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Boudoir photographer near me

Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Discover amazing boudoir photographers in Gelsenkirchen, a city in Germany that boasts a vibrant cultural scene and is home to attractions such as the ZOOM Erlebniswelt and Veltins-Arena.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
  • Multiple poses and outfits
  • 10 credits for additional photos
  • Nude filter for all photos

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Glamourpixel Fotodesign

Glamourpixel Fotodesign is a boudoir photography studio that has expanded their expertise to product photography, thanks to their skilled photographer Marco and his team. With an eye for detail, structure, color, and light, there is no product that escapes their trained eye. The team's enthusiasm and professionalism ensure that every client receives top-quality photos and service. They have worked with various businesses, providing professional business photos for Xing & Co, as well as machine components' product photos that turned out exceptionally well. For years, Glamourpixel Fotodesign has been the trusted product photographer for many clients, including web design companies, who trust them to deliver exceptional results. Marco, the photographer, is known for his impressive experience and mastery of his craft. He creates a relaxed and nice atmosphere during shoots, leaving clients pleased with their final products. Overall, if you're looking for product shots at the highest level in connection with a professional workflow, Glamourpixel Fotodesign comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Jens Taphorn

Marco is a very nice photographer who is an excellent master of his craft. Thank you very much for the nice pictures! I'd love to come back!

Ahmet Möhür

Relaxed and nice atmosphere. Very professional business photos for Xing & Co. Our product photos (machine components) also turned out very well Many thanks to Glamorpixel👍

Dirk Mathienz

My trusted product photographer for years. When we need great product photos for our web design client, we feel we are in perfect hands with Glamorpixel. Top photos, top service.

BjörnBild - zur Freude heute, zur Erinnerung morgen

BjörnBild - zur Freude heute, zur Erinnerung morgen is a talented boudoir photography studio that also offers exceptional event photography services. Their team of expert photographers has been praised for their friendly nature, fast processing, and their ability to capture life's most precious moments in stunning detail. Whether you're looking for a photographer for your wedding, birthday party, or any other special occasion, BjörnBild is highly recommended as they take the time to understand their clients' needs and deliver beyond expectations. With their creative approach and perfect eye for detail, BjörnBild will leave you with beautiful pictures that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Ingrid Rojahn

We had DJ Björn at our birthday party... just great! Very nice e-mail exchange, super great preliminary talk, regarding music etc. In the evening he responded to the music requests of the guests, although there weren't many.....The music was so harmonious 🎵, the dance floor was never empty 💃🕺. We and our guests were absolutely thrilled!!! 100% recommendation👍👋👍

Jessica Schäckermann

Björn has already accompanied us with his camera on some life events. Because of him we have great recordings that we have for life and I don't want to miss any of them. If you are looking for a reliable, likeable photographer with the perfect view, you are in the best of hands with him!

Timo Tangermann

We had booked Björn for our wedding. He did great. Great pictures, fast processing and a very likeable person. He is also highly recommended as a DJ, he really heated up our guests. 👍👍

Judith Boiar Photography - Babyfotografin

Judith Boiar Photography - Babyfotografin is a photographer with a heart for capturing beautiful and natural moments that will be cherished forever. With years of experience in boudoir photography, Judith brings patience, creativity and a calm demeanor to every shoot. Her relaxed handling of babies and children ensures that the little ones feel comfortable and at ease during the session. Whether it's capturing special moments with a newborn, or creating timeless portraits of grandchildren, Judith's attention to detail and professionalism shines through in every shot. With a loyal group of satisfied clients who have experienced her expertise firsthand, Judith is definitely a photographer you can trust to capture your precious memories.

Customer Reviews

Zee Shahid

Very professional! Great and relaxed handling of babies. We are very satisfied and can recommend the photographer. We are looking forward to the finished pictures.

Monika Boiar

Judith took super beautiful natural and happy portrait photos of my grandchildren, 😍 I'm happy to recommend them 👌

Simone Bugdoll

Very sweet and cordial. Above all, great attention to the children! Thanks!!

Mel Ar Photography I Hochzeitsfotografin aus Gelsenkirchen

Mel Ar Photography, led by the talented photographer Melek, is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio based in Gelsenkirchen. With her warm personality and eye for detail, she creates a comfortable atmosphere that immediately puts her clients at ease. Her photographic talent captures the essence of special moments, creating memories that last forever. Whether it's a civil wedding, a newborn photo shoot, or a website shop shoot, Mel's style is special, unmistakable, and always aesthetic and authentic. She takes the time to understand her clients' wishes and ideas, making sure they feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. If you're looking for a professional, friendly, and empathetic photographer, Mel Ar Photography is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Melis Aslan

We spontaneously asked Mel if she would accompany us during our civil wedding. We quickly got into conversation and immediately felt very comfortable :) With her warm personality, her eye for detail and her photographic talent, Mel created a great atmosphere and sweetened our day :) We love the photos and can't get enough of them. She created memories for us that will last forever. Your work is highly recommended! If I had to choose a photographer again, my choice would always be Mel! Thank you for everything 🫶🏻

Tarik Mustic

Our wedding shoot with Melek was just fantastic! The photos are beautiful and captured the mood and atmosphere of our wedding perfectly. She was very professional, friendly and empathetic. We felt very comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. The communication beforehand was excellent and Melek really took the time to understand our wishes and ideas. All in all it was a great experience and we highly recommend them!

Lea Bramkamp

After Melek had already photographed our civil wedding and we were super satisfied, no other photographer was an option for our wedding celebration. And that was absolutely the right decision. Melek is a kind person. She creates an atmosphere in which you immediately feel comfortable. She was always in the right place at the right time and made our special moments unforgettable. Your support throughout the day was very professional and unobtrusive. There were such beautiful photos. We love our pictures and are infinitely grateful to her for accompanying our special days. Soon she will be photographing friends of ours and we look forward to seeing her again :)

Nora Kolbe Fotografie

Nora Kolbe Fotografie is a highly skilled and passionate boudoir photographer who captures the essence of each individual in her photographs. Her work is characterized by an authentic and natural style, with photos that are never staged. With years of experience, she has a keen sense of the situation, which enables her to showcase the unique character of each shoot. Nora's warm and empathetic nature helps her clients feel comfortable and at ease during the photo sessions, resulting in stunningly beautiful pictures that capture the true beauty of each person. If you're looking for an individual photo shoot that truly reflects your personality, Nora Kolbe Fotografie is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Billie Eitel

Super warm and natural! We have been taking our family photos with Nora for years and are always amazed by her beautiful photos! Of course, also from Nora's very loving and empathetic nature! We are already looking forward to the next shooting.

Judith Sander

Nora is an incredibly loving and sensitive photographer. You can let yourself go during the shoot and the results are absolutely amazing. She has the talent to show women in her pictures how beautiful and unique they are. Thank you for your wonderful work.

Sonja Schütter

You can't find someone better for individual photos.


Ruhrpottstudio is a top-rated boudoir photography studio that offers a versatile and big space for achieving beautiful results. The studio features available natural light from many windows, rentable permanent light, and flashing light to cater to every requirement and level of experience. The sets are put together with great attention to detail and creativity, and the studio is always kept clean. Sweets and drinks are included in the rental price for breaks, and towels and other little helpers are available for use during photoshoots. The operator, Jörg, is incredibly nice and creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes clients feel comfortable during their shoot. The studio provides freely selectable music and many backdrops to choose from, making it an ideal place for any photoshoot. The sets are lovingly and variably furnished with many details, providing clients with a unique experience. Communication and handover go smoothly, making clients feel undisturbed during their shoot. Overall, Ruhrpottstudio is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio, and clients can't wait to return for more shoots.

Customer Reviews

Nadine Schade

Really very nice and lovingly variably furnished sets with many details. I felt very comfortable in the Ruhrpottstudio. I can only recommend. Top!

Patricia Muth

Great studio with lots of possibilities and backdrops! I felt comfortable right away and nothing was missing. Very dear and friendly and courteous operator. I wasn't there for the last time. I can't even give that many stars, it's that good. 😊👍 I highly recommend it!

Pasqual K.

The studio is really big and versatile. From available light from the many windows, to rentable permanent light and flashing light, there is something for every requirement and every level of experience to achieve beautiful results. Each sed is put together with great attention to detail and a lot of creativity. In addition, the studio is very clean and sweets and drinks are included in the rental price for the breaks. Freely selectable music, towels and many little helpers that you can use for photos are available. The operator is really incredibly nice and already creates a relaxed atmosphere when he is greeted. The tips for the individual seds were also very helpful. You were absolutely undisturbed during the shoot, but you could have gotten help quickly if something didn't work out. My first shooting in this wonderful ambience was definitely very successful and more will definitely follow. Keep it up dear Jörg.

Nina Marczak Fotografie

Nina Marczak Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that truly captures the essence of love and intimacy through the lens of a camera. Nina is an experienced photographer who takes pride in her work, evident in the way she organizes and executes each shoot with precision and professionalism. Her passion for photography shines through in every shot she takes, making her clients feel comfortable and at ease during their session. From weddings to milestone birthdays, Nina provides exceptional service and attention to detail in capturing life's special moments. Clients have raved about her ability to bring out their best features and create an array of stunning photos to choose from. If you're looking for a talented and friendly photographer who will make you feel like a superstar during your shoot, Nina Marczak Fotografie is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Hülya Canyakan

Super photographer with joy and passion. Always happy ☺️

Linda Karbowski

If you are looking for a good, professional, loving and funny photographer, Nina is the right place for you. She does her job perfectly and you can tell that she loves her job. We always like to come to her. So absolute recommendation!

André Wanicki

The shoot was perfect from start to finish! Nina organized it perfectly, is extremely professional and very friendly. The album turned out beautifully, with great attention to detail and we are happy to stay in touch for the next highlights such as weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and the like. @Nina: THANK YOU SO MUCH! André & Lisa Marie

Studio Photogram Hochzeitsfotograf & Hochzeitsvideograf

Studio Photogram Hochzeitsfotograf & Hochzeitsvideograf is a team of professionals who are dedicated to capturing the most beautiful moments of your special day. They are known for their kindness, professionalism, and attention to detail. Whether it's an engagement shoot or a wedding, their team is always helpful and accommodating. They use high-quality sound and video technology to ensure that every little detail is captured perfectly. And the result? Breathtaking photos and videos that you will cherish forever. Studio Photogram is highly recommended by their happy clients who have been thoroughly impressed with their service and quality of work.

Customer Reviews

Tina Beudt

I'm very picky about wedding photos and videos. That's why I searched for a really long time and made an appointment with a lot of photographers/videographers. However, Studio Photogram completely convinced me here. You always made time for us. On the wedding day, they were there at every important moment and also captured many small, beautiful situations. The editing of the videos and photos is incredibly good and the music selection for the videos was optimal. Our wedding is now so incredibly well captured that we can relive every single second of the day. Thank you very much Studio Photogram for your great support. I will definitely recommend you. All the best Tina and Sebastian

Saskia H.

We were incredibly happy! Every contact was unbelievably friendly, every agreement was carried out exactly and the result is simply breathtaking. You couldn't have accompanied our day better. Thank you very much to the Studio Photogram team! Jacob & Saskia

David Tomanek

We booked Studio-Photogram for the photo and video reportage for our dream wedding and have not regretted this decision. Every little detail and all the beautiful moments were recorded perfectly in terms of sound and video technology. Thanks to the great shots, we will always have a memory of the most beautiful day of our lives. Many thanks and best wishes to the team!!! 😊👏

Photo Art

Photo Art is a boudoir photography studio that values customer satisfaction and takes the time to make sure each client feels well taken care of. With a team of friendly and helpful staff, they offer professional and creative photo shoots for families, groups, or individuals both in the studio and outdoors. Their clients rave about their ability to make even non-professional models look perfect in front of the camera, thanks to the skills of the photographers behind the lens. Whether it's for special occasions like weddings or just a fun family photo shoot, Photo Art is the go-to destination for those seeking beautiful and unique photos to cherish for years to come.

Customer Reviews


Friendly, Funny, Creative, Professional. Professional, creative photo shootings for many occasions, family, groups or individuals. Outside or in the studio. My first address when it comes to special photos. I'm certainly not a professional IN FRONT of the camera, thanks to the professionals BEHIND the camera, the result is always simply perfect.

Story 95

We had a couple shoot here and were super satisfied. Nicole came to us in Kirchhellen and shot the photos at locations chosen by us. She was very helpful, patient and professional. The photos are beautiful. Only to recommend.

Murat D

I went to Photo Art because of an application photo and can say that you take the time for your customers, you feel really well looked after and nothing is forced on you. The staff is very nice and also very helpful in terms of advice and support. I can only recommend it to anyone who cares about their application photo.

Photo Raabe GmbH

Photo Raabe GmbH is a boudoir photography studio that stands out for its exceptional quality of work and excellent customer service. Their team of skilled photographers is dedicated to producing stunning, high-quality photos that capture the essence of their clients' unique personalities and styles. They pride themselves on delivering fast delivery times without compromising on quality, ensuring that their clients are always satisfied with the final product. Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or simply want to treat yourself, Photo Raabe GmbH offers a top-notch boudoir photography experience that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Customer Reviews

Catherine Adu

Good photos quality 👌

Julio Otarola

Good service and photos with high quality.

Volker Kuhlmann

Very fast delivery, good quality. Anytime again!

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