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Hamburg, Germany

Discover the top boudoir photographers in Hamburg, a city in Germany that is known for its bustling port, beautiful architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky

Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg Dipl.-Des. Kirill Brusilovsky is a highly professional and creative photographer who captures the magic, love, joy, and craziness of your special day. With a calm and friendly demeanor, Kirill goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations and deliver memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it's a wedding or a family event, his attention to detail and ability to capture natural moments is truly impressive. Clients rave about his professionalism, personable approach, and outstanding quality of work. Kirill is an excellent choice for anyone looking to capture their special moments in a unique and beautiful way.

Customer Reviews


Top photographer! With heart and soul, which is why the pictures are of incredible quality and probably satisfy every customer.

Sascha Vens-Cappell

We were lucky enough to have hired Kirill as our photographer on August 12th, 2017. Kirill is an extremely personable full professional with whom you can creatively implement great ideas Even the first phone call and the subsequent personal meeting were totally relaxed, but also very goal-oriented. Kirill gives tips from the first minute and always has an open ear during the entire wedding preparations. We didn't even look at any other photographers after the interview because we knew straight away that we wanted to book Kirill. Thank goodness we were early as Kirill is quite rightly in demand and booked and so Kirill was available for our wedding documentation. On the day of the wedding, despite the somewhat difficult weather, he staged us perfectly and always has an eye for beautiful lighting conditions in connection with the locations that we didn't think were possible. Sometimes inconspicuous, sometimes determined and demanding, but always according to previous agreements and never intrusive. A great, professional, personable photographer, even if Kirill may not be the cheapest of his kind, he was perfect for us and we would book him again and again because he is absolutely worth every dollar. From the pictures taken, the selection of the pictures, editing to the well-designed photo book, in our opinion you couldn't do it better and more professionally. Thank you for everything Kirill. We have attached a few impressions. Best regards Maria and Sasha

Deutsche Schachstiftung

Many wrote a review on the talents of Kirill Brusilovsky here, so I can keep it short, just write some lines in a different language, though I am native German speaker. After our wedding in Febr. 2014 Svetlana and I engaged Kiril again, obviously, to take photos of of our family and our guests, attending the baptism of our two children God send in the meantime. We had some 45 adult guests, plus 15 children. Our family members usually are not so much into photos, so they did not kind of "pose" for Kiril - not so easy background for the job of a photographer. Now I see the result - he took many, many wonderful photographs from the celebration in our home, on the way to the church, etc. Yesterday my wife and I had a great pleasure to look through all of them - it is a great harvest, this event will become a great and important memory in our family history, and Kiril made it possible to have memories for the future.These photos will serve as a kind of reference for a long time. I take photos by myself, so I know a little bit, how d i f f i c u l t it is to take o n e good photo, I have quite high standards at it. When I look at the photos Kiril takes from a group of people I get the impression they posed for him for an hour or so, but he did the job within some two or three minutes, according to circumstances he did not have more time. Kiril is a master - in case you have an important family meeting you can engage him, you and your family will be more than happy about such decision. Matthias Draeger, Luebeck & St. Goar ps: Sollte ein zukünftiger Bräutigam das hier lesen: Laß Kiril von den schönsten Aufnahmen ein Album anfertigen - das ist mit das schönste Geschenk, das Du Deiner Braut zur Hochzeit machen kannst. Als Verleger und Buchliebhaber rate ich: Gib dem Album auch einen schönen Einband - das ist eine kostbare Erinnerung für's Leben!

Britta Gleiminger Fotografie

Britta Gleiminger Fotografie is a talented and cheerful boudoir photographer based in Hamburg. Her strong sense of aesthetics and artistic sensibility makes her a go-to option for those looking to bring out their best selves in front of the camera. Britta's friendly and easy-going nature helps her clients feel at ease, resulting in authentic and original photos that capture their personality and essence. Whether you need good pictures for your public image or want your wedding day to be captured beautifully, Britta's expertise and professionalism will guarantee a successful shoot. Don't miss out on this insider tip and book Britta Gleiminger Fotografie for your next boudoir photography session.

