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Boudoir photographer near me

Karlsruhe, Germany

Discover wonderful boudoir photographers in Karlsruhe, a city in Germany that is known for its baroque architecture, expansive parks and gardens, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Daniel Fink-Fotografie

Daniel Fink-Fotografie is a professional boudoir photographer who takes the time to understand his client's needs and desires. His clients have reported feeling comfortable and at ease during their shoots, which are always tailored to their preferences. Daniel brings his own creative ideas to each shoot, resulting in stunning and personalized photos. His professionalism and attention to detail make the entire process seamless, from booking to receiving the final edited images. Clients highly recommend him and look forward to future shoots with Daniel.

Customer Reviews

Janin Kircher

It's always fun to take pictures with Daniel! He responds to all requests, makes very professional and quickly edited pictures can only recommend him! :)

Anna Schweisgut

I've shot with Daniel several times now and I've been super satisfied every time! Our last shoot was a baby belly shoot, so it was a bit more personal and I felt really good! Daniel responded 100% to my wishes and took a lot of time. I look forward to more shoots 📸


It was fun to shoot with Daniel and great pictures were taken. He thought about the location and responded to my wishes. He also brought in his own creative ideas, which we spontaneously implemented. I felt very comfortable during the shoot and it was a relaxed atmosphere. We've tried a lot. The processing afterwards was also done quickly. Overall I was very satisfied.


Fotobraun is a boudoir photography studio that captures the essence of femininity through stunning images. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating gorgeous photographs, Fotobraun specializes in boudoir photography that celebrates the beauty of every woman. Their talented team of photographers creates an intimate and comfortable environment that allows clients to relax and be themselves in front of the camera. From delicate lace lingerie to bold and daring poses, Fotobraun's boudoir photography is both timeless and modern, capturing the unique personality and style of each individual client. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Fotobraun is a top choice for anyone looking for stunning boudoir photography that showcases their beauty and confidence.

Customer Reviews

Corina Richter Photography

Corina Richter Photography is a boudoir photography studio that offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for its clients. With years of experience, Corina has an excellent eye for professional, beautiful pictures that will leave you thrilled. Clients rave about her warm welcome and the way she makes them feel at ease during the shoot. Corina is known for her ability to help clients find the best pose and angle, resulting in breathtaking pictures that clients love to display in their homes. The studio also offers a styling package, which is highly recommended by clients who have taken advantage of it. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who can create stunning images while making you feel comfortable and relaxed, look no further than Corina Richter Photography.

Customer Reviews

Doreen Brantl

Very likeable and experienced photographer with a great eye for professional, beautiful pictures. I'm rather shy and need a while to warm up. Corina made it easy for me to relax. I felt very comfortable with her and the pictures are awesome 😍 I think the price is okay. Of course it's expensive at first glance, but that's not something you do every month and it was really worth it. I also did the styling, which was done by a sweet and outgoing stylist who knows what she's doing. I highly recommend taking the combo package.

Anna Boda

I'm absolutely thrilled! The pictures turned out really great. The atmosphere in Corina's studio was totally relaxed and warm, so I quickly felt very comfortable. I came all the way from Stuttgart and it was more than worth it 💕💕 thank you very much for the wonderful memories 💕

Stina Neudeck

Corina gave me a very warm welcome right from the start. The atmosphere was totally relaxed and I felt very well looked after. And of course not to forget: The pictures turned out really great! Corina responded to all my requests and we were able to use many of the accessories I had brought with me. The editing of the pictures also went really quickly. Thank you for your support, the result will definitely be very well received 😊!

Sabrina Guthier - Familienfotograf Karlsruhe, Babyfotograf Karlsruhe

Sabrina Guthier is a talented photographer who specializes in family, baby, and boudoir photography based in Karlsruhe. Her passion for photography and love for capturing natural moments shines through in her work. Sabrina's clients appreciate her open, honest, and trusting nature, making them feel comfortable and at ease during the shoot. Her welcoming studio provides an ideal setting for newborns and their families. Sabrina's relaxed and warm-hearted approach creates a comfortable atmosphere, resulting in beautiful and authentic photographs. Her expertise extends to wedding photography, where she captures authentic and candid moments that couples will cherish forever. Whether you are looking for family portraits, baby photos, or boudoir photography, Sabrina Guthier is the perfect choice for capturing your precious moments.

Customer Reviews

Rene Nikolaus

About 3 weeks ago, my partner and I went to Sabrina's with our daughter, who was just 8 days old, to have newborn photos taken. As a new mum, I was a bit skeptical at first and worried about handing my little mouse over to a stranger. After the first phone call with Sabrina, however, I was already convinced that it would work out great. On the day itself, we were again convinced by her open, honest and trusting nature. Not only did we as parents feel comfortable, but also our mouse. She was in good hands in Sabrina's hands. The room temperature was ideal for the little one thanks to the heating fan and the soothing music also made itself felt. We had so much fun watching Sabrina at work (we weren't bored for a second). You can definitely tell her passion for photography and for dealing with newborns. We are over the moon with the results of the photos that were available to us within a week. There is so much love and skill in it. Thank you very much Sabrina for the wonderful morning with you. We couldn't have imagined it better!


Just beautiful and so uncomplicated 😍 At our first appointment, our mouse had a fever and we had to postpone the appointment and the next one because of rainy weather. Sabrina always understood and responded to our needs, being a mother herself. During our shooting, our mouse was tired and teething, but the pictures are just WOW🤩 The images are natural and harmonious. We will have the next pictures taken by her again and are happy to recommend her to others. Thanks for these recordings! Thanks for the reminder.

Caprice Sokopp

For us it was clear for a long time: if we should have offspring, we will book Sabrina for our shooting. The naturalness that her pictures radiate has always fascinated me. Another reason that spoke for it was that she also offers shootings in her own home, which I find very practical, especially with newborns. Sabrina met our expectations 100 percent and thanks to her we have a lot of wonderful, natural photos of us and our son. These are valuable memories for us that no one can take from us. Thanks to Sabrina's relaxed and warm-hearted manner, there was a totally relaxed and comfortable atmosphere during the shoot, I never thought that everything could be so relaxed with baby. She was totally loving, kind and patient with our son. We recommend Sabrina wholeheartedly and 100 percent and will certainly not have booked the last shoot with her. family Sokopp

BruderArtcore Photography - Fotograf Bruchsal

BruderArtcore Photography - Fotograf Bruchsal is a boudoir photography studio that is highly recommended by its satisfied clients. Volker, the photographer, is described as personable and passionate with lots of great ideas. He takes his work seriously and is known to produce amazing pictures that his clients love. In addition to his professionalism, he is also praised for his friendly and relaxed approach during shoots, making everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Whether it's a business portrait or a family shoot, Volker takes the time to get to know his clients and their preferences, resulting in natural-looking photos that capture the best of every individual. If you're looking for something special and unique, BruderArtcore Photography - Fotograf Bruchsal is definitely worth checking out.

Customer Reviews

Ralf Föhner

A great family shooting that is fun even for the biggest photo muffle! We laughed a lot in a relaxed atmosphere. We got super nice family photos that don't look posed despite the studio shot. Volker caught us with a natural laugh/smile that can be attributed to his cool nature.


I felt comfortable from the first second! Volker manages to take the tension away with his open and inviting manner! In addition, it becomes clear during the shooting that this man knows his trade and the results definitely confirm it again! From the consultation to the finished photos, full satisfaction!

Joe Mi

A very nice and very personable man who has many good ideas and loves his work. Volker does it with a lot of passion and accordingly the pictures he takes are just great! So 5* from me and I can always recommend him with a clear conscience!

Darili Fotografie - Babyfotografie - Speyer

A boudoir photography studio that also specializes in baby photography, Darili Fotografie in Speyer is renowned for capturing the most intimate moments of your life. With a warm and open personality, Daria will ensure that you feel right at home in front of her camera. From baby bump shoots to family portraits, Daria effortlessly captures the most beautiful moments that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Her ability to calm and soothe babies during photo shoots is something that sets her apart from the rest. The natural and relaxed atmosphere she creates makes for the most stunning photos that capture the essence of your family. With her keen eye for detail and creative ideas for natural shots, Darili Fotografie is highly recommended for anyone looking to create beautiful memories.

Customer Reviews

Mascha Kramer

We had a wonderful shooting with our little princess. The shooting was so pleasantly relaxed, so our little one was super calm, which I thought was great. Daria is not only a great photographer, but can also calm the babies down well 😊.. In the end we were so enthusiastic about the pictures.. Simply done a great job..


We had a great family shoot with Daria. Both the tips for preparing for the day, such as the clothes that matched in color, and the shooting itself worked out great and the atmosphere was very pleasant and familiar for everyone right from the start. The respect in front of the camera quickly disappeared, because Daria had really great ideas for natural family photos and everyone felt right at home :-)

Frau Walter

Total recommendation!! We felt very comfortable during the baby belly shoot with Daria :-) The pictures are really beautiful! From booking, shooting, to the finished pictures, everything went very quickly and easily :-) P.S: We are really looking forward to the newborn shoot ;-)

La Petite Famille

La Petite Famille is a boudoir photography studio that offers a wide range of services to capture the most intimate and special moments of your life. With Madlen's expertise, this studio provides a relaxed and informal atmosphere where you can feel completely comfortable during your shoot. The various motif ideas ensure that your photos are unique and personalized to fit your style. Whether it's a baby belly shoot, newborn shoot or family shoot, La Petite Famille has got you covered. The price-performance ratio is right and the turnaround time for receiving your pictures is super fast while maintaining a high-quality standard. Clients leave feeling satisfied and happy, wanting to book their next shooting again and again. Choose La Petite Famille for an unforgettable boudoir photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Dirk Vollmer

We had a family shoot at Madlen Hamann. Just wonderful! Relaxed atmosphere, nice studio, great pictures and the price-performance ratio is right.

