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Dresden, Germany

Discover fantastic boudoir photographers in Dresden, a city in Germany that is known for its stunning baroque architecture, rich cultural heritage, beautiful museums and galleries, and a vibrant modern arts scene.

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Julia Sloboda Photography | Hochzeitsfotograf Dresden

For those seeking a talented boudoir photographer in Dresden, look no further than Julia Sloboda Photography. With a passion for capturing every moment and emotion, Julia's work is truly stunning. Her ability to create a relaxed and loving atmosphere during shoots is a testament to her patience and expertise. Her trained eye for situations and backgrounds is evident in the unique and beautiful photos she produces. Clients rave about her ability to get more out of a short shoot than they could have imagined. With a portfolio that showcases her talent for capturing intimate moments, it's no wonder that Julia has become a popular choice for couples and models alike. Don't miss the opportunity to work with this fantastic photographer and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Sophie Reinhold

Julia is an incredibly great photographer who is passionate about it! We were able to realize a fantastic styled wedding shoot with her last summer and are still blown away by the day and especially by the beautiful photos! She captured every moment, every emotion brilliantly. We love the pictures so much! Thank you, dear Julia, for your relaxed, loving nature and for the beautiful memory that will last for eternity! We hope to be able to implement a project with you again soon. Kind regards from Hendrik and Sophie from Your Model Couple

Anne Skibbe

We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to Julia: for her great manner, her patience during the shoot with our puppy and of course for the unique photos, which we will always remember as a reminder of our 2nd wedding anniversary. She got more out of a 1 hour couple shooting in the old town of Dresden than we could have imagined. The different locations, her trained eye for situations and backgrounds and her relaxed instructions resulted in beautiful photos. We can warmly recommend Julia. Thanks very much.


Beautytreff is a boudoir photography studio that delivers exceptional services to its clients. Anke and Jens, the talented team behind the studio, have a way of making their clients feel comfortable from the start of the session. They are masters of their craft and know how to bring out the best in their subjects. Whether you're looking for a couples photo shoot or an extraordinary wedding photo shoot, Beautytreff has got you covered. The studio offers unique and sensational pictures that capture the essence of your special moments. The gladiator shooting is particularly noteworthy, and it's an experience you won't forget in a hurry. The studio's prices are fair, considering the quality of work they deliver. If you're looking for something special, then Beautytreff is worth checking out.

Customer Reviews

Annette Kracht

Another great day with Anke and Jens. The pictures are a dream again. We can only recommend Anke and Jens if you are looking for something special. We were warmly welcomed again and will definitely be back

Maxe Mustermann

Thank you for the great photos, we had a lot of fun! Anke and Jens really understand their craft, and Jens makes the actually strenuous photo shoot an experience with his funny and nice way - so the result can be seen. It's not exactly cheap, but you don't do it every day.

Thomas Neumann

We treated ourselves to a couples photo shoot for our anniversary and we weren't disappointed! We felt very comfortable from the start and had a lot of fun! The pictures turned out great, so the decision was difficult for us. We can only recommend this studio!

Fotografie Tanja Wahl

Fotografie Tanja Wahl is a highly recommended boudoir photographer who has been praised by many for her exceptional work. She has stepped in at short notice and delivered wonderful photo shoots that have left clients feeling absolutely convinced of her skills. Despite the lack of time to prepare, she was able to adapt to any location and create beautiful results that made her clients very happy. Tanja is a very nice and funny woman who is very rich in ideas and full of love. She has the ability to make her clients feel at ease and take inhibitions out of the shoot. Clients have commended her for creating a relaxed atmosphere that allowed them to let go and enjoy the experience. Her careful selection of pictures and willingness to let clients provide feedback ensured that they received only the best images. Tanja's work is not limited to weddings; she also offers spontaneous photo shoots for couples or families. Her heart and soul, combined with an eye for capturing perfect moments, have earned her a reputation as a great photographer. Clients have appreciated her uncomplicated nature and the fact that they could book for a certain period of time without being required to take a whole day. In conclusion, Fotografie Tanja Wahl is an excellent boudoir photographer who has consistently delivered beautiful results. Her unique approach and attention to detail have made her stand out among her peers, and clients have expressed their satisfaction with her work.

Customer Reviews

Janett Hartmann

A very nice, funny woman, very rich in ideas and with a lot of love. She is easygoing and takes the inhibitions out of the shoot. We could really let ourselves go and relax and have the pictures taken. Laughed a lot and had fun too. Pictures were very carefully selected and sent the next day. We even had the opportunity to say what was ok and what wasn't so good. Everything was perfect and we took everything because the pictures turned out just indescribably beautiful. No matter what event we have ahead of us, we have found our photographer and we will stay with her. Highly recommended.... full stars from us 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟


We thank you Tanja. Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures 🥰 It was very nice and we all enjoyed it 👍🏼 Gladly again 😊☺️


Tanja Wahl was our rescue after the originally booked photographer fell ill. She stepped in at short notice and did a wonderful photo shoot during and after our wedding. Although she didn't have the chance to look at the locations beforehand at such short notice and we only met for the first time at the shoot, she was able to adapt very well to us and the locations. The chemistry is right and the result made us very happy and absolutely convinced.

Katja Knetschke

Katja Knetschke is a highly talented boudoir photographer based in Saxony, Germany. With years of experience and expertise in wedding, portrait, and style shootings, Katja is widely recognized as one of the best photographers in the region. Her clients rave about her warm-hearted personality and relaxed manner, which creates a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the photoshoot. Katja's dedication to providing the best advice and execution has earned her a reputation as a top-notch professional in the industry. If you're looking for a skilled and friendly boudoir photographer for your next shoot, Katja Knetschke is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Amin Hassoun

One of the best photographers in Saxony. Katja does wonderful wedding, portrait and style shootings. Best advice and execution.

Julia Pooch

Wonderful, warm-hearted photographer for portrait and wedding photography. Katja creates an incredibly pleasant atmosphere with her relaxed manner.

Freiraum 140

Freiraum 140 is a top-rated boudoir photography studio that provides an exceptional experience for their clients. With a super friendly and accommodating staff, they make sure to organize appointments without any hassle. You can easily book your session online, thanks to their user-friendly booking system. The studio boasts great facilities, and it's always kept clean and cool, ensuring a comfortable atmosphere. Finding the place is not a problem, with clear signage and an elevator available. Freiraum 140 is a favorite among many, as seen by the numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Photographers will also appreciate the great, large, and bright room that offers endless possibilities for business photo shoots. Professional handling and friendly communication make every visit to this studio a memorable one. Overall, Freiraum 140 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a beautiful studio for their boudoir photography needs.

Customer Reviews

Christine Jurtz

Great, large and bright room with many possibilities for business photo shoots, for example. Professional handling and friendly communication. Been there twice now and will be back for sure! 👌🏻

Stefanie Hürrich

I have already had 2 x 140 family shoots and a baby belly shoot in Freiraum. Both I and my customers are enthusiastic about the studio and find it really beautiful. In the future I will also offer studio photography for all interested customers and always rent the Freiraum 140 for this. I can warmly recommend it to every photographer who doesn't have their own studio ☺️👍

X. P.

Super friendly staff, who even organized an appointment for us 1 evening before! 😊👍🏻 Very easy online booking 👍🏻 Great studio, very clean and cool facilities! Definitely come back. Elevator available! 👌🏻 Everything is well signposted and easy to find.

Judith Ziegenthaler Fotografie

Judith Ziegenthaler Fotografie is a photographer who creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere for her clients. Her clear vision and competence allow her to position her subjects perfectly and create beautiful photos effortlessly. Judith's keen sense for creating natural and authentic moments shines through in her family and childbirth photography. Clients have praised her patience, passion, and dedication to her craft. With a charming studio and a knack for capturing beautiful moments, Judith Ziegenthaler Fotografie comes highly recommended as a favorite boudoir photographer.

Customer Reviews

Denise Günther

Everything about the shoot with Judith was wonderful. Judith as a person, the relaxed atmosphere, the charm of the walls in the studio and, above all, that the beautiful moments were captured by the way, when you're not actually "posing". It was wonderful, anytime again! Absolute recommendation

Friederike Schrapel

I've known Judith for a few years and every time we meet for a shoot I feel very comfortable. It's always a warm atmosphere. Judith has a clear idea. She always knew how to position myself correctly so that I could get the best out of it. Beautiful photos were created with ease and competence every time. From woman to woman it is a beautiful cooperation. Simply a feel-good atmosphere. Anytime again dear Judith. Thanks for the beautiful photos, it's always a pleasure to look at them ☺️🫶🏻.

Katharina Neumann

Our favorite photographer! Judith has a very keen sense for creating a completely natural atmosphere that is pleasant for young and old. We don't actually notice that we are being photographed, but have a nice time together as a family or as a couple. In the end, the result is simply fantastic, authentic pictures of the highest quality. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every shooting so far!

Mittagsfoto | Hochzeitsfotografie & Portraitfotografie

Mittagsfoto | Hochzeitsfotografie & Portraitfotografie is a photography studio that specializes in boudoir photography, capturing beautiful and natural moments. Miriam, the photographer behind the lens, is known for her great eye and professional demeanor. Her photos are always stunning, without appearing edited or artificial. Her clients appreciate her sensitivity, professionalism, and ability to make everyone feel comfortable during the shoot. From family photography to baby bump and boudoir shots, Miriam's creativity knows no bounds. And with her loving nature, she makes each client feel special and valued. If you're looking for a photographer who will produce beautiful and authentic photos, Mittagsfoto | Hochzeitsfotografie & Portraitfotografie is a great choice.

Customer Reviews

Sophia Nikl

We have already had several shootings (e.g. baby bump, baby pictures and family shooting) with Miriam and are always enthusiastic. The pictures are so beautiful and it's always fun to have your picture taken by her. With wit and creativity, she always manages to conjure up beautiful pictures.


I have already been able to enjoy Miriam's great photos more than once. Whether couple shooting, baby shooting or Christmas shooting, it was always a nice, relaxed atmosphere to take pictures with her and she convinced with her professionalism. She has a great eye for great photos and is also great with bright children. The images are very natural and do not appear posed. It is always a pleasure to take photos with her and the results are 100% convincing. I look forward to the next shoots with her and would love to come back.

Laura Moeser

In 2016 I won a shoot with Miriam as part of a Facebook competition. The shooting was great fun. Since then I've had regular shoots with her. In the meantime, I also have a little daughter, who has often stood in front of her lens. And all the pictures have always turned out beautiful without exception! I am very enthusiastic about her professionalism and above all about her loving nature. That's why I can only heartily recommend a shooting with her!

Hochzeitsfotograf - Photographie Golden Image

Photographie Golden Image is a boudoir photography studio that offers unforgettable photo sessions for various occasions. Their team of photographers and staff are friendly, patient and professional, making sure that their clients feel comfortable during the shoots. One happy client shared that despite not having a wedding photo taken, she had an amazing experience with the team. Another client was impressed by the photographer's attention to detail and her choice of location, resulting in stunning photos. Meanwhile, a couple who booked them for a pregnancy and newborn shoot raved about how accommodating and likeable their photographer was, and how she took into account their wishes and ideas. The studio has also been praised for their quality photos, as seen in the wedding photos they took in different locations. With their exceptional skills and service, it's no surprise that clients would book Photographie Golden Image again and again.

Customer Reviews

Nicole Steuer

Super personable and friendly. takes his time And I love looking at the pictures. Baby bump shoot😍. Price performance is very good.

Elke Hatz

I didn't have a wedding photo taken of me, but I experienced a super nice shoot. My daughter gave me this for my birthday. We were traveling with her and I experienced an unforgettable shooting. The photographer and her husband were very friendly, funny and helped us with advice and action. From my point of view I would book you again and again because I am sure that the next shooting will be unforgettable.

Anna S.

We had a couple shooting with dear Dani. It was wonderful. She staged us well and made sure that you feel comfortable so that the pictures don't look "artificial". She also chose a beautiful location. It was just great!!!

Stephan Freitag - Hochzeitsreportagen I Schwangerschaft- und Familienfotograf

Stephan Freitag - Hochzeitsreportagen I Schwangerschaft- und Familienfotograf is a highly skilled and experienced boudoir photographer that knows how to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere during the shoot. He is known for his friendly and loving nature, which makes even the most self-critical individuals feel comfortable and at ease. Stephan fully understands his craft and his impressive results speak for themselves. He is always open to his clients' wishes and ideas, and he provides tips on how to stage oneself or the subject of the photo. His studio is comfortably furnished and offers plenty of opportunities to implement different motifs and ideas. Stephan's competence, professionalism, and creativity make him an excellent choice for those who want to capture unforgettable memories through beautiful pictures.

Customer Reviews

Nora Standke

beautiful pictures. Very nice, nice and above all professional company with really great pictures as a result. Stephan responded very well to our wishes and ideas, gave us tips on how to stage ourselves and, above all, our future bride. Absolutely to be recommended and always happy, 👌😊 thank you very much again.

Jana Krannich

We can really recommend Stephan with all our hearts. With his relaxed manner, he made sure that our family shooting was an unforgettable experience, because the photos were really great and it was a lot of fun! We can only warmly recommend him 👍🏻

Maria Stubenrauch

We had a super great, relaxed meeting with Stephan and beautiful baby bump photos were taken. Stephan fully understands his craft and the results are very impressive. I felt very comfortable the whole time 😊

Astrid Flohr Fotografie

Astrid Flohr Fotografie is a highly professional boudoir photographer with a passion for capturing special moments. Her warm and personable demeanor makes for a comfortable and playful atmosphere during photoshoots, resulting in stunning and memorable images. Astrid has been praised for her exceptional work by clients who have hired her for weddings, family portraits, and other events. Her creative ideas and attention to detail make her an excellent choice for anyone looking for an experienced and talented boudoir photographer.

Customer Reviews

Grit Hellmich

Best photographer...Astrid photographed us with a lot of heart and passion for the second time. She accompanied our wedding and photographed our child at the Christmas minis. The memories created with these beautiful images will stay with us for a lifetime. Dear Astrid, we would be happy to let you capture future events as well.


I would happily give 10 stars if this feature existed! I got to know Astrid in collaboration with Christin from cp_visagistin at a nice little shoot. The photos are just amazing 😍 We had so much fun, she is super likeable and you can tell that she loves her job 1000%.

Die Mietprofis

We were able to get to know Astrid at a trade fair, which also accompanied her photographically. An absolute full professional! Every moment was captured and reflected the motto of the fair. If we had to describe Astrid, it would be like this: "Super warm person with an eye for the special moment".

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