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Boudoir photographer near me

Dortmund, Germany

Discover wonderful boudoir photographers in Dortmund, a city in Germany that is known for its rich industrial history, vibrant football culture, beautiful parks and gardens, and lively nightlife scene.

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KD-Fotografie Karin Datsis

The boudoir photography studio of KD-Fotografie Karin Datsis is one that exudes a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where clients can feel at ease and comfortable from the moment they step in. This is all thanks to Karin's warm and friendly personality, which makes it easy for clients to open up and express themselves in front of the camera. Her expertise and professionalism are evident in the way she interacts with clients, making sure that their individual needs and preferences are met. Karin's ability to capture natural shots is truly remarkable, as seen in the photos she took of a two-month-old baby, which were described as beautiful and memorable by the client. From her studio's charming and multifaceted setting, to her patience, time, and good ideas in executing photo shoots, every detail is attended to with care and attention. Clients are always welcome to share their own ideas and wishes, which are implemented immediately. The end results of Karin's work are nothing short of impressive, with clients expressing their satisfaction and willingness to book another shoot with her. Her ability to create world-class photos that exceed expectations is not only due to her technical skills, but also because of the trust and comfort she builds with her clients. Whether it's your first or tenth time standing in front of her camera, Karin will make sure that you leave her studio feeling more confident, beautiful, and empowered than ever before.

Customer Reviews

Anja Schmidt

Absolute recommendation!! Super nice & competent photographer, with whom you feel comfortable from the beginning. With a lot of patience, time and good ideas, she has made beautiful pictures, whereby your own wishes are just as welcome and are implemented immediately. The studio is full of charm and very multifaceted, so that the pictures are by no means monotonous. I am more than satisfied with the end results and would book a shoot there again at any time.

Sahra Hofmann

Karin is a very nice photographer who is very pleasant to deal with, communicate with and the atmosphere during the shoot. She responds individually to her customers and does not just work through a "standard program". She takes her time when things get strenuous and you need a short break - without any time pressure. This is how great photos were taken and I'm already looking forward to the next shoot 😊

Tina Jaax

Pleasant atmosphere. Karin's relaxed manner makes you feel comfortable straight away and you don't have to have any inhibitions. She makes it easy and I felt right at home 😊 The photos are world class, never thought I could look like this 😁 I would like to come again!

Black Cat Moments Fotografie

Black Cat Moments Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that captures beautiful memories. Jacqueline, the photographer, has a great eye for locations and poses that bring out the best in her clients. Her friendly communication style makes it easy to express your ideas and preferences during the shoot and post-processing. She creates a harmonious and loving atmosphere that helps clients to feel comfortable. Whether it’s your first photoshoot or you’re an experienced model, Black Cat Moments Fotografie is highly recommended. You can trust Jacqueline to deliver amazing pictures that capture your unique essence.

Customer Reviews

Mirjam Schwirtz

Thanks for the wonderful photos. My ideas were fully implemented. The atmosphere during the shooting was very pleasant

Janina Oertel

A great experience! Jacqueline has it all! She knew exactly which locations we could drive to, which poses one could adopt (also as a slightly corpulent woman/man) and took wonderful pictures of me and my partner. I can really only recommend creating wonderful memories with her! 😊

Christina Evinger

I had a baby belly shoot and I am so excited! The photos turned out amazingly beautiful. I felt very comfortable from the first second. The atmosphere on the set and before the styling was very harmonious and loving! And again: the photos are amazing! Thank you very much ♥️

Melanie Hinz

The search for the perfect wedding photographer can be a daunting task, but look no further than Melanie Hinz. With her natural approach and professional work, Melanie captures the beauty and authenticity of your special day. Her empathetic and passionate nature shines through in all of her interactions, making you feel at ease from the very beginning. From getting ready to the opening dance, Melanie accompanies you through every moment with a calm and personable demeanor. She listens to your requests and has great ideas, ensuring that your photos are exactly what you want. And with her super reliable and fast delivery, you'll have gorgeous memories to cherish forever. Don't miss your chance to work with Melanie and experience her talent for yourself.

