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Boudoir photographer near me

Bremen, Germany

Discover fantastic boudoir photographers in Bremen, a city in Germany that boasts a rich maritime history, charming medieval architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Our carefully curated AI is crafted to provide you with an unforgettable experience that celebrates your unique beauty, sensuality, and confidence.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
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  • 10 credits for additional photos
  • Nude filter for all photos

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Dameherzbube Hochzeitsfotografie

Dameherzbube Hochzeitsfotografie is a talented and professional boudoir photography studio that captures the essence of every moment. Christel, the photographer, is not only super nice and fun but also sensitive and skillful in her work. She has a keen eye for authentic and beautiful photos that leave lasting impressions. Christel's expertise and approachable demeanor make her clients feel at ease during shoots, resulting in stunning and unique photos. Whether it's a wedding, an application photo, or any other shoot, Christel knows exactly how to bring out the best in her clients. Her clients have nothing but positive feedback, highly recommending her services to anyone who's in need of a skilled and experienced photographer.

Customer Reviews

Lisamarie Freese

Our wedding shoot was wonderful. Christel is incredibly likeable, such a great photographer who has an eye for authentic and beautiful photos at the same time. We love our wedding photos & would hire Christel for any further shooting 🖤 Thank you!

Iga Olejarczyk

I was a guest at the wedding where Christel took pictures. Not only was she a super nice, sensitive, fun, professional photographer. She managed to capture the feelings of the moments throughout the whole ceremony and party. Would definitely recommend her and employ her myself!

Simon Schnuller

We can only warmly recommend Christel's wedding escort. Starting with the preparatory meeting until receiving the beautiful pictures. It was a pleasure for us to be looked after by Christel. Thanks a lot for this!

Paresa Fotografien

Paresa Fotografien is a studio that specializes in boudoir photography and has received glowing reviews from satisfied clients. Their competent and incredibly beautiful photos have impressed many customers who would gladly return for more sessions. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the studio makes clients feel at ease and ensures an enjoyable experience. Paresa Fotografien also offers family shoots, as evidenced by the happy customers who highly recommend their services. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer with a proven track record of producing stunning photos, Paresa Fotografien is definitely worth considering.

Customer Reviews

Aylin Kikicoglu

We had a family shoot there and are very happy with the photos. We recommend

Kamo Milla

Great photos!!! Very competent and incredibly beautiful photos. Gladly again, thank you!

Mellu Lochner

Super nice and friendly, was a lot of fun.I highly recommend. ☺️

Linus Klose Photography

Linus Klose Photography is a talented boudoir photographer with an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the perfect shot. With years of experience in the industry, Linus brings a professional and creative approach to every session. But his skills aren't limited to boudoir photography alone - Linus has also demonstrated his ability to excel in interior design and product photography. He takes pride in creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during shoots, ensuring that his clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. The result? Stunning, high-quality images that perfectly capture the essence of every moment. Whether you're looking for beautiful boudoir photographs or professional business shots, Linus is the photographer to trust.

Customer Reviews

Ariane Wirth

Linus Klose photographed our holiday apartment wonderfully with a lot of love and effort. It looks so cozy. Linus could also start out as an interior designer. He decorated and prepared everything beautifully and put everything in exactly the right place in the picture. We really enjoyed the photo shoot in the apartment.

Yannik Dittmann

I am extremely satisfied with the work that Linus and his colleague have done for me. Product photos of textiles were shot both hanging and lying down and the results are overwhelming! Creativity, perfection and customer proximity can be felt every second. Thank you and see you next time.

Jan Frederik Strasmann

Linus did a photo shoot at our company - the result is fantastic. Starting with the shooting itself, where he knew how to create a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere, through the process of selection and post-processing to the final transmission of the pictures, everything was very pleasant and professional! I can only recommend Linus! Thanks!

Photo & Make up Studio SONJA INSELMANN

Photo & Make up Studio SONJA INSELMANN is a boudoir photography studio that creates wonderful artistic and extraordinary photographs. With a passion for their craft, Sonja and her apprentice take their time in creating amazing results that are sure to impress. Their relaxed atmosphere during the photoshoot makes it extremely fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. All ideas are implemented professionally, which is reflected in the final result. It's no surprise that they're considered the best in town with a reputation for producing high-quality work. Whether you're looking for a birthday present or just wanting to create some beautiful memories, Photo & Make up Studio SONJA INSELMANN is the perfect choice. Their warm and friendly personality combined with their exceptional skills make them a top recommendation for anyone looking for a boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

thomas Ebken

The shooting at Frau Inselmann's was great. The atmosphere was totally relaxed and the shooting itself was extremely funny. The three hours flew by. All my ideas were implemented professionally. This is also reflected in the result. Which made the final selection a tough challenge. The people around me are enthusiastic about the photos - me anyway. I can wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Inselmann. As a photographer, as well as a personality. I can only give the warmest recommendation here.

Stephan Berger

We have been buying Sonja Inselmann's "Semesterakte" photo calendar for years and are always pleasantly surprised that the photos are still aesthetically pleasing. This calendar is always an ornament and an eye-catcher in our home. Please continue!

Nicole Nohemi Mauthe

Had a photoshoot with about 10 friends, and simply said, it was epic! Had so much fun, and also such amazing results! Sonja and her apprentice really took their time and we all had a blast and would do it all over again! It was a birthday present for one of our friends, and she loved it dearly. I highly recommend!

Karoline Reher Fotografie

Looking for a boudoir photography studio that can capture your unique personality and create stunning images? Look no further than Karoline Reher Fotografie! With a keen eye for detail and a talent for capturing the essence of each moment, Karoline is the perfect choice for your next photo shoot. Whether you're looking to capture your wedding day, celebrate a special occasion, or simply want to create some beautiful memories with your loved ones, Karoline will work with you to create a custom photography experience that is tailored to your needs and preferences. With a focus on creativity, professionalism, and quality, Karoline is committed to delivering exceptional results that will exceed your expectations. So why wait? Contact Karoline Reher Fotografie today to schedule your next photo shoot and discover the magic of boudoir photography!

Customer Reviews

Malte Schlömer

Karoline went to a lot of trouble and her photos were just great, even though we celebrated in a pub (in less than ideal lighting conditions). :-)

Nataschka Babuschka

We had our wedding reception accompanied by Karo. From about 11 a.m. in the morning from getting ready, then couple shooting, then free wedding ceremony and then the celebration until about 1 a.m. It was so much fun, Karo fit in perfectly and we were asked by several guests who our friend taking photos was 🤭 We had to wait a while for the finished pictures, but it was absolutely worth it! From about 3500 photos taken during the day, we ended up getting almost 670 edited and they all look great 🤩 We were able to experience moments together later that you didn't even know Karo was there. We had a very colourful, unusual celebration and Karo captured exactly that. The processing of the pictures shows exactly the warm and colorful atmosphere that we want to keep in memory and many spontaneous and great moments were captured. You can see how much fun everyone had and we also got a lot of positive feedback from our guests. So you're doing everything right if you choose them! 🙏🏻❤️

Katrin Garbade

The photos turned out great! 12 people, a crying baby, stressed mom and a dog and everything still worked out great. Thank you for your patience and the great quality!

Janine Hoffmann Fotografie

Janine Hoffmann Fotografie is a talented boudoir photographer who has been praised by numerous clients for her exceptional work. With a keen eye for detail, Janine knows how to capture the perfect shot every time, whether it's for a wedding, christening or a girls' day out. Her friendly and personable approach puts clients at ease, allowing her to create stunning photos that will be treasured for years to come. Janine's ability to capture natural and informal moments has impressed many, and her clients have spoken highly of her professionalism and ease to work with. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can deliver high-quality results and an enjoyable experience, Janine Hoffmann Fotografie comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Madlen B.

Great recommendation! Janine accompanied us at our civil wedding. We received very nice photos of us and our guests. She captured every moment of our day perfectly. Janine is a very nice, personable person, we felt very comfortable with her. Thank you for your great work! We can only recommend Janine!


Janine accompanied us at our wedding and christening. Despite the not so great weather, she took great photos of us. The small snapshots of the wedding were captured very nicely. We got the first pictures within a few days. We are very satisfied and look forward to the next appointment with Janine.


Janine accompanied us at our wedding and took really excellent photos of us. Everyone who saw the pictures afterwards thought the photos were outstanding! The preliminary talks with Janine were great and we also felt sure that if it rained on our day, Janine would still get the best out of it with great ideas. Before, during and after the wedding, Janine integrated so well that she didn't attract much attention and still took incredibly great pictures - especially lots of natural photos. We are incredibly excited and can only recommend everyone to book Janine for every occasion! Thank you for capturing our wedding day in such beautiful pictures!

Katja Thiele

Katja Thiele is a talented boudoir photographer who goes above and beyond to capture the perfect moment. Her warm personality and attention to detail make for an unforgettable experience, as evidenced by the glowing reviews from her clients. Whether it's a wedding, baby shoot, or any other special occasion, Katja knows exactly how to create beautiful, professional, and unique photographs that perfectly capture the emotions and mood of the moment. She is highly recommended by those who have had the pleasure of working with her, and it's easy to see why. With her passion for photography and ability to put her clients at ease, Katja Thiele Photography is the perfect choice for anyone looking for stunning and timeless boudoir photographs.

Customer Reviews

Lea Koy

Katja accompanied us on both days of our wedding and was an absolute enrichment with her warm personality! She was always in the right place at the right time and captured the best moments. We are very, very satisfied with the result and can't get enough of it. The photos convey the emotions and the mood so well that we can dive right back into the moment when we look at them. Our guests were also enthusiastic about dear Katja, because she captured everything in a very positive, reserved way and you can tell that she is passionate about her job. So: An absolute heartfelt recommendation! And for us certainly not the last photos of and with Katja. :)


We booked Katja as our trusted photographer for our wedding and what more can we say than just thank you! Katja was a real enrichment for our whole day. Apart from her high quality and natural pictures, she was the whole package for us. She was loving, yet unobtrusive and not pushy and for us as a bridal couple the maid of honor 2.0. Our guests loved them. Katja managed to capture moments that we as a bridal couple could not even perceive for ourselves. For the crowning presentation of the photos, Katja invited us to a wonderful slide show over popcorn and champagne. We are so happy that you joined us on our wedding day! Dear Katja - keep it up and we hope to see you again soon! family Sch.

Alina John

A great photographer! I felt very comfortable during my shoot. The whole package from the preliminary talk, shooting and slide show was simply lovingly prepared. Katja is very appreciative and has a great eye for detail! I will only have her photos taken!


BE:YOUMAN PICTURES is a boudoir photography studio that has been consistently praised for their exceptional work. Clients rave about the studio's super price-performance, which makes it an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality photographs without breaking the bank. The team at BE:YOUMAN PICTURES is also highly regarded for their friendliness and professionalism. Clients find the staff to be accommodating and easy to work with, which adds to the overall enjoyable experience of the shoot. Most importantly, clients are thrilled with the end results, with many describing the pictures as "very nice" and "beautiful". Overall, BE:YOUMAN PICTURES is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-notch boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews


Got such beautiful photos :)

Carolin Schultze

Very nice, great pictures!

Jey Pee

Super price - performance, great friendly people and great pictures.


Photonenhexe is an exceptional artist who has the ability to capture your soul in her pictures. Her photographs are extraordinarily beautiful and she has a talent for creating stunning boudoir images that will leave you amazed. Not only is Photonenhexe an amazing artist, but she is also a great person to work with. She is friendly, approachable and will guide you through the photoshoot with ease. Her clients have described their experience as fun and relaxing, leaving them feeling right at home with her. She is highly recommended and considered the best photographer in Bremen by many. If you want a truly unique and beautiful boudoir photography experience, it's worth contacting Photonenhexe.

Customer Reviews

Namia-Thale Sievering

Super nice photos! Sympathetic, talented person and I'm super satisfied with everything (->instructions, perspectives, processing, handling, etc.) Great experience, always happy. It was a lot of fun!♡

Anakin Werder

An exceptional artist who captures your soul in pictures. If you want extraordinarily beautiful pictures, you just have to use Photonhexe♡. In addition to her artistic skills, she is also a really great person. Support this great art. It's worth every moment ♡


Very nice and honest photographer and the shoot was really fun. You can tell she loves her work and the result was just perfect


JBFoto is a top-notch boudoir photography studio that prides itself on offering clients an exceptional experience from start to finish. With a great rental studio that is always clean and available at short notice, JBFoto makes it easy for clients to book their session and get started on creating stunning, intimate photos. The team at JBFoto has a keen eye for aesthetics and is skilled at capturing the beauty and allure of every client. Whether you're looking for a bold and daring look or something more subtle and understated, JBFoto can deliver the perfect photos to match your vision. Highly recommended by satisfied clients, JBFoto is the go-to choice for anyone seeking an unforgettable boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews


Great rental studio, always clean and available at short notice! Highly recommended!

RENE Schönwald

Aesthetic great photos!

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  • 10 credits for additional photos