Customer Reviews

Valentin Claudel

Britta is a sunny and inspirational photographer who brought out the best in me with her strong sense of aesthetics. Her warmth, friendliness and artistic sensibility as well as her in-depth knowledge of the Hamburg spots make me absolutely recommend her!

isabel rothe

Britta made my new fire pictures. As a photographer you are always very critical of your own pictures, but she managed to present my being and my personality, which I want to express for my own customers, in an original and very apt way. We had a lot of fun, I almost forgot that I was being photographed and this resulted in very authentic pictures. I can only warmly recommend Britta for self-employed people who need good pictures for their public image. Thank you, your Isabel from Isabel Rothe boudoir photography

Julia Schröder-Göritz

If you want authentic, professional, cool and lively business photos of yourself, you should contact Britta! Her nice and easy-going manner made me feel at ease straight away and I am thrilled with the result - absolute recommendation & a big thank you!!

Félix L. Salazar Photographer

Felix's work as a boudoir photographer has been described as first class, with clients raving about his professional and compassionate approach to the craft. One client had the pleasure of working with Felix recently for an upcoming album shoot, remarking on his delightful personality and the quality of the photos. Another client found Felix to be super positive and flexible, resulting in artist photos that were perfect for concert posters and websites. Overall, Felix is known for bringing out the best in his clients, both professionally and personally.

Customer Reviews

Olaf Erichsen

Félix is ​​a great photographer: super professional and personally very pleasant to work with. The shooting was a lot of fun and the result was great!

Lucia Cifarelli

I had the pleasure of working with Felix recently for my upcoming album shoot and found him not only delightful to work with but the photos first class! He is professional, compassionate, enthusiastic and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. I recommend him highly!

Balkis Musik

He just has this artist look... Super positive and flexible person, just takes great pictures! Be sure to book! For me he took artist photos for concert posters and website.

Samir Fritz Photography

Samir Fritz Photography is a highly professional and experienced boudoir photographer who has garnered nothing but glowing reviews from his clients. Samir's personalized approach to photography ensures that he delivers exactly what his clients want. He has an exceptional ability to capture the beauty of every moment, without being intrusive or obstructive. His pictures are beautiful, unique and realistic. Samir is an expert in delivering photographs that reflect the essence of each occasion. His attention to detail coupled with his friendly and relaxed demeanor, makes him the perfect photographer for weddings, trade fairs, and all other important events. Clients have praised Samir's professionalism, creativity and ability to capture moments that they would have missed themselves. Samir Fritz Photography comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Jonas Mirow

Samir does all the advertising for my roofing business. From my logos to car wrapping, everything is included. I have never worked with anyone so easily. I have an idea and he implements it even better than I could wish for. He also looked after us as a photographer at our trade fairs and delivered perfectly every time. We are overjoyed and satisfied and recommend everyone to work with us. We don't want to have to do without him anymore.

Stephanie Maack

Dear Samir, we would like to thank you very much. Our pictures are unique and beautiful like the day of our wedding. You were encouraging and the savior of dead batteries and SD cards. :-) We wish you only the best. A really great photographer who we would like to recommend to everyone. The whole family loved him because he was so great and smiled relaxed despite every complication. :-) THANKS!

Matthias Werner

Samir accompanied us on our wedding day. He was there as promised. The preliminary talk was very professional. We were asked about our wishes and ideas, he implemented everything! We were very satisfied and would book him again and again. We've been to a number of weddings, where the photographers were constantly getting in each other's way. You didn't really notice Samir, but he was there and took fantastic pictures. We can only recommend him :-)

Renate Hanachi Photography

Renate Hanachi Photography is a boudoir photography studio that brings a wealth of experience, sensitivity and an eye for the essentials to each shoot. Renate's clients consistently praise her cheerful demeanor, creativity, and professionalism. Her cozy indoor and garden studios are tastefully decorated and provide the perfect ambiance for a relaxed and enjoyable photo session. Renate's ability to connect with her subjects is evident in her work, which consistently exceeds expectations. She takes the time to understand her clients' needs and offers helpful advice while leaving room for individual preferences. Her reliability and responsiveness are also noteworthy, and she always delivers on her promises. Renate's passion for photography is evident in her work, and her clients agree that she truly cares about the people in front of her camera. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who will capture your unique personality and story, Renate Hanachi Photography is highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

