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Boudoir photographer near me

Münster, Germany

Discover outstanding boudoir photographers in Münster, a city in Germany that is known for its charming historic center, beautiful parks and gardens, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Our carefully curated AI is crafted to provide you with an unforgettable experience that celebrates your unique beauty, sensuality, and confidence.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
  • Multiple poses and outfits
  • 10 credits for additional photos
  • Nude filter for all photos

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Boudoir photography is a unique art form that requires a skilled photographer to capture the essence of femininity, beauty, and sensuality. And if you're looking for a boudoir photography studio that delivers exceptional results, look no further than The website offers the services of Tim, a highly experienced and professional photographer who has a talent for making his clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. His approachable personality and expert eye for detail make him a favorite among clients who are looking for a boudoir photography experience that is both empowering and memorable. As one of Tim's clients put it, "Tim takes really great professional photos! I would recommend him again and again." This sentiment is echoed by many others who have worked with him, including one who said, "Absolute recommendation from the heart!" If you're ready to see yourself in a new light and capture your beauty and sensuality through the lens of a talented photographer, then is the perfect place to start. Book a session with Tim today and see for yourself why his clients keep coming back for more.

Customer Reviews

Anh Büscher

Tim takes really great professional photos! I would recommend him again and again. Thanks Tim :)

Claudia S.

Absolute recommendation from the heart! The boudoir photo shoot with Tim was the first of its kind for me and I remember it as a very special experience. He works very professionally and is super personable, so I was able to quickly build trust. The photos helped me see myself as a woman in a new light. I would choose to shoot with him again and again. Thank you Tim!

M. H.

Lookin forward to the next project! :)

Ewa Wrona Fotografie

Ewa Wrona Fotografie's boudoir photography sessions are a testament to her expertise and passion for capturing the natural beauty of her clients. Her ability to make her clients feel relaxed in front of the camera is a true talent, resulting in stunning and personalized shots. With a keen eye for detail and an open ear to her clients' vision, Ewa brings a personal touch to every shoot. She also provides the unique advantage of allowing her clients to see the photos on the camera screen as she takes them, giving them the opportunity to customize and adjust as they go along. Whether it's a baby bump shoot or a home shoot, Ewa delivers beautiful photos with love, fun, and authenticity.

Customer Reviews

Ela Bie

Ewa is a great photographer and clearly knows her stuff. From the beginning she made me feel relaxed and I am very happy with the end result of my photo session. She makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, gives directions so you don't just stand there awkwardly. It also lets you see the photos on the camera screen as she takes them, so you can customize whatever you want, which is really useful. Great all round, thank you!

Julia choconana

Beautiful pictures! Again any time.

Marco Swirski

Many thanks Ewa for the wonderful photos. The afternoon was very special for us and you made everything with so much love. You can see that you enjoy your job! Greetings Ilona and Marco


Daniel Voss is a boudoir photographer who knows how to make his clients feel at ease and confident. He takes pride in creating a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere during the shoot, making the process enjoyable and fun for everyone involved. With clear and structured instructions, Daniel ensures that his clients understand what is expected of them, resulting in stunning and successful photos. Clients have praised his open and friendly manner, feeling like they were in good hands at all times. The end results are simply beautiful, leaving clients with positive impressions and a collection of breathtaking photos to choose from. Anyone looking for a professional and talented boudoir photographer should definitely consider Daniel Voss for their next photo shoot.

Customer Reviews

Joleen Ziegler

We booked the photographer for a photo shoot and he won us over with his open, friendly manner. You felt like you were in good hands at all times and you immediately noticed that Mr. Voss has a clue. The end results were beautiful and I highly recommend the photographer!

Dasha Bogdanova

I have a photo shoot with my best friend a few months ago. It was super awesome! The atmosphere was very relaxed and easygoing. The photographer helped a lot and suggested a lot of stunning ideas. All suggestions were explained in a very clear and structured way, so that you immediately understand what is required of you. Overall, the process was really fun and I only have positive impressions afterwards. The results are just beautiful. In the end you have so many successful photos that you can hardly choose which of them to post.

Kateryna Makhiboroda

We had a street portrait shooting and I am very satisfied with the result and how professional he is 👍🏻 We had fun while shooting so I felt relaxed and confident. I enjoyed the process and the photos were so great and I like each of them

Licht & Du Fotografie Münster

Licht & Du Fotografie Münster is a boudoir photography studio that aims to capture the most beautiful moments of your life. Led by Lucie, the team is known for their personable and flexible approach when it comes to working with clients. Whether you're looking for wedding photos, baby bump shoots, or family photos, Licht & Du Fotografie Münster has got you covered. With an eye for detail and a talent for capturing natural and beautiful moments, Lucie creates a comfortable atmosphere for her clients, making them feel right at home during the shoot. The result is an exceptional collection of photographs that are guaranteed to become cherished memories for years to come. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer in Münster, Licht & Du Fotografie Münster is a clear recommendation for your next shoot.

Customer Reviews

Giuseppe Paletta

thank you so much for the shoot! Lucie was very flexible and responded to us very well. very beautiful photos :)


Excellent! Lucie is sooo personable and very flexible! We are so happy with our wedding photos and had so much fun! Whether group photos, discreetly photographed during the wedding ceremony or in the style of a report - wonderful! We recommend

Lena Berlin

Dear Lucie, what can we say - THANK YOU for the incredibly beautiful wedding photos! We felt right at home with you right from the trial shoot. On our wedding day you brought a little relaxation into the day with your relaxed and uncomplicated manner and also made us laugh a lot :) We really had a lot of fun with you and we don't want to put the magical pictures down! No matter what occasion we would like to take photos for in the future - we would be happy to do it again with you! :)

Momentonia Fotografie & Fotodesign

Momentonia Fotografie & Fotodesign is a boudoir photography studio run by Antonia, who has a true passion for photography. With her warm and welcoming personality, Antonia makes her clients feel at ease from the very beginning. She captures moments that are often overlooked, resulting in stunning photos that speak for themselves. From weddings to family portraits, Antonia's work is always exceptional and exceeds expectations. Her attention to detail is evident not only in her photography, but also in the lovingly designed packages she delivers. Clients rave about their experiences with Momentonia Fotografie & Fotodesign, recommending them to everyone.

Customer Reviews

Inga Schatton

Great photographer! Did both our wedding photos and family portraits. We have always felt comfortable and in good hands.

Antonia Mettenborg

A couple reported that back to me 🥰... only the activation of the rating didn't work so far. So here's another try...


Antonia is not only a great photographer, but also an absolutely likeable and nice person. From the first meeting at her house (her two cats are adorable, by the way) to the sending of our wedding package, everything went smoothly and we felt very comfortable with her from the start. It's easy to see that photography isn't just a job for her, it's a matter of the heart. Everything was perfect and we would recommend them to everyone! Dear Antonia, I can't thank you enough for your great work. You really managed to get the maximum possible out of the relatively short accompaniment of our wedding, you captured moments that we weren't really aware of or noticed. Your pictures just speak for themselves. Your package was so lovingly designed and totally exceeded our expectations. We will definitely get in touch with you again for the next event... :-) Greetings from Janina & Steffen (& Chap)

Nike Gais Fotografie

Nike Gais Fotografie is a professional and empathetic boudoir photographer with years of experience in capturing special moments. Nike's approach to photography is unique, as she takes the time to get to know her clients and create a comfortable atmosphere. This allows for natural and beautiful photos that truly capture the mood of the moment. Nike has a talent for making even the most shy or nervous subjects feel at ease, resulting in stunning photos that reflect the true essence of each individual. Her dedication to her craft is evident in every shot, and it's no wonder that clients keep returning to her for their most important occasions. Whether it's a wedding, a birth, or any other special event, Nike Gais Fotografie is the perfect choice for those looking for a talented and sensitive photographer who can deliver results beyond expectations.

Customer Reviews


I turned to Nike Gais for two photo opportunities that were important to me, because I wanted to be sure that I had really good photos in my hands that I was satisfied with. And that's exactly how it was! Nike takes a lot of time to find out together with your customers what kind of photos should be created and to implement them: This process was also very helpful for me beyond the immediate photo result and helped clarify my point of view in a wonderful way. What Nike offers is actually much more than photography.

Annika Sieber

Nike is very empathetic and takes all the time in the world. Pictures with children and animals from her hand are just great. I can recommend them to everyone. Even photos that require a lot of trust can be made by her with a clear conscience. You always have the feeling that you can trust her and just be who you are.

Lena Drexler

Nike took the beautiful photos of our wedding. She was very professional and committed and the photos are perfect! Very natural and the mood was captured well. Nike is a super nice person who quickly took our shyness away and created a pleasant atmosphere. Our guests were also enthusiastic! We will hire them again at the next opportunity!

Fotostudio Russell Flood

Fotostudio Russell Flood is a top-rated boudoir photography studio that has been capturing stunning moments for years. Mr. Flood is known for his personable and professional demeanor, making each shoot an enjoyable experience. Clients are impressed with the quick turnaround of receiving their photos after the shoot, which are described as super beautiful. The studio's attention to detail is noted, with seasonal decorations adding an extra touch of excitement to the shoot. Families appreciate the photographer's ability to make children feel comfortable while taking pictures, resulting in perfect memories captured. From weddings to everyday shoots, Mr. Flood's expertise is highlighted as he captures every moment perfectly. Overall, Fotostudio Russell Flood is highly recommended for those seeking a professional, fun, and unforgettable photography experience.

Customer Reviews

Marie Korth

Absolutely great. It was a very pleasant shoot and Mr. Flood is super personable and very professional. We (my sister and I each) received the photos via email within a few hours of the shoot, just great!! The pictures are super beautiful and I'm really looking forward to giving them away for Christmas.

Vanessa C.

We have been to this photo studio regularly since 2016. I'm excited! For our Christmas photos, the photo studio was decorated for Christmas, with great attention to detail! The photographer also got my 3 children tamed and you always felt comfortable while taking pictures! The pictures always turned out perfect! For me, these are just wonderful memories. I can only recommend the studio!

Maria Kunze

My husband and I booked Mr Flood for our wedding and are blown away by the amazing pictures. He captured every moment of our best day! I can only recommend him 👌

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