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Nuremberg, Germany

Discover excellent boudoir photographers in Nuremberg, a city in Germany that is known for its medieval architecture, historical significance, delicious gingerbread, and beautiful Christmas markets.

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Wolke16 Fotografie & Coaching

At Wolke16 Fotografie & Coaching, Stefanie captures more than just pictures; she captures emotions and memories to hold onto forever. Her warm and friendly demeanor creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, making it easy for clients to let go and be themselves. With her technical skills and ability to bring out the best in people, Stefanie is more than just a photographer - she's an artist who captures moments that touch the heart. From family photos to pregnancy and newborn shoots, Stefanie's work is unique and unforgettable. Clients rave about the indescribable shooting atmosphere and the special and unique pictures she creates. If you are looking for a photographer who will capture your true essence and create treasured memories, look no further than Wolke16 Fotografie & Coaching.

Customer Reviews

Tamara Proßwitz

If you want beautiful, authentic pictures of yourself and/or your family, Stefanie is the right place for you! We are more than enthusiastic about the pictures. With her wonderful way, Stefanie manages to create an indescribable shooting atmosphere, which is also reflected in the pictures. That was definitely not our last shooting with her :-)

Alexis U

If you are looking for a great photographer, Stefanie Wolle16 is the place for you. She is such a warm, friendly person who makes you feel very comfortable. She takes such beautiful unforgettable pictures. We've had photographers before, but nobody makes them as unique and memorable as they do. We had 3 shoots with her. Baby belly, newborn and for the 1 year old of our little ones. Stefanie turns the pictures into something very special and unique. You feel right at home and don't even notice that she's taking pictures. She is very responsive and takes perfect pictures. We couldn't have found a better one. She responds to the little one so well and has understanding, patience and a lot of empathy. Which is not a matter of course for everyone. It will definitely not have been the last shooting and we can only recommend her with all our hearts ❤️

Anni Hölzl

Stefanie is a wonderful person! With her enchanting manner and professionalism, she captured our wedding so naturally and genuinely, creating a wonderful memory for us forever! It wasn't my first time in front of her camera - Stefanie manages to bring out the best in you. Wonderful photos were taken! You can totally let yourself go with Stefanie, the whole atmosphere is so relaxed and easygoing with her - like meeting a friend! It will certainly not have been the last family photos! We are looking forward to the next meeting with her!

Venja-Art Photography

Looking for a boudoir photography studio that offers an all-around carefree package? Look no further than Venja-Art Photography! With a professional and welcoming approach, Sandra will make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. Her attention to detail shines through in the insanely beautiful styling and costumes, and her great instructions for the shoot will make posing a breeze, even if you're new to modeling. The results are stunningly beautiful pictures that you'll love. Whether you're booking a deluxe day or a YourDay photo shoot package, Sandra will create a dream day that you won't forget. Highly recommended as a gift idea or a special treat for yourself, book your shoot with Venja-Art Photography today!

Customer Reviews

Katharina Kraus

An all round wonderful experience! I booked a shooting day with Sandra. Arriving by train was uncomplicated. Sandra described the route very well and immediately welcomed me very nicely in front of her house. She offered me an all-round carefree package - starting with drinks and small snacks, great conversations, insanely beautiful styling and costumes and great instructions for the shoot. The time flew by and there were just incredibly great, lovingly designed pictures that I really like. Dear Sandra, thank you for the great day and we hope to see you soon!

Jessica Plaß

The photographer is super nice and my initial nervousness quickly evaporated. She took really nice pictures of me and also did a great job of editing them. I'm totally satisfied and will hopefully have another shoot at Venja Art soon. :)

Mebel Hummig

Wow, what a photo shoot. My booked "YourDay" photo shoot package was a very special experience. I was in a great mood and it was a dream day. I felt so comfortable with Sandra, first we discussed the exact procedure and my wishes as well as the final outfits and the hairstyle + make-up and then the makeover started. Sandra did the whole thing in a really professional and super nice way, after that we went straight to the first set. Proper music was playing in the background to create a relaxed atmosphere. Sandra showed me the poses at first because I feel safer with them and it worked really well. In between, I could always look at the photos and then, if necessary, choose other poses or try them out myself. The day was a dream from start to finish. On the same evening I even got the photos via a link and was able to choose my selection for editing. I can warmly recommend a photo shoot at Sandra's, even if you're totally afraid of the camera or have never "modeled" before, that's no problem Sandra will show you everything, you won't feel uncomfortable and you'll get great pictures! Also highly recommended as a gift idea.

Fotostudio Martina Volkmann

Fotostudio Martina Volkmann is a professional and passionate boudoir photographer that truly captures the essence of each client. With years of experience in the field, Martina knows how to make every photo session comfortable and relaxed, resulting in stunning images that truly capture the beauty of each individual. From school enrollment photos, wedding photography, family portraits, to application photos, Martina is patient, dedicated, and professional, always taking the time to ensure that her clients are completely satisfied with the final product. With a heart full of passion and a talent for capturing the perfect shot, Fotostudio Martina Volkmann is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality boudoir photography.

