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Bochum, Germany

Discover outstanding boudoir photographers in Bochum, a city in Germany that is known for its industrial heritage, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful parks such as the Stadtpark and Westpark.

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Aktfotografie Kristian Liebrand, Fotostudio

At Aktfotografie Kristian Liebrand, Fotostudio, clients can expect a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Kristian's expertise in boudoir photography is evident from the moment you walk into his beautifully designed studio. Clients are put at ease with detailed explanations of the daily routine before the shoot begins, making it a comfortable experience for even first-time models. During the shoot, Kristian provides precise instructions on how to pose, ensuring that clients produce stunning and professional photos. The result is a collection of breathtaking nude photos that capture the beauty and elegance of every client. Kristian's love for his work shines through in the quality of his photos, which can be seen on his website. With a focus on the moment and no excessive retouching, every photo is a treasure that clients will cherish forever. Overall, a photo shoot with Kristian is an all-round carefree day that clients won't soon forget.

Customer Reviews

K. H.

With the knowledge that Kristian's photos are professionally taken, always aesthetic, extremely stylish and simply beautiful, I got over myself after initial hesitation and redeemed the voucher I had given me for a shoot. Last week it was time... At this point I can only encourage all doubting and hesitant women to do the same. You experience an all-round carefree day that you won't soon forget. From the perfect styling by the make-up artist, your own wellness area, the well thought-out studio, the delicious coffee during the breaks, the cozy bathrobes to the advice on choosing the "right" photos, everything is perfect! My concerns in advance that I was not suitable for such a shoot have proven to be absolutely unnecessary. Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and Kristian's calm, open and humorous manner, you can quickly relax and enjoy the shoot. During the shoot, Kristian gives the most precise instructions on how to position oneself and always manages to make one feel good with his positive feedback. Thank you for that! Dear Kristian, the shooting was REALLY a lot of fun! I always felt in good hands with you and I'm actually happy 😊 out of the studio, just as you promised! LG, 61F

Jana Melchers

Last week I was with Kristian for a photo shoot. This was my first photo shoot and an all-round positive experience for me. Of course I was a bit nervous before the appointment because I didn't know exactly what to expect. The nervousness was gone very quickly, however, because Kristian welcomed me in a very friendly manner and explained the daily routine to me in detail before the start and you are not just thrown in at the deep end. In addition, the premises are absolutely beautiful and you quickly feel comfortable here. One notices immediately that Kristian works very professionally and that his studio is also well thought out. During the shoot itself, Kristian explained to me exactly how to position myself. He explains it so precisely that it is easy to implement and you don't have to have any experience as a model. Of course, the best part of the day was the pictures that were taken. I would have never thought that I could create such great and professional pictures. In the end it was really difficult for me to make a choice. All in all, it was an incredibly successful day with a really great result. I can recommend Kristian to everyone. The value for money is really reasonable. You can tell that Kristian loves his job and knows exactly what he's doing. This is reflected in the quality. The pictures on his website give you a really good insight in advance. Before my appointment, I got information from Kristian's website. Actually, all the important questions that arise in advance are answered well here.

Nicole Beßler

I had a wonderful, magical shoot with Kristian. He is an outstanding photographer with the right eye for detail! Every photo he takes sits. I had a great and good feeling right from the start. He makes it really easy to let go, gives great advice, explains everything and is a very empathetic, competent and professional photographer. The shooting was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out fantastic, I could ask anything in advance and he really took a lot of time, an all-round successful day. Anyone who is thinking about a shoot should have their picture taken, I would be happy to recommend it 100%! Thank you at this point, he showed me to me in a way that fascinated me, the pictures turned out really fantastic, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Mark Waldhoff Hochzeitsfotograf | Weddings- & Love-Stories

Mark Waldhoff Hochzeitsfotograf | Weddings- & Love-Stories is a fantastic boudoir photographer who specializes in capturing every little moment of your big day. With his calm and pleasant manner, he manages to take away the excitement and nervousness that comes with being in front of the camera. Mark's relaxed approach helps couples feel at ease and results in gorgeous pictures that are full of emotions, authentic, and just you! He has an eye for that certain something and knows how to capture special situations that you may not have even noticed. With years of experience, Mark is a reliable and fair photographer who provides great advice beforehand and offers the exact package you need. You'll be able to view and share your photos online right after the event, making you absolutely thrilled and satisfied with your precious memories. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer for your engagement, wedding, pregnancy or any other special occasion, we 100% recommend Mark Waldhoff Hochzeitsfotograf | Weddings- & Love-Stories and his authentic style.

Customer Reviews


Mark accompanied our wedding. The photos turned out amazing! He really managed to capture every little moment. In addition, his calm and pleasant manner took some of the excitement and nervousness away from me, the groom, before the wedding 😊 Absolute heartfelt recommendation! Fabienne and Marco

Kathy Gryczka

Mark photographed our civil wedding. The pictures are gorgeous! Mark gave us a great feeling with his relaxed manner, even though we had never been in front of the camera before. The processing and provision of the images also ran smoothly and super fast. We are delighted and recommend him unreservedly.

Nina Frankenberg

With an eye for that certain something and through his relaxed and sympathetic dealings with the bridal couple and the guests, Mark manages to capture special situations. We are more than satisfied with our wedding pictures and the wedding trailer and would book Mark again at any time. We 100% recommend Mark and his authentic style and thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

Bo Pictures by Julia Heinbuch

At Bo Pictures by Julia Heinbuch, passion meets professionalism. Julia's love for boudoir photography is evident in the way she carries out every shoot with joy and creativity. Whether it's a family shoot or a newborn shoot, Julia has a knack for capturing beautiful moments. Her clients appreciate her patience, persistence, and great ideas that translate into stunning photographs. From photo calendars to framed pictures, the end results are always heartwarming. With personalized photo boxes designed with love, Bo Pictures by Julia Heinbuch offers a complete boudoir photography experience that you won't forget anytime soon.

Customer Reviews

Ramona Marzadro

We did a baby bump shoot at Julia's in the summer. We liked it so much that we came back in November for a newborn shoot. She carried out both shootings with a lot of joy and professionalism. You can tell that Julia has turned her passion into a profession. She has such great ideas and the photos are just great. The photo box is also designed with love and is fun to unpack. We can only recommend Julia and we would love to come back.

Nadine Heinbuch

We did a family shoot with three generations at Julia and are all very happy with the photos. My two boys were even allowed to take photos with their soccer balls and Julia was very persistent🥰 For Christmas there are now photo calendars, photo puzzles, framed pictures etc. and everyone will be very happy... Thank you dear cousin :-)

Britta Viegener

We did a newborn shoot with Julia when our little one was one week old and were totally satisfied ❤️ We really like the shoot and the atmosphere as well as the end results and we can only warmly recommend them!!!

Ulrike Thieme Fine Art Fotografie

Ulrike Thieme Fine Art Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that creates unique and naturally beautiful photos. With a clean and harmonious style, Ulrike's work captures the essence of her clients' personalities and special moments. Her approach to photography is relaxed and appreciative, making her clients feel comfortable throughout the entire process. From the first contact to the finished photos, the cooperation is simply great. Ulrike takes the time to understand her clients' needs and ideas, and her tips and tricks for poses and outfit combinations make for incredibly beautiful shots. The price-performance ratio is fair, and the gallery created to forward to friends and family is a great addition to the print versions of the photos. Ulrike Thieme Fine Art Fotografie comes highly recommended for anyone seeking a talented and likeable photographer who puts their heart and soul into their work.

Customer Reviews


Last week I had a very spontaneous boudoir appointment with dear Ulrike. Actually, I had already planned this shooting day with another photographer a long time ago in order to use my rehearsal styling for the wedding and had already bought props such as fresh flowers and booked a location. Unfortunately, my photographer wrote to me the evening before that she was ill. Their replacement contact was outrageously expensive and fell flat for me. By a happy coincidence, I became aware of Ulrike's site and her imagery spoke to me directly, because I had wanted exactly these bright, stylish shots. And sure enough, she and her family threw up their own plans to make my long-planned photo op possible! Working with Ulrike was super pleasant right from the start. Even if we were both a bit nervous at the beginning due to the spontaneity, calm returned immediately after the first recordings. Ulrike has created a pleasant atmosphere. Her calm, appreciative manner made me feel super comfortable the whole time. With her tips and tricks for the poses and outfit combinations, incredibly beautiful shots were taken that I am completely happy with! The contact after the appointment was also uncomplicated and she processed the pictures very quickly, so that my curiosity was not challenged for long ;) Dear Ulrike, at this point a big thank you to you and your family for this spontaneity and your great work! I will definitely contact you for another photo session :)

Verena Kroll

From the first contact to the finished photos, the cooperation is simply great. Although it's pretty turbulent here with a newborn and wild big brother, the shooting was incredibly relaxed. You felt totally comfortable and Ulrike simply took a photo of what happened. No fake smiles, no huge backgrounds or costumes. Just the reality that is so much nicer than anything staged. We are very happy and grateful that Ulrike captured this special time for our family. We look forward to more shootings with her and would recommend her to everyone!

Krypto Scientist

Many thanks for the wonderful photos! The pictures have become really unique and I have to say that the price-performance ratio is right. We saw the gallery and we especially liked the harmonious, warm and light style, which was perfectly transferred to our photos. It was important to us that we didn't have classic pictures "off the peg" and we weren't disappointed. The pictures are individual and naturally beautiful, you can tell that they put their heart and soul into their work. We particularly liked the home visit in our own apartment, especially with a baby, that makes things a lot easier and you are much more relaxed. All in all it was very harmonious, the communication was great and the pictures were made available after a short time. Greetings Patrick

KAMERAKUNST Fotograf Bochum

KAMERAKUNST Fotograf Bochum is a boudoir photography studio that takes pride in creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for their clients. The photographer behind the lens is not only great at what they do, but also very likeable, making the entire experience enjoyable from start to finish. With incomparable ideas, KAMERAKUNST Fotograf Bochum ensures that every shoot is unique and tailored to the individual needs of their clients. The end result? Beautiful, authentic photos that clients can be proud of. If you're looking for a photographer who offers a top-notch overall package, look no further than KAMERAKUNST Fotograf Bochum.

Customer Reviews

Jasmin Krickel

A great, likeable photographer with incomparable ideas that made the shooting very relaxed. I felt comfortable throughout and am proud of the beautiful pictures that were taken during our shoot. I'm really looking forward to the next time.


Friendly photographer! Nice overall package! Very pleasant before and after conversation. Really authentic photos. Top 👍

Josefine Hüttig Photography

Josefine Hüttig Photography is a highly skilled and personable boudoir photographer who has quickly become a favorite among her clients. Her competence and preparedness are evident in her work, which consistently produces awesome pictures. One of the standout aspects of working with Josefine is her exceptional communication before, during, and after the shoot. This commitment to clear and open communication ensures that clients feel comfortable and supported throughout the process. Overall, if you're looking for a boudoir photographer who combines technical skill with a warm and approachable demeanor, Josefine Hüttig Photography is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Pia Zimmermann

So incredibly nice, personable, prepared and competent! I've had a few shoots before, but Josefine has recently become one of my favorite photographers! The pictures are awesome, but the communication before, during and after the shoot surprised me in a very positive way! Again and again! 😊♥️


Looking for a photographer who can capture your inner beauty and sensuality in stunning photographs? Look no further than MITTENDRIN – FOTOGRAFIE. Led by the talented Sabrina, this boudoir photography studio is known for its ability to create breathtaking images that showcase each client's unique personality and style. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to professionalism, Sabrina is dedicated to providing her clients with an unforgettable photography experience. Whether you're looking to surprise your significant other or simply want to celebrate your own beauty and confidence, MITTENDRIN – FOTOGRAFIE is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a truly exceptional boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

MissTini 87

If you are looking for a great photographer, Sabrina is the right place 😊

Photostudio Paul Dudley

Photostudio Paul Dudley is a photographer who truly knows how to bring out the best in his clients. With a warm and friendly personality, he creates a relaxed atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease. What sets him apart from others is his ability to provide individual advice and guidance that truly captures your unique personality. Whether you need application photos or want to create lasting memories of your family, Mr. Dudley has a keen eye for detail that ensures the quality of his photos are exceptional. Working with him is an enjoyable experience that will leave you feeling confident, satisfied and eager for your next appointment. Highly recommended for anyone searching for a skilled and personable photographer.

Customer Reviews

Mark Heger

So once again I was with paul today...he was super nice to my two 3-year-old children and even explained something to them...was once again convinced of his work and it wasn't my last time with him... starting with our wedding pictures to the annual christmas family shooting, application photos and biometric pictures...paul knows what he is doing and has fun doing it...highly recommended...

Thilo Simon

Mr. Dudley is an extremely friendly and personable photographer who knows his craft. You can get an appointment in no time and when creating the pictures you don't feel like you're in a studio, but like taking pictures with a good friend. The atmosphere is very relaxed and he gives you a natural and beautiful smile, so the quality of the photos is really very good. And without taking tons of photos. Recommended at any time and to anyone who needs good application photos! The next ones will also be created here.

Sezer Sahan

Mr. Dudley is a very nice, open and competent man who knows his trade. I had application photos taken with a great result. I found it particularly good that he didn't just say please smile and then you had to put on an artificial, fake smile, but that he really made you smile with his relaxed manner, which also looked very natural in the pictures. So I can only recommend him to everyone

Darya Ivanova | Hochzeitsfotograf

Darya Ivanova | Hochzeitsfotograf is a highly recommended photographer for those who are looking for beautiful and authentic photos. She has a talent for capturing emotions and both big and small moments in a very natural way. Darya takes the time to prepare for her shoots and is very understanding and flexible with her clients. Her dedication to photography is evident in her attention to detail and her passion for her craft. Whether it's a wedding, baby belly shoot, or portrait session, Darya manages to put her clients at ease and make the experience enjoyable and memorable. Clients praise her likeable and friendly personality, which helps her blend in as part of the wedding party. Overall, Darya Ivanova | Hochzeitsfotograf is an exceptional photographer who delivers beautiful results and creates wonderful memories for her clients.

Customer Reviews

Jana S.

Darya is a very special photographer who impressed me not only with her attention to detail, but also with her extraordinary dedication to her passion - photography. I felt super comfortable in front of the camera during my portrait shoot, although I'm actually not a person who likes to be observed through the lens. Her open, friendly, likeable and self-confident nature made the time in front of the camera a really nice experience with great results. Definitely gladly again! :)

Joker Quartett

Absolute heartfelt recommendation! Dayra dealt intensively with our ideas in advance and helped us with her expertise right from the start! The shooting was a lot of fun - the atmosphere was very pleasant, the time was still used very effectively and a wide variety of ideas were put into practice. What can we say - thanks to Darya we now have an incredible amount of wonderful photo material for the coming season! Gladly again at any time, THANK YOU!


We booked Darya for our baby belly shoot and are super happy with her and the photos. She gave us beautiful memories of Kugelzeit. No posed but completely natural motifs, just as we imagined. It was a nice morning in a relaxed atmosphere, we got along really well and had a lot of fun during the shoot. Would always do a shoot with Darya, she really is a great photographer :-)

Fotostudio Timo Maczollek

Fotostudio Timo Maczollek provides an exceptional boudoir photography experience that is worth every penny. The studio's atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, making the photo shoot a pleasant experience for clients. Customers can easily incorporate their ideas and tools during the shoot, and Timo is always open to suggestions. Additionally, the price/performance ratio is outstanding, and digital copies of all photos are provided promptly after the shoot. Timo demonstrates his expertise by understanding client preferences and implementing them creatively in the photographs. Even families with shy children will enjoy the shoot as Timo knows how to handle them with care. Overall, Fotostudio Timo Maczollek is highly recommended, except for one negative review that had a few complaints about the photographer's competence and professionalism.

Customer Reviews

Lara Bonin

The photo shoot at Timo's was very pleasant and there was no shame involved. The photos turned out really great and I will definitely be back. It far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend the studio. Thanks very much!

Sebastian Gümpel

It was a super great shoot. Timo always made sure that the poses we wanted were well lit and that nothing was reflected in the glasses. We are now with him for the fourth time and we are absolutely thrilled as always. Our ideas were implemented perfectly and when we asked for his opinion about a pose, a suggestion came immediately. We would like to come again.

Donyorbek Mukhamadkarimov

We did a family photo shoot as part of the advertising campaign. The photographer knows his job! He was very friendly, attentive to every detail and creative. Although our mouse was very shy, he managed to take great photos and he understands that when the baby cries, we have to comfort it, which of course takes a lot of time. I would happily recommend this studio.

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