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Boudoir photographer near me

Cologne, Germany

Discover the top boudoir photographers in Cologne, a city in Germany that boasts a stunning skyline with its towering cathedral, a vibrant arts and culture scene, and a renowned carnival celebration.

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Auf der Wolke Fotostudio

Auf der Wolke Fotostudio is a boudoir photography studio that specializes in capturing the true essence of individuals through their art. The team at Auf der Wolke ensures that each client receives personalized attention, making sure to approach them individually. They are highly recommended for drama photos, portraits, nudes, and nature photography, all at an excellent price-per-performance ratio. The cooperation with Auf der Wolke Fotostudio is not only professional but also a lot of fun. The team takes a lot of time to understand their client's needs and knows the craft of photography perfectly. They come up with great concepts in advance and ensure that their clients receive beautiful photos that can help boost their career. For actors, Auf der Wolke Fotostudio offers industry-specific photos, understanding what casting directors look for and how best to present oneself. The friendly team provides detailed advice, allowing clients to show many different sides of themselves during the shoot. Overall, Auf der Wolke Fotostudio is known for its super professional team and beautiful photos that are always perfect, no matter the occasion. Whether it be acting photos or boudoir photography, they offer personalized attention and guarantee that their clients receive their money's worth.

Customer Reviews

Thaimko Conteh

I got my money's worth at the Auf der Wolke photo studio because, as an actor, I need industry-specific photos. Here it is understood what the casters are looking for and how best to present yourself. I received detailed advice and was able to show many different sides of myself during the shoot with the friendly team. Highly recommended!

Eva Güthe

The cooperation was super professional and a lot of fun. There were a lot of beautiful photos that gave my career a boost. Kim took a lot of time and knows his craft perfectly. He was very well prepared and came up with a great concept in advance. As soon as I need new photos again, I will be happy to work with Kim again.

Carmen Baack

Super professional team! The photos turned out fantastically beautiful (I had acting photos taken). The photos are always perfect, no matter what the occasion! ☺️

Stefano Paterna - Fotokurse Köln und Fotoreisen weltweit

Stefano Paterna - Fotokurse Köln und Fotoreisen weltweit is a renowned boudoir photographer who is also known for his exceptional teaching skills. With courses like Basics of Photography I and II, he has managed to impress his students with his intimate approach to teaching. Stefano's courses are an excellent mix of theory and practice, which makes them perfect for beginners as well as professionals. He takes time for everyone personally and ensures that every question is answered. As a result, his students have warm recommendations for him. Besides his beginner courses, Stefano also offers advanced courses like the "Blue Hour" photo course, where he explains in a structured way and responds to each participant individually. His tips help to implement your own picture ideas in photographs and also to develop new picture ideas. As a professional, Stefano encourages and motivates his students to take a critical look at their own approach and learn by doing.

Customer Reviews

Patrick Ortmanns

I attended the Basics of Photography I and II courses and was thoroughly impressed! The group sizes are pleasantly small, so that Stefano can take time for everyone personally and all questions. The courses are a good mix of theory and practice. I came to the course as an absolute beginner (typical automatic mode user) and will never need it again! Warmest recommendation!


This was my second photo course with Stefano and this time it was excellent again. His tips really help to implement your own picture ideas in photographs and also to develop new picture ideas. And as a relative layman, you can ask any question and it will be patiently answered and explained. Thank you for the great course!

Anja Schiffer-Schmitz

I had the "Blue Hour" photo course with Stefano today and was not disappointed. It was great to have him as a teacher again. He explains in a very structured way and responds to each participant individually. Once again I learned a lot and managed to take great photos. Actually, you shouldn't rate him too well, otherwise his courses will soon all be fully booked...


BAVIS Media is a professional boudoir photography studio that offers a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to capture stunning images for their clients. With an experienced and friendly team, BAVIS Media ensures that communication with their clients is both uncomplicated and professional. They take pride in reacting immediately to their clients' wishes, comments, and ideas to achieve results that exceed expectations. The studio is known for its creative and target group-oriented image ideas that never fail to impress. Klaus Baltus, the man behind BAVIS Media, has a technical eye for detail that is evident in his flawless implementation of projects. Whether it's through drone photography or first-class camera equipment, BAVIS Media's results can be seen in their impressive portfolio. In short, if you're looking for a professional and passionate boudoir photographer, BAVIS Media is the perfect choice for your next project.

Customer Reviews

Malgorzata Paris

Ich bedanken mich noch einmal recht herzlich dafür, dass du uns an diesem Tag begleitet hast und die wundervollen Momente mit deiner Kamera eingefangen hast. Sehr netter und erfahrener Fotograf, Kommunion Shooting hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht. Tolle Fotos als Ergebnis! Preis-Leistung absolut gut! Liebe Grüße

Claus-Peter Schnitzler

The pictures from BAVIS Media are very successful. Klaus convinces me as a photographer with creative and target group-oriented image ideas. The shooting itself is entertaining even during longer sessions and is also fun. The results can be seen!

Sport im Park

The cooperation with Bavis Media worked great in all respects. Communication was friendly, uncomplicated and professional. Our wishes, comments and ideas were reacted to immediately and according to our ideas. We are extremely satisfied with the result and can absolutely recommend working with Bavis Media.

Sacha Leyendecker

Sacha Leyendecker is a highly regarded boudoir photographer who offers top-notch photo workshops and shoot events. With his extensive coaching experience, he provides guidance on camera technology, image processing, and psychological contexts to help participants expand their skills in people photography. His workshops cater to beginners and professionals alike and are held in various interesting locations in Germany and abroad throughout the year. Sacha's two daylight studios in Cologne are exceptional and offer a wide range of settings at competitive prices. The studios' flexibility and ambiance make them ideal for versatile shoots, and Sacha is always available to discuss the possibilities with clients. Additionally, Sacha's wife Monika, a professional make-up artist, is involved in styling and ensures a fun and upbeat atmosphere on set. Sacha's attention to detail, professionalism, and outstanding service make him a favorite among his frequent clients, who wholeheartedly recommend him. Whether you're looking to expand your photography skills or book a boudoir shoot, Sacha Leyendecker is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Robin Macrander

Photo-Workshops and Shootevents on the highest level. Coaching, organization, friendliness are exemplary and second to none. The two daylight studios in the heart of Cologne are superb and offer many different settings and prices are compatible. The flexibility and ambiance of the studios make them very versatile, just ask Sacha for the possibilities. As a frequent client there I can fully recommend, you will not regret it.

Ralf Albert

Sacha Leyendecker's excellent workshops are warmly recommended to anyone who would like to expand their skills in people photography in a nice atmosphere and under experienced guidance. Sacha conveys his knowledge of camera technology, image processing and psychological contexts (effect of the images, dealing with the model, etc.) in an appealing way and offers varied workshops for beginners to professionals. In addition to the always very appealing models, the relatively large range of different and interesting locations in Germany and abroad, which he offers throughout the year in addition to his two very well-equipped Cologne studios, should also be emphasized. After a (certainly 2-digit) number of workshops with him, I can rightly claim that the course of all workshops always allows the participants to get their money's worth in terms of new experiences, what they have learned and especially the individual (shooting) time with the models. This is shown not least by the high number of repeat offenders, to which I also count myself. Another very positive aspect of Sacha's workshops is working with his wife Monika, who is a professional make-up artist and is also significantly involved in the styling and always ensures a good mood on the set. I can only recommend anyone who is interested to book a workshop with Sacha - but only as long as he/she doesn't take away my last place at the next workshop! :-)

Manuel Fässler

Hammer coach for the advanced photographer, top service and locations, only to be recommended!

TIAKI Storytelling

TIAKI Storytelling is a boudoir photography studio known for capturing moments that are not only stunning but also meaningful. Their ability to capture the essence of their clients in a single photograph has earned them quite the reputation. With a keen eye for detail and an artistic flair, TIAKI Storytelling creates photographs that are not only beautiful but also incredibly powerful. Their expertise in boudoir photography is evident in the quality of their work, with every photo telling a unique story. Clients rave about TIAKI Storytelling's ability to make them feel at ease during the shoot, resulting in very good photos that they will cherish for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Samir Tichatzki

Very good photos

HERZLICH [T] Lovestories & Boudoir

Looking for a photographer who captures real emotions with heart and soul? Look no further than HERZLICH [T] Lovestories & Boudoir. With a focus on boudoir photography, Sonja brings out the best in her subjects, making them feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Her warm and welcoming personality puts everyone at ease, resulting in beautiful, varied and stunning photographs that capture the true essence of the moment. From bridal portraits to wedding photography, Sonja’s exceptional eye for detail and her great ideas for locations make every shoot unique and unforgettable. If you want to create ever-lasting memories captured in beautiful photographs, HERZLICH [T] Lovestories & Boudoir is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Florian Boffo

Sonja always has great ideas for locations and an outstanding eye for special places at the locations. We have already done two shootings with her and she also accompanied our wedding. The pictures are gorgeous!

Jenny Prehl

With Sonja, the name says it all! With heart, Sonja accompanied our wedding photographically. The pictures speak volumes and give those who were unfortunately unable to attend the impression of having been there up close. Sonja simply photographs with so much heart and is such a pleasant person that you can only feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are happy to recommend Sonja and would be happy to hire her again and again for her photographic skills.

Julia Pardo Abad

Sonja is a great photographer and I highly recommend her. We had a very nice photo session. She was always giving us tips on how to pose and it was fun. She also took us to different places to take the photos. Everything was very easy and she is very nice. Thank you very much!!!

Fotografie - Marc Lehmann

At Fotografie - Marc Lehmann, customers can expect a relaxed and lovable atmosphere that quickly takes away any nervousness. With a lot of patience and empathy, Marc coordinates customer wishes beforehand to ensure a stress-free photo shoot experience. His dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction is evident in the time he takes to capture great photos. Customers leave feeling well cared for and completely satisfied with the final product. Marc specializes in boudoir photography and his ability to make customers feel at ease during the shoot is unparalleled. Despite the somewhat unusual entrance to the Fotofreunde Leverkusen studio, customers are guaranteed a professional and enjoyable experience.

Customer Reviews

Armin Druschke

The photo shoot with our goddaughters was great. Marc took a lot of time beforehand, during the shooting and afterwards, gave us good advice and took great photos. And he was surprisingly generous. We are already looking forward to the next shooting.


I am very satisfied - clear recommendation! Marc Lehmann is a photographer who takes a lot of time for his customers and coordinates the customer's wishes in advance. In addition, you feel very comfortable and not stressed during the shoot: And you can see that in his pictures. PS: Don't be put off by the somewhat unusual entrance to the "Fotofreunde Leverkusen" studio :-)

Triangle Stew

I was looking for new portrait pictures for professional purposes and ended up with Marc. Arranged an appointment easily and at short notice and met for the photo shoot. What can I say? Marc makes it very easy to get good pictures. The atmosphere is great right from the start and you feel like you are in good hands. The photos turned out great, always a pleasure. I can only recommend him. - DW

Moritz Ebertz Fotografie

Moritz Ebertz Fotografie is a highly skilled and personable boudoir photographer based in Cologne. With years of experience under his belt, Moritz is known for his professionalism and ability to bring clients' ideas to life. During a shoot with him, the atmosphere is relaxed and easygoing, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. He takes the time to understand his subjects and offers great advice and implementation throughout the process. The end result is always a collection of beautifully edited images that look natural and stunning. Clients have raved about his work, with many already looking forward to their next shoot. Overall, Moritz Ebertz Fotografie is a top choice for anyone seeking high-quality boudoir photography services.

Customer Reviews

Anna Herrmann

We've known each other since school, Moritz is a great guy who is definitely good at his craft and has great ideas 👍

A. G.

Great photographer! My husband & I have known him for a relatively long time and can't imagine a better photographer 😃 Very professional; responds to ideas and brings in your own ideas. The atmosphere during a shoot is always easygoing and relaxed and it's always fun! The discussed images are then edited beautifully without appearing unnatural. It's never to be missed; Moritz is always with conviction and he is super likeable as a person! .. we are already looking forward to the next shooting.. 🤩 Greetings to Cologne, algae 😉

Katja Hülsen

I had a very good photo shoot. A very, very nice and personable photographer who understands his subject. I was very satisfied and will recommend your photography ☺️

Frank Herzmann - Hochzeitsfotograf Köln

Frank Herzmann - Hochzeitsfotograf Köln is a highly skilled and passionate photographer, with a knack for capturing the most special moments of your big day. His work is simply breathtaking, with each picture unique and filled with emotion. Frank's approach is unobtrusive, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding while he works his magic. He is also a pleasure to work with, making the entire experience easy and enjoyable. From start to finish, Frank goes above and beyond to ensure that your wedding photography is nothing short of perfect. With his recognizable photo style and individualized approach, Frank creates stunning albums that reflect the magic and joy of your special day. Book Frank Herzmann - Hochzeitsfotograf Köln today and experience the beauty of professional boudoir photography at its finest.

Customer Reviews

Chandra Rebne

Frank is a geniunely delightful person and phenomenal professional photographer! He is extremely pleasant, sharing some of his artistic views, enabling us to make the most of our special day. He made our wedding at Burg Namedy one to remember! There are so many beautiful pictures. I struggle with deciding which one to print for our wall at home. I highly recommend him and look forward to being able to work with him again.

Kristina Müller

We got married a few weeks ago and were very happy that Frank accompanied us on the day. He managed to capture all the special moments on camera. The photos far exceeded our expectations. Each picture is so unique and looking at it actually makes us feel like we're reliving our perfect day. We can 100% recommend Frank as a photographer, but also as a person! Kristina & Bjorn

Sarah Attardo

Just perfect! We got married this year and Frank was our rock. In addition to all the hustle and bustle and service providers, Frank brought us down and took the excitement out of us. And you can see that in the pictures. They are just gorgeous. You can tell that Frank is passionate about this job. Our wedding guests were so enthusiastic about him that they also want to book him for their wedding in two years. Absolute recommendation!

Jasmund Photo

Jasmund Photo is a boudoir photography studio that captures the soul in their portraits. Manfred, the photographer, approaches his passion with empathy and lightness, resulting in not only beautiful pictures but also a deep human connection. He takes time to understand his clients' goals and ideas, making sure that every shot is personalized to their liking. Manfred's photos are considered art, and he has been praised for his ability to write difficult subjects in pictures that go straight to the heart. Jasmund Photo is highly recommended as a personal, personable, and professional photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Alex Jäger

Most photographers take pictures of faces, Manfred creates portraits of the soul. It is amazing with what empathy and lightness he implements his passion! Not only did I receive wonderful pictures, but I also met a great deep human being with an excellent taste in music! Dear Manfred, thank you!

Michael Siegert

I have never experienced such a personal, personable and at the same time professional photo shoot for application photos as with Manfred Jasmund. TOP! Highly and unreservedly recommended. Many thanks, dear Manfred, for the great afternoon in a studio. 👏

Katharina Esser

Manfred simply takes beautiful photos. He took a lot of time to understand my goals and ideas and was open to my suggestions. His photos are art and I am super happy that he took me so many great photos for my website.

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