Customer Reviews

Jessica Biss

We had photos taken of our 3 year old son. Martina is a very patient and professional photographer, everything was just great!!! She took the time the little one needed. We will definitely go back to her for the next shoot! :)

Anni K.

Martina photographed our wedding in the Pellerschloss and was great! She jumped in spontaneously and we have very nice pictures of all the guests, the group and she really got the best out of us as a bridal couple! We paid them by the hour and then got all the images edited within a week and a half. A photographer with heart!

Brienche F

Dear Martina, for almost 3 years you have accompanied me in my life with my little one. The pictures are always amazing. I think it's great how you do your job with heart and soul. Thank you for your warmth, your good mood, I could list a lot more. And a thousand thanks for these infinitely mega beautiful pictures. Indoor, outdoor, family pics, you even took great pictures for us with my little dog. Your ideas are always great. Even though I've moved back to my old homeland, I keep coming to you. About once a quarter I manage the 300 km and we are already looking forward to the next shooting and our reunion. stay as you are We wish you all the best and therefore a lot of nice people who appreciate your work. Much love 🫶🏼

Anna Hofbeck Photography

Anna Hofbeck Photography is a talented and patient photographer who takes great care in capturing beautiful photos. Her studio provides a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for clients, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable experience. From baby bump shoots to children's pictures, Anna's expertise and attention to detail are evident in every photograph she captures. Clients appreciate her responsiveness, flexibility, and willingness to go above and beyond to fulfill their requests. Whether you're looking to capture your little ones' precious moments or celebrate your own beauty and confidence with boudoir photography, Anna Hofbeck Photography is an excellent choice.

Customer Reviews

Janine Hackbarth

Super dear photographer. Takes his time and takes great pictures. We would like to come again !!

S. Schramm

The pictures from the baby shoot turned out very nice. Anna responded to all requests and took a lot of time.

Serpil E.

A great photographer with a nice studio. The pictures from the baby bump shooting turned out to be fantastically beautiful! Of course, she can also take pictures of our little miracle that is coming soon and we are already looking forward to it!

frank hacker mementography

Frank Hacker of Mementography is a boudoir photographer who has gained an outstanding reputation for his exceptional work. He has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied clients who highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and professional photographer. Frank's remarkable ability to capture natural and spontaneous moments has made him an unparalleled lighting expert. His sense of humor and friendly nature make his clients feel comfortable and relaxed, resulting in stunning and authentic photographs. Frank takes pride in his attention to detail, as seen in the beautifully designed cigar box that includes some selected high-quality prints. His clients have expressed their gratitude for making their special day unforgettable with his bombastic photography skills. Overall, Frank Hacker is highly recommended for his creativity, professionalism, and dedication to his craft.

Customer Reviews

Rita Brendel

EXCELLENT!! We could never have found a better photographer! We wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone! His amazing photos make us relive our amazing wedding every time! We are very fortunate that he was recommended to us and celebrated with us! Really professional and very friendly! We are enthusiastic about his work and would book him again at any time! Thank you very much again for this experience!! :)

Felix H

Frank managed to make our perfect day even more unforgettable. ❤️ Already during our preliminary talk together, he took an incredible amount of time for us and created an absolutely familiar atmosphere. On our big day, he then managed to capture the entire day with just the right amount of sense of humor on high-quality recordings, EVERY guest is the focus at least once - Frank has an absolute instinct for the perfect snapshots - our guests were too There and away! We were also incredibly overwhelmed by the outcome of our couple shoot. ❤️ The icing on the cake was the beautifully designed cigar box, including some selected high-quality prints - there is a huge amount of attention to detail in it. Thank you again, Frank! We would book you again without hesitation! ABSOLUTE RECOMMENDATION!

Nadine Krahn

😳 O-M-G 😳 Frank has us 2!! A few days after the wedding, we sent a number of pictures in advance as a preview with the description 'quick and dirty' and these pictures really got us excited. But THE RESULT is amazing!!! Many thanks for these absolutely awesome pictures. 🙏🏼🥹 We feel so set back and had to really laugh, cry and smile from time to time... Thank you for capturing so many emotions and moments on our very special day! 🤍 MERCI - ON YOU! 🍻 Hereby an absolute 1000% recommendation to all searchers.

cut video photography

Cut Video Photography is a team of exceptional professionals who specialize in capturing the essence of boudoir photography. With an impressive track record of delivering high-quality photos and videos, they have become one of the most sought-after studios in the business. Their ability to understand what their clients want and deliver the best results is what sets them apart from the rest. The team at Cut Video Photography is highly recommended by their satisfied clients who have praised them for their excellent job and professionalism. If you're looking for a special team of professors who can capture your unique beauty, Cut Video Photography is the studio for you.

Customer Reviews

Mesiras Giorgos

Great guys 👌👌 Excellent quality photos and videos 📸🎞️ Highly recommended 👏👏💯👌👌 👉CUT VIDEO PHOTOGRAPHY 👈.


Very good job!! Excellent professionals

albana xhaferaj

Excellent job they make my baptism photo album and the video gorgeous!!! thanks my friends!!! