person with a good eye for the special moments and moments! I can heartily recommend them.


An incredible, loving and warm person! Maike is always there with her heart and takes wonderful photos with the most beautiful memories for eternity. She has a flair for capturing the perfect moment without losing the naturalness. I can heartily recommend her!

Hilla Südhaus

With a keen eye for detail and a talent for bringing out the best in her subjects, Hilla Südhaus is a boudoir photographer who excels in capturing the beauty and sensuality of her clients. As a trained psychologist, she has a unique ability to put her clients at ease and create a warm, comfortable atmosphere that allows them to fully express themselves in front of the camera. Her professionalism and dedication to her craft are evident in the stunning results she produces, which continue to be appreciated and cherished long after the shoot is over. Whether you're looking for timeless, classic portraits or something more daring and provocative, Hilla Südhaus is the perfect choice for your boudoir photography needs.

Customer Reviews

Alexander Ebner

Hilla Südhaus is a sensitive psychologist and a first-rate photographer. Guarantee of success included

Bärbel Steinke

Hilla Südhaus is an absolute professional who gets everything out of you and the whole thing is also a lot of fun... a really great, pleasant atmosphere. Big THANK YOU.

Andrea Câmen

Super photos, I've been using them for two years now because they're still beautiful.

Tatjana Dietrich Fotografie für den Mann

Tatjana Dietrich Fotografie für den Mann is a boudoir photography studio that has been highly praised by clients for its professional and fun shooting process. Tatjana's empathetic nature quickly puts clients at ease, allowing them to let go of any fears or reservations they may have had. Her unique and personalized approach to creating a great atmosphere makes it easy for clients to completely let themselves go during the shoot. Clients have also noted Tatjana's likeable charisma and ability to guide them through the process while still allowing for their own ideas and input. Overall, Tatjana's clients have been extremely satisfied with the quality of her work and payment methods. With such high praise, Tatjana Dietrich Fotografie für den Mann is definitely a studio worth considering for your next boudoir photo shoot.

Customer Reviews

Bodo Döring

Tatjana manages to create a great atmosphere very quickly, in which you can then completely let yourself go. As a result, possible fears or reservations are simply "wiped away". She is an absolute full professional and knows exactly what she is doing. I look forward to working with her again soon. By the way: such a photo shoot is quite a lot of "work", which at least was already clear to me beforehand.

Christian Daniel Huster

I was very happy when I found Tatjana's website. For me, your offer was unique and I felt immediately during our preliminary phone call that I would find what I was looking for in your service. The communication via messenger was very uncomplicated. The only thing I was worried about was that there wouldn't be enough stuff in my wardrobe for her to use for the shoot... fortunately she disproved this! The encounter had a very personal touch right from the personal greeting - I felt that I was in good hands with her. It was very pleasant to be guided by their instructions and ideas; But I always had the feeling that I could also bring something of my own to the table, which worked out well. The shooting went exactly as I had imagined in advance and I think the pictures are excellent. I am also very satisfied with the payment methods. I can only recommend her to other men!

Ralf Fries

I had been thinking about doing a shoot with Tatajana for a long time, but never really dared. After our first telephone contact, however, my fears were gone. I was quite excited during the shooting, but Tatajana managed to calm me down quickly with her empathetic nature and put me in very beautiful scenes. The result is beautiful pictures and memories of a very special afternoon.

Ana Basharuli Photography

Ana Basharuli Photography has gained a reputation as one of the top boudoir photography studios in the industry. With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the beauty of her clients, Ana creates stunning and intimate portraits that are truly unforgettable. Her experience and skill in the art of boudoir photography allow her to capture the essence of femininity and sensuality in every photo, creating a timeless masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come. Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or simply want to capture your own unique beauty, Ana Basharuli Photography is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a truly exceptional boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Fotostudio Dieckmann-Fotodesign | Bielefeld

Fotostudio Dieckmann-Fotodesign in Bielefeld is a photography studio that has received rave reviews for their boudoir photography services. The skilled and friendly photographer has been praised by customers for their excellent work, including both photos and company films. Customers have also noted the quick processing of their material, allowing them to quickly enjoy their stunning photographs. With a focus on delivering quality results and exceptional customer service, Fotostudio Dieckmann-Fotodesign comes highly recommended by their satisfied clients.

Customer Reviews

Susanne Schneuing

Great work (photo and company film), quick processing of the material

Frederick Tanton

Skilled and friendly photographer. I can only recommend!

Björn Hokamp

Very good photographer.

klang[bild] Photographie & Film

Klang[bild] Photographie & Film is a boudoir photography studio that comes highly recommended by its clients. Their approach to working with clients is nothing short of fun, which creates a relaxed atmosphere that helps to capture the most intimate and beautiful moments. The team is always accommodating and goes above and beyond to ensure that all wishes are fulfilled, resulting in stunning pictures that clients love. With their commitment to excellent service, Klang[bild] Photographie & Film is undoubtedly a top choice for anyone looking for an exceptional boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Online Busker

Always accommodating. I love his pictures!

Andreas Risse

We recommend! Working together is just fun.

Raga6660 (Raga6660)

No wish remains unfulfilled here! Recommended!

HMFOTOGRAFIE by Helen Meissner

Looking for a boudoir photographer who is not only professional but also friendly and competent? Look no further than HMFOTOGRAFIE by Helen Meissner! With many creative ideas up her sleeve, Helen takes the time to understand her clients' needs and responds accordingly. Her empathetic approach is particularly appreciated during sensitive moments such as newborn shoots or couple sessions. Clients rave about her calm demeanor and personal touch, making every shoot a fun and enjoyable experience. Don't hesitate to book with Helen for your next boudoir photography session - you won't be disappointed!

Customer Reviews

Laura Piotrowski

Helen is an amazing photographer and we couldn't have asked for a better one. We already have a couple shoot, our wedding shoot, the first pictures of our daughter (where she just brought in so much calm and was very empathetic. She also brought everything that you need and we didn't have to worry about what was fresh the birth was great, especially that we could stay with our daughter in the familiar surroundings.), as well as a photo shoot with me and my mother at her place and we were always more than satisfied and enthusiastic. We will always turn to Helen whenever we need a photographer in the future. 🥰

Andreas Berger

Very competent photographer, very nice

Kathrin Brucksch

Helen is a super loving and warm woman and a great photographer. Professional, calm and always with a smile. Have fun at and with Helen. Heart recommendation!

Argentum Photography

Argentum Photography delivers stunning boudoir photography that captures the essence of each individual. The photographer's keen eye for detail and professionalism ensures that every shoot is a success. With a focus on meeting the model's wishes, Argentum Photography creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that brings out the best in each person. From outdoor viking style photoshoots to creative indoor shoots, Argentum Photography delivers gorgeous images that exceed expectations. Don't hesitate to book a session with this talented and friendly photographer.

Customer Reviews

Verena Rankers

It's a lot of fun being in front of the camera here. Had an outdoor viking style photoshoot with Kai and it was a really nice appointment with great results!

Kerstin Ab

An absolutely mega photographer, every photo is something special. He has a very good eye for detail. ❤️📸 He is very professional and takes a lot of time to fulfill the wishes. I recommend him at any time, I am always more than satisfied with the photos.

Uffi Orkspalter

Kai is a super friendly photographer who always tries very hard to meet the model's wishes and implement them. You feel very comfortable with him and in good hands. And the finished images are absolutely gorgeous.

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