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Hanover, Germany

Discover amazing boudoir photographers in Hanover, a city in Germany that is known for its beautiful parks, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Annette Hahne Fotografie

Annette Hahne Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that has received rave reviews from clients who have experienced her work. Her expertise in newborn and baby photography is evident in the beautiful photos she produces. Clients appreciate her professionalism, patience, and loving care towards their little ones during the shoot. The studio is furnished with great attention to detail, creating an inviting ambiance for clients to feel comfortable in. Annette's passion for photography shines through in every shot, capturing heart and soul in each picture. Her humorous and empathetic nature makes clients feel at ease, resulting in stunning images of models big and small. Value for money is excellent compared to other photographers in the area. Clients highly recommend Annette Hahne Fotografie for anyone looking to capture beautiful memories for eternity.

Customer Reviews

Jannina Polupan

By far the best newborn/baby photographer in the area. The pictures are always a dream and she really gets everything out of the situation/family/baby. You can tell her love and passion for photography and you can see it in every picture. There's heart and soul in it! Apart from that, she is incredibly loving and patient, taking all the time in the world. You feel right at home and can enjoy the time with her. And most importantly, she knows what she's doing, I never had any hesitation in trusting her with my baby. Value for money is very good compared to many comparable photographers. Great recommendations ♥️

Maren Mangold

Thank you very much for your loving and humorous manner during our baby shoot. The children and we felt very comfortable with you. The communication in advance went very well and also afterwards with regard to the selection of pictures etc.. Greetings from Hanover

Luisa Krasemann

I don't usually write recessions, but at this point an absolute "must have"! We went to Annette's for the newborn shoot and we are absolutely thrilled! From the ambience in the lovingly furnished studio to dealing with our little darling, it was an absolute experience. We picked up our photos today and were greeted with a gorgeous designed box, which also contained a few surprises. Annette can be recommended without reservation and we are so happy to have been with her! Next shooting with her is already reserved!

Katrin Photography

Katrin Photography offers a unique boudoir photography experience that captures the beauty, sensuality, and confidence of every woman. With her warm and loving nature, she creates a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that allows you to relax and feel in good hands. Clients rave about the wonderful experience they had with Katrin, where they felt seen and well looked after right from the start. Many have even fallen in love with themselves after the shoot, thanks to Katrin's sensitivity and authenticity. Her coaching sessions are also highly recommended, as clients not only learn about photography but also develop personally. The resulting photos are breathtaking and showcase the beauty and sensuality of every woman, captured in the moment and movement. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can make you feel confident, beautiful, and sensual, Katrin Photography is definitely worth checking out.

Customer Reviews

Iris Überheide

The shooting with Katrin was a very special experience for me. With her loving and warm nature, she makes you feel relaxed and in good hands and then you are in a real flow. The result is unique photos that you would never have expected of yourself. Wow!!! I can only recommend every woman to do such a shoot with Katrin. I got a whole new feeling for myself😍 Thank you again for this wonderful experience 🥰

Lavinia G.

The photo shoot at Katrin's was a wonderful experience. A friendly atmosphere quickly developed, so I felt very comfortable during the entire shoot! The photos more than met my expectations. I can definitely recommend a photo shoot with Katrin!

Nikola Pettit

It was such a wonderful experience. From the introductory call to the look and feel it was totally beautiful. I felt very well looked after and seen right from the start. Katrin is very sensitive and authentic. I felt I was in good hands in every situation. After the shoot, I went home with a completely different feeling. I fell in love with myself. Nobody has done that before. After the look and feel, I was completely blown away that there were such beautiful pictures of me. Unbelievable, and I didn't have to go on a diet or anything for that. Just like that, I look beautiful. I am so thankful that I found Katrin. Thank you for the breathtaking experience.

Nadine Tober Fotografie

At Nadine Tober Fotografie, capturing the perfect moment is an art form. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for making her subjects feel at ease, Nadine creates stunning boudoir photography that showcases the unique beauty of each individual. From newborns to families, even with pets, Nadine's expertise shines through in every shot, delivering a perfect result that will be cherished for years to come. With a beautiful studio that is well-equipped and thoughtfully furnished, Nadine ensures that every session is a memorable experience that is tailored to meet the specific needs of her clients. Book your appointment today and discover why Nadine Tober Fotografie is the perfect choice for those who want to capture life's most precious moments in a beautiful, timeless way.

Customer Reviews

Maike Stärk

We had a New Born shoot with our two big dogs and of course baby at Nadine's. The shooting was great, great handling of people and animals and the result is stunning. We are thrilled and incredibly happy that we made the decision. Clear recommendation!

Carina Hoppe

Super great atmosphere. Beautiful photos. Super insightful. I am absolutely thrilled and so glad that I chose Nadine. Such a time will not come again and she captured it wonderfully!

André Alpers

We had a New Born photo session with Nadine and saw the pictures today. We are thrilled with the photos and happy to share them with our loved ones. The handling of our little ones was also very careful. Clear recommendation on our part!

GlüXlinse Fotografie

GlüXlinse Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that guarantees to deliver stunning and high-quality photos that will make you feel confident and beautiful. With Xenia's loving nature and professionalism, she creates a comfortable atmosphere that will make you feel at ease during the shoot. Her work speaks for itself, as every photo captures the essence of each unique moment. Whether it's a couple shoot or newborn photoshoot, GlüXlinse Fotografie knows how to make every session unforgettable. You can trust Xenia to make your wishes come true, and the end result will be just as you imagined - if not better. The glowing reviews speak for themselves, so book your session with GlüXlinse Fotografie today and experience the magic for yourself!

Customer Reviews

Fenja Heinrich

We are now with dear Xenia for the 2nd time, we are so satisfied that we would book any further shooting with her again and again. Very good work and I really recommend it. She really makes every wish come true "if it is possible". Always my pleasure.

Regina Stumpf

Such a professional and loving photographer ♥️ we did all the shoots at Xenia's, whether it was a couple shoot, wedding photos or newborn shoots. She takes such great photos that you can't decide which one to take because they're all just great. You feel super comfortable with her, you can have fun and you can see that in the photos. Thank you for always being there with the lens at our special moments 📸

Nadja Elsesser

A wonderful shooting with heart. Xenia touches with her loving nature and professionalism. We had a super nice day together and got great photos in which I can find and see myself so much. I'm really looking forward to a repeat. Thank you dear Xenia ❤️


VanyPhotography is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio that offers exceptional photography services for various events. With a keen eye for detail and an ability to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, Vany ensures that all clients feel at ease during their photo shoots. Whether you need a photographer for your wedding, baby belly or newborn shoot, VanyPhotography has got you covered. Clients have commended Vany's patience and understanding, particularly when it comes to working with children. The beautiful scenery and atmosphere in Vany's studio add to the overall experience, resulting in breathtaking photos that will last a lifetime. With quick processing times and fair pricing, VanyPhotography is definitely worth considering for anyone who wants professional photos at great value.

Customer Reviews

Maike M.

The shooting at Vany was super nice. The pictures turned out great and the processing was very quick. Always happy 🥰

Wiebke Müller

We did a newborn shoot at Vany and are absolutely thrilled. Starting with the flexible appointment, the shooting itself, the result and the fair prices. We can recommend them unreservedly.

Jasmin Völger

We did a baby belly shoot and a newborn shoot with dear Vany and both were really great. She completely fulfilled the wishes and was totally patient and understanding when the big one didn't want to do it. Super beautiful photos were taken for eternity and we will definitely go there again🥰

Dennis Brandt Fotografie

Dennis Brandt Fotografie is a professional boudoir photographer who has proven his skills in capturing beautiful moments not only during boudoir shoots but also on other occasions. Dennis was hired to capture the most beautiful moments during a child's baptism, and he did so with great professionalism and reserve. He knows how to take in the mood, emotions, location, guests, and family in a way that produces natural and stunning shots. His communication skills and agreements with clients are also commendable. In addition, his ability to work well with children is also noteworthy. Whether you want city portraits or a children's photoshoot, Dennis is highly recommended for his craft and friendly personality.

Customer Reviews

Viktoria Möslinger

I was traveling alone in Braunschweig for work and wanted to have a few city portraits of myself. Dennis is highly recommended. A likeable photographer who knows his craft. I got great photos and the processing was very fast. Thanks!

Mobile Fußpflege Isabelle Hasselbach

Great photographer! totally fond of children! Children's photo shoot very successful!! My daughter liked it too! ♥️ Thank you very much!!

Tatjana Kirchner

The photographer is recommended! We had a Christmas/children's shoot at Dennis' and are very satisfied. The kids had a lot of fun and Dennis is very friendly and nice, gets along with kids very well. The pictures turned out really great. Thank you for the great work.

Maren Kolf - Fotografie mit viel Gefühl & Spaß!

Maren Kolf - Fotografie mit viel Gefühl & Spaß! is a talented boudoir photographer who is known for bringing out the best in her clients. Her approach is both creative and sensitive, allowing her subjects to relax and truly enjoy their photo sessions. With Maren, clients can expect to have a lot of fun while creating gorgeous, personalized images that capture their unique beauty and style. From baby bump to boudoir, Maren's work is always impressive, and her clients keep coming back for more.

Customer Reviews

Marena Winkelma nn

Just great. This is how I imagine a photo session! Sympathetic, cheerful, relaxed. With a thousand ideas. Sensitive, creative, tailored exactly to what I want. Just wow!

Nicole Marquardt

A sensitive power woman! Maren's photos are very special! An encounter with yourself is guaranteed. Just get involved. Thanks for the beautiful photos!!!!

Jessica Lennartz

Super great photos, very good advice. Maren is very friendly and has great ideas. It was a lot of fun, the baby bump shooting.

Tobias Glawe Photography

Tobias Glawe Photography is a boudoir photography studio that promises to capture your true essence in every shot. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, Tobias creates stunning images that are perfect for any occasion. Clients have raved about the photo shoots, stating that they had a lot of fun during the process and were impressed with the quality of the pictures. The edited images were delivered promptly, leaving clients feeling more than satisfied with their experience. Tobias Glawe Photography also offers workshops for those interested in learning more about portrait photography. These workshops are well-organized and offer plenty of opportunities to learn and practice. Participants are given individual attention and can expect to leave with newfound skills and knowledge. Overall, Tobias Glawe Photography is a top choice for anyone looking for high-quality boudoir photography or a chance to learn more about the craft.

Customer Reviews

Patrycja Murek

Thank you very much for the photo shoot. I had a lot of fun with the shooting and the pictures were really great. The pictures were made available to me for inspection on the same day. I received the edited images in just a few days. I can definitely recommend Tobias 😊

Maria Personal Training

Thank you very much for the great pictures. The shooting was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot and great pictures were taken for my website. I can recommend Tobias with a clear conscience!

Dennis Hodann

I had booked the "Portrait with available Light to Sensual" photo course and was not disappointed. As a small, well-arranged group, we met at a nice, not overcrowded location. A lot of time was taken for the participants, the interaction was relaxed and fun. There was enough time to take photos and ask questions. Improvements and tips were explained directly on the camera, that's the way it should be. Great job from the photographer and the model. Would book a photo course with Tobias again at any time.

K. Verzbilovska Künstlerin & Fotografin

K. Verzbilovska Künstlerin & Fotografin is a top-notch boudoir photography studio that promises to capture the essence of your beauty and sensuality through their lens. With an eye for detail and creativity, Kristina, the talented photographer behind the studio, will make sure that you have a memorable and enjoyable photo session. Clients rave about the nice atmosphere during their photo session, which makes the experience fun and comfortable. Kristina's impressive ideas and ability to see the bigger picture ensure that you'll get an unforgettable set of photos. The final product is definitely worth the investment according to satisfied clients. Choose K. Verzbilovska Künstlerin & Fotografin for an exceptional boudoir photography experience that leaves you feeling confident and empowered.

Customer Reviews


First class photographer. Kristina has great ideas and a good eye. There was a nice atmosphere at my photo session and it was a lot of fun. The photos are definitely worth the money. TIP!

Dimitry Manz Hochzeitsfotograf & Hochzeitsvideograf Europaweit.

Dimitry Manz Hochzeitsfotograf & Hochzeitsvideograf Europaweit. is a professional photographer who specializes in capturing beautiful moments of your special day. With years of experience, Dimitry knows how to exceed your expectations and create stunning photos that will leave you speechless. He is patient, understanding and takes the time to listen to your needs and desires. Dimitry has an eye for beautiful backgrounds and knows how to stage the bridal couple in the right way for the perfect shot. He offers a great price-performance ratio and ensures that your wishes are taken into account. Dimitry is punctual, friendly, and thinks of everything, making your day stress-free. Don't hesitate to hire him for your wedding or any other special occasion, you won't be disappointed!

Customer Reviews

Fiona Ncube

I don’t know what to say🥰We hired him to take pictures on our wedding.The pictures are so beautiful.He was very professional,understanding and Patient.And he has experience.He knows how to do his job very well.If you are looking for a photographer that will exceed your expectations don’t hesitate to hire him everything was perfect!!

Michelle Tr

For our wedding in July we booked Dimitry as a photographer for 10 hours. Due to Corona, we were able to discuss everything in advance by phone. On the day of the wedding everything went according to plan. He was punctual, friendly and just thought of everything. He accompanied us at the registry office, in the church and at the location. The pictures turned out amazingly beautiful. Dimitry had good ideas for the couple shooting in the park in front of the location and simply has an eye for beautiful backgrounds and he knows how to stage the bridal couple in the right way for the photos. We are more than satisfied and very happy to have chosen him as our photographer. Thank you Dimitry!

Natalja D.

A very nice day (06/11/2022) with lots of emotions! Dimitry and his team managed to capture them in such a way that we go back to the photos and the video over and over again and experience the emotions we have already experienced over and over again in new ways!! wow 🤩!!! Dimitry, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great job! We are super satisfied and would definitely recommend you!!

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