Customer Reviews

Laura Mösges

We recommend Melanie as a wedding photographer 100 percent. We received beautiful photos from our wedding that are exactly what we wanted. Super reliable, very fast delivery of the photos and very personable manner. Thank you for everything Melanie.


Melanie accompanied us magnificently through our church wedding day and we are enthusiastic about the first selection of photos. From the beginning of Getting Ready (which got a bit hectic towards the end from our side due to time pressure) she stayed calm the whole time and took great pictures. We didn't even notice her in the church and the photo shoot and photography at the subsequent celebration also took place quietly and discreetly in the background, with Melanie always helping us with important moments with good tips. All communication over the last 3 years, including postponements due to Corona, has always been very cordial and we are glad that Melanie was there on this important day! We can wholeheartedly recommend them!!

Antje Neumann

Although we had to postpone our wedding date a few times, Melanie stayed with us. Among other things, we had to postpone because our son was born and Melanie took beautiful photos at a baby shoot at our home. On our wedding day, she accompanied us from getting dressed to the opening dance. She listens to requests and has great ideas. It was really nice with her because she has a pleasant, calm demeanor. Exactly what a bride needs on the day! ;) Thank you very much dear Melanie!! ❤️

LIEBLINGSBILDER - BlombergFotodesign

BlombergFotodesign by LIEBLINGSBILDER is a boudoir photography studio that offers a comfortable and professional atmosphere for clients looking to capture their most intimate moments. Steffi, the owner and photographer, is known for her friendly and empathetic approach, making her clients feel at ease in front of the camera. Her style is both capable and creative, resulting in stunning photos that speak for themselves. From fantasy to pregnancy photo shoots, Steffi's expertise shines through in every picture she takes. Additionally, the studio also offers family photoshoots, capturing beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The warm and welcoming ambiance makes it easy to work with LIEBLINGSBILDER - BlombergFotodesign, and many clients have returned for multiple sessions. Overall, highly recommended for anyone looking for a talented and compassionate boudoir photographer.

Customer Reviews


A very capable photographer, with a great studio and style. She was very empathetic to my daughter and tried to implement her own ideas for the picture. A thousand thanks for that! :)

Melahat Yildiz

A very nice photographer. The kindergarten photos of my 3j. Daughter turned out incredibly beautiful. Highly Recommended!!!

Ramona Pae

Steffi is a super nice, likeable photographer. I felt comfortable right in front of her camera and it was fun working with her. The result of the pictures spoke for itself afterwards. She was already allowed to photograph me in the fantasy area and most recently when I was pregnant. Both have become great memories. Thank you 😊

Debora Berge Photography

Debora Berge Photography has a remarkable talent for capturing unforgettable moments. Her attention to detail and ability to be in the right place at the right time ensure that her clients receive photographs that they will treasure for a lifetime. With a genuine passion for photography, Debora creates stunning images that capture the essence of her subjects. Clients and guests alike are delighted with her work, making her a top choice for boudoir photography. If you're looking for a photographer who will go above and beyond to capture your special moments, Debora Berge Photography is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Linda Nitsch (Linda Nitsch Fotografie)

Debora is a wonderful photographer, she captured our wedding and captured wonderful memories for us. She thought of every detail and was always in the right place at the right time. Our guests were also delighted. We can fully recommend Debora!

Christina Beyer Fotodesign

Christina Beyer Fotodesign is a boudoir photography studio that offers a unique and personalized experience to its clients. With a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of individuals and families, Christina creates stunning and memorable photos that will be cherished for a lifetime. Her clients have raved about her ability to make them feel comfortable and relaxed during photo shoots, even if they are shy or not used to being in front of the camera. From baby belly shoots to newborn sessions, Christina's attention to detail and sensitivity to her subjects' needs is evident in every photo she takes. Her creativity and willingness to work with her clients' ideas and wishes make for a truly collaborative process. With years of experience and a warm and friendly personality, Christina Beyer Fotodesign is a top choice for anyone looking to capture beautiful and meaningful moments in their lives.

Customer Reviews

Lisa Schachtl

Christina is really a great photographer/personality. Took pictures of my 3 week old son today and they turned out really great pictures, although Christina is not allowed to swaddle/position herself. (Covid-19 hygiene regulations) She gave me great guidance and, as a "nervous new mom", offered me a super relaxed atmosphere. Even breaks from breastfeeding were never a problem. I felt very well. I look forward to more beautiful pictures in the future. Feel free to contact her despite the corona measures. You will not regret it!

Anna Spillner

Our friends gave us a baby belly shooting at dear Christina's and we were absolutely thrilled. We're quite shy ourselves and don't feel very photogenic, but Christina conjured up such wonderful photos. She took all our fears away and in a very natural way made this shoot a fun and at the same time relaxed experience for us - as if we had been photographed by a close friend. The results are great and we are already looking forward to the newborn shoot with her

Rebekka Amidzic

Christina is a very kind, personable, uncomplicated and creative photographer. She has photographed my wedding, my baby bump, my best friend and I, my mother and I and we have also had several family shoots with her. She always responds to our wishes and ideas, has many great ideas herself and every shoot was really fun. She approaches everyone involved openly and gives a lot of help and instructions on how best to present yourself, stand etc. We find that very helpful. All photos turned out great. There is a lot of love and heart in all her pictures. The next shooting is already booked. We are looking forward to it, dear Christina.

Photographie retrouvée

Photographie retrouvée is a boudoir photography studio run by Rebekka Rödiger, who has earned high praise for her work. Clients rave about her personable approach and flexibility in responding to their requests. Rebekka is known for capturing emotional moments perfectly, and her relaxed and professional demeanor puts clients at ease during photo sessions. She's also happy to offer suggestions and ideas to ensure that clients get the best possible photos. Even when asked to photograph a watch, Rebekka's attention to detail and sharpness of focus exceeded expectations. Clients appreciate her professionalism and the time she takes to explain her process and give them new facets and impressions of themselves. For those seeking a boudoir photographer with a personal touch, Photographie retrouvée comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Christoph P.

I asked Ms. Rödiger to photograph a watch. Although she pointed out to me that she specialized in portrait and not product photography, I was able to convince Ms. Rödiger of the idea of ​​creating a portrait of a watch. The shooting was very relaxed and she not only responded to all my ideas, but also showed me further possibilities. After selecting the photos that were to be used for the final editing, I gave her free rein to edit the images further. The pictures turned out great and I'm thrilled. The implementation of my ideas and the sharpness of detail, even with multiple enlargements, are better than I imagined.

Justin Kommegne

Kudos to Rebekka for your work. The photos were very beautiful and delivered on time. The photo shoot was very relaxed and very professional. Everything was very interactive and Rebekka also brought in her own ideas/suggestions, which I personally always like. Good job!!


We had a really nice photo session with Rebekka with the whole family at the Centennial Hall. She is very personable and responded flexibly to all requests. We also had some individual and couple portraits made of her. The pictures all turned out great; it was spoiled for choice having to make a choice! She gave us very good tips for printing and was always very helpful. We can warmly recommend Rebekka!

Dominik Baum Fotografie

Dominik Baum Fotografie is a passionate and professional boudoir photographer who takes pride in his work. He is known for creating the perfect setting and a relaxed atmosphere to ensure that his clients feel comfortable during the shoot. Dominik is also open to creative ideas and suggestions, which allows him to add a unique touch to each shoot and deliver results that truly stand out. His business clients have also commended him for his excellent work and recommend him without hesitation. With Dominik, you can expect to receive your finished pictures quickly and be blown away by the stunning results. He is not only a top photographer with great work but also someone who cares about his customers' satisfaction. Overall, Dominik Baum Fotografie is a photographer you can trust to capture your most intimate moments beautifully.

Customer Reviews

Penny Portfolio

Dear Dominik, Thank you for the great shoots with you. First we talked about our plans and both sides made suggestions for motives. After our planning phases, our shooting took place. There, too, spontaneous photo ideas came to both of us. We have mostly implemented everything we set out to do and even more... Sometimes your actions tickle other great motives out of me quite unexpectedly. Thank you very much for that. After the shootings I always had the finished pictures very quickly, sometimes even on the same day. And the results?! A dream, better than I imagined😍 I am really looking forward to future projects with you.

Alina Marotzki

Top photographer with great work!👍🏻 The price-performance ratio is definitely the same. A lot of time is taken and everything is implemented exactly as you would like it to be. Definitely recommendable!

Marisa Leberecht

Just a super nice and super likeable guy and the photos are definitely more than impressive. I have always been very satisfied with my photos so far 😊 But the most important thing is that the photographer is very professional and creates an atmosphere inside I think everyone can feel very much. I've always felt in good hands until now 😁

LG Fotoart

LG Fotoart is a reliable and professional boudoir photography studio with a keen eye for capturing the perfect moment. With a 100% right price-performance ratio, their services are both affordable and high-quality. As evidenced by happy clients who have used their services for various occasions such as christenings, engagements, and even wall calendars. Customers have praised LG Fotoart for their comfortable and efficient work style, resulting in beautiful and memorable photos that are often the envy of others. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can capture your special moments with skill and artistry, LG Fotoart may be just what you need.

Customer Reviews

Dennis Walk.

Due to our engagement we were looking for a photographer for an engagement shoot. During a Sunday walk, we became aware of Lars Gutsche's shop in Oespel. Since we liked the style of his photos on Instagram and in the shop window, we asked him and made an appointment for an outdoor shoot. We felt very comfortable with him throughout the entire shoot. He was always reliable, worked quickly and had an eye for the moment. We are often asked how beautiful the pictures turned out and where we had them made. With the photos we have a nice memory of our engagement. Thanks very much! :)

Elke Hagemann

I wanted a wall calendar with pictures of the coast for my office. I put the selection of photos entirely in the hands of Mr. Gutsche and let himself be surprised. It has become a beautiful calendar and I am happy every day when I see it in the office. Great photos... lovingly put together... Thank you very much

Jörn Obenhaus

Mr. Gutsche accompanied our son's christening on 04.06.22. The photos turned out great. LG Fotoart was reliable, professional and the price-performance ratio was 100% right. We are delighted and will use the services again immediately

Fotostudio Daniels

Fotostudio Daniels is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio that boasts of producing professional and top-quality photos. Daniel, the photographer, has an impeccable approach and excellent eye for detail, ensuring that every photo session is a relaxed and enjoyable experience. The studio's professional atmosphere further adds to the entire photography experience. Clients appreciate the extensive advice given by Daniel during the photo session, and every wish is implemented, ensuring that they are comfortable throughout the process. Fotostudio Daniels is a go-to studio, with clients returning and recommending it to their friends. If you're looking for a boudoir photography studio that takes beautiful and professional photos, then Fotostudio Daniels is the place to be.

Customer Reviews

Lina G.

I had application photos taken by Daniel. The atmosphere was relaxed, Daniel has a great eye for photos, scheduling an appointment was easy and the studio was very professional. The photos turned out great and I would go to Daniel again and again. Unreserved recommendation!!

Jennifer Kr

Unreserved recommendation! I had application photos taken here. The first response came super fast, we found an appointment for the next day. The conversation in advance was absolutely helpful, especially for inexperienced people, and also super friendly. During the photo session itself, we took our time, gave extensive advice and implemented every wish. I felt completely at ease. I was able to select the pictures in peace at home, and then they were edited. You turned out great! I would and will recommend this photo studio to my friends.

Elli K.

Did application pictures and an iris shoot with Daniel. The pictures turned out very beautiful and I was very satisfied. The shootings were a lot of fun and I have professional and wonderful pictures😊 I can only recommend Daniel! I'll be back😊

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