Sarah Dierig

We had both our baby belly shoot and the newborn shoot with Madlen from La Petite Famille and are super happy with the pictures! It was a relaxed and informal atmosphere with various motif ideas and lots of great photos at the end. We felt completely comfortable and will also do future shootings here :)

Nati Fa

We had a newborn photo shoot last week and were super satisfied. Madlen took a lot of time, even small breaks to calm the little one were no problem and she responded to us very well. We felt comfortable throughout. We got the pictures super fast and they have a super quality and there are really a lot and very nice photos. We are completely happy and would book the shooting again and again :)

Steven Irion Photography

Steven Irion Photography is a seasoned professional who has captured the most beautiful moments of countless weddings and newborn shoots. Clients rave about his ability to make them feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, resulting in stunning, natural-looking photos. Steven's talent and passion for photography are evident in the way he approaches each shoot with care and attention to detail. He takes time to get to know his clients beforehand, providing valuable tips and advice to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day. Whether it's a wedding, newborn shoot, or any other special occasion, Steven has a knack for capturing the emotions and details that make each moment unique. Clients appreciate his friendly and relaxed approach, which makes the experience enjoyable and fun for everyone involved. If you're looking for a photographer who will go above and beyond to create lasting memories of your special day, Steven Irion Photography comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Uwe Seeger

Steven is an incredibly likeable and passionate photographer who accompanied our wedding in a very special way. Steven gave us valuable tips in a preliminary talk. On the wedding day itself, Steven accompanied us from "getting ready" to the registry office and the wedding location. It felt like we had a good friend with us taking photos. It was so natural for him and us. Relaxed, active and attentive, he captured details and situations in pictures that we didn't think was possible. We are deeply impressed by the photos and the way Steven captured our most beautiful day in a photo story. It doesn't get any better! Thank you very much!

Nadja Hofmann

On October 1st, 2022 the time had come, we got married. We look back so fondly on this day. Thanks to Steven's beautiful pictures, we feel transported back even more to the moments. His photos turned out just beautiful. He captured the moments very nicely. He accompanied us for 12 hours and it never felt uncomfortable. The exchange before the wonderful day was also uncomplicated. Thank you for being part of our day and giving us such wonderful memories.

Larissa Piek

Dear Steven did a newborn shoot for us this year shortly after our daughter was born. We were a bit jittery before the shoot because we still have a 2.5-year-old son who wasn't too keen on "taking a picture" at the moment, so we prepared ourselves in advance for a strenuous morning. In the end everything turned out very differently. The way Steven led the shoot, and the way he handled our big one, not only made it relaxed for us, it was also a lot of fun. He took turns shooting the little one and me, dad and the children, then all of us, etc., while keeping an eye on the children's needs. The results are to die for, we love the memories he created for us. Any time! :-)

Fotografie Lichtblicke - Nicole Hoffmann

Fotografie Lichtblicke - Nicole Hoffmann is a talented boudoir photographer with a reputation for creating beautiful and authentic photos. With a focus on capturing precious moments, Nicole takes her time to ensure that clients are relaxed and comfortable during their photo sessions. Her communication and scheduling skills are also highly regarded by her clients. One of the standout qualities of this studio is the reasonable pricing with no hidden fees. Whether it's a baby shoot or a wedding party, Nicole has a way of capturing the mood and special scenes in a lively and expressive way. If you're looking for a photographer who can make you feel at ease and deliver stunning results, then Fotografie Lichtblicke - Nicole Hoffmann comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Nicole Radtke

Any time!!! I felt absolutely fine. Nicole spread a pleasant atmosphere and we had a lot of fun during the shooting. The photos turned out absolutely fine. :-)

Johanna Janson

Super great pictures and a very pleasant atmosphere at our baby bump shoot. Highly recommended 😊

Claus Michelmichel

We chose Nicole as the photograph for our wedding party because the price-performance ratio convinced us and she made a good impression on the phone. The photo session of the wedding couple was professional, the photos turned out very well. She also managed to capture the mood and special scenes at the subsequent celebration, the photos are lively and expressive. We can recommend Nicole unreservedly.

Dila Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie in Karlsruhe

Dila Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie in Karlsruhe is a talented boudoir photographer who is passionate about capturing beautiful moments. Her clients rave about her professionalism and the quality of her work, with many stating that they had an enjoyable and fun experience during their photo shoots. Dilara's friendly and trustworthy nature helps her clients feel at ease in front of the camera, allowing her to capture stunning images. Some clients have even worked with other photographers in the past but found Dilara to be the best. With her attention to detail and love for her craft, Dila Photography - Hochzeitsfotografie in Karlsruhe comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a boudoir photographer who can deliver stunning results and a memorable experience.

Customer Reviews

Fulya Öztürk

This young lady really does her job with a lot of passion and love. With her open and trustworthy nature, she makes you feel good in front of the camera. I have worked with her myself and can recommend her with a clear conscience.


She's such a great photographer and also helps with posing if you can't think of much. You really can't go wrong with her if you want beautiful pictures. I've been a customer since 2018 and I'm still satisfied to this day. As a person she is also great and a shoot with her is fun too ♥️


Very very professional work. The pictures were all great and it was a lot of fun. You can tell that she is passionate about it and had a lot of fun shooting, just like we did !!! The pictures were sent to us very quickly and received top processing. I had already had several shootings with other photographers, I found it best with Dilara. Only to recommend!!

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