L Manel

My two children have been photographed several times by Renate Hanachi. We have always experienced her as a very likeable and loving photographer who is very good with children. Even if the children were sometimes capricious and didn't want to participate, she always remained relaxed and patient. In addition, the decoration and furnishings of her cozy indoor and garden studios are tasteful, subtle and not as kitschy as is unfortunately common with some child photographers (especially at Christmas time). In a preliminary talk, Renate will advise you very well and extensively. But at the same time she leaves room for her own taste and preferences without trying to impose her opinion as an artist. The results from the sessions have often exceeded my expectations. I also had two pregnancy photo sessions with her and again beautiful pictures were taken. In addition to the professional communication, Renate is very reliable. The deadlines for the photos have always been met and she responds to almost every request when it comes to the professional editing of the photos. Renate Hanachi is a photographer who shows that she really cares about the people in front of her camera, with their stories and personalities, and doesn't just see them as random customers. I can't imagine a better photographer for me and my kids.

B. Y.

Highly recommended. I have already booked the second shoot. She is very insightful, takes her time and has many ideas for vivid images. We are very satisfied with the pictures and will definitely book Renate again and again.

Yilmaz Senbayram

The meanwhile third photo shoot with Ms. Hanachi was an experience as usual. Always cheerful, creative and absolutely professional. We had fun and laughed a lot, so that wonderful photos were taken. We have also received consistently great feedback from our customers for our new agency photos. We can only recommend a photo shoot with Ms. Hanachi.

Reffeldt Photography

Reffeldt Photography is a boudoir photography studio that has captured the hearts of many. Anette, the mastermind behind the lens, is known for her sensitivity and ability to absorb the mood of her subjects. Her creativity shines through in every shoot with many great and unusual ideas that always deliver amazing results. With her likable and humorous approach, she creates a relaxed atmosphere that puts her clients at ease. Anette's eye for detail and professionalism are unmatched, making her the perfect photographer for any occasion. From weddings to café product shoots, Anette captures the most beautiful moments with complete commitment and a big heart. It is no wonder that her customers trust her completely and recommend her services 100%. If you're looking for lasting impressions through beautiful photography, Reffeldt Photography is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

Ina Nachtigahl

We have had several shootings with Anette. Whether civil or church wedding, romantic photo session on the Elbe, etc. - she is very sensitive, absorbs moods, has many great and sometimes unusual ideas! With her likeable, humorous manner, she eases some tension and you just feel comfortable with her. It was a pleasure!

Andrea Schieferdecker

Anette is a great photographer who always has a great eye for the mood in the pictures. She is very professional, well organized and brings a relaxed atmosphere to the shoot. Your pictures are great!!! I can recommend her 100%!!!

Sonja Voltjes

Anette photographed our civil wedding as well as the free ceremony and the wedding party. She is an incredibly professional and great photographer who captured the most beautiful moments of us and our loved ones with a big heart and full commitment. We immediately had complete trust in her because she is so nice and sensitive and the photos are just beautiful!!!

Alina Sophie Boudoir

At Alina Sophie Boudoir, every woman is encouraged to embrace her beauty and feel confident in herself. Alina's approach to boudoir photography is unique, creating a safe and secure environment that allows every woman to feel comfortable in lingerie and in front of the camera. Her guidance through the experience is exceptional, making every woman feel at ease and encouraging them to surpass themselves. The results are breathtakingly beautiful and reflect an authentic sense of self-love and acceptance. Alina's work is truly fantastic, and her passion for capturing the beauty of every woman shines through in every picture. If you're looking to embark on a self-love journey and capture your beauty, Alina Sophie Boudoir is the perfect place to start.

Customer Reviews

Celina Buhrmester

Every woman can surpass herself and every body is beautiful... Thank you for the day, thank you for this experience, thank you for these incredibly beautiful results and thank you for the body feeling!

Jana Plücker

My boudoir experience with Alina was so so so beautiful! I was skeptical and couldn't imagine that such pictures of me would look good. But Alina brought out the best in me, helped me see myself in a whole new way & became part of my self-love journey. Your way of guiding me through the day rounded everything off. You can only feel comfortable with her! I can only warmly and wholeheartedly recommend her. She does just fantastic work! Thank you for existing dear Alina 🖤

Lisa Helming

The boudoir experience at Alina was a special experience for me like never before. I never expected to feel so safe and secure in lingerie, and in front of a camera. The feeling that I have developed for myself and my body since the day with Alina feels so much more like arriving at me. Thank you very much for this day and the great pictures - it won't be the last time 😊 Ladies, warmest recommendation - dare, I will fall in love with you all over again 🫶🏼

Sturmsucht - Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg

Sturmsucht - Hochzeitsfotograf Hamburg is a photographer who truly understands the importance of capturing special moments. With an unbelievable eye and talent, Sturmsucht captures the beauty in every moment, creating heart-touching and beautiful pictures. Clients have praised Sturmsucht's ability to blend in with guests, making many people hardly realize there was a photographer present. As a professional and personable photographer, Sturmsucht creates a relaxed atmosphere and highlights the sweethearts of the occasion. Clients agree that choosing Sturmsucht for their event is a decision they will never regret.

Customer Reviews

Myriam Papesch

Dear Chris from Sturmsucht accompanied our wedding day and we couldn't be happier about it! He was there from the beginning, accompanied the bridal styling and created a great atmosphere with his relaxed manner. Chris highlighted our sweethearts and I love every single picture! You are real and honest! Just like the photographer himself. Chris was more than "just" our photographer.. he oversaw everything and even lent a hand when it was necessary. Thank you for this special time and this special memory!

Irena Lohn

Chris made our wedding unforgettable. His photos are simply unbeatable and reflect the moments of joy in a special way. Not only is he very professional, but we also value him as a person. He is really great and so recommended!

Madeleine Sadler

Chris was amazing! Very friendly and outgoing and really took the time to figure out who we were and what we wanted out of our wedding pictures. He took a set of engagement pictures and shot our wedding. Incredible guy with an unbelievable eye and talent. Best decision of our entire wedding was hiring him.

Salz und Liebe Hochzeitsreportagen und Boudoirfotografie

Salz und Liebe Hochzeitsreportagen und Boudoirfotografie is a photographer who truly knows how to capture the essence of your special day. With a warm and professional demeanor, they create a comfortable atmosphere that translates into stunning photographs. Their ability to turn any photo shoot into a pleasant experience is a testament to their skill and expertise. Whether it's for weddings or boudoir photography, Salz und Liebe Hochzeitsreportagen und Boudoirfotografie is the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional quality and unforgettable memories.

Customer Reviews

Benjamin Heinemann

For the best day in life the best photographer in the world. Richard took insanely good wedding photos! We can only recommend him.

Erika Ehrlich

You definitely exceeded our expectations at our wedding! With your beautiful pictures you have contributed to making this event truly unforgettable. We have only received very positive feedback from our guests. With your open, warm but always professional manner, you make every photo shoot a pleasant activity and we will definitely not have booked with you for the last time... Thank you very much!

Daniela Heckert

We became aware of Richard through a recommendation and booked him for our wedding. Exactly the right decision! The photos turned out great! If you're looking for a great (and very funny!) wedding photographer, you've come to the right place!

Fatih Film & Fotografie

Fatih Film & Fotografie is known for his exceptional talent in capturing authentic moments in his boudoir photos and videos. With years of experience, Fatih knows how to make his clients feel relaxed and comfortable during shoots, resulting in stunning and professional-looking imagery. Clients rave about his friendly and personable approach, as well as his ability to respond to individual requests and creative ideas. His technical expertise and use of professional equipment ensure that each photo and video has that certain something that sets them apart from the rest. If you're looking for a photographer who delivers top-quality work, Fatih Film & Fotografie should be your first choice.

Customer Reviews

Port of Silk

We have been working with Fatih for years. He is experienced and knows what he is doing, is always technically up to date, thinks his way into his client's business, so that in the end he always delivers top quality! We love working with him!

Sir Robert

I've known Fatih for a few years, he told me what he does for a living and showed me his photos. What can I say; I am very stunned. The man definitely knows what he's doing. Definitely 5 stars :-)

Claudia Mauch

Fatih is a really friendly and personable guy. This also enables him to quickly find good access to the other person and to capture him/her aptly and authentically in his pictures. His photos and videos always have that certain something. There is also professional equipment. Highly recommended and gladly again at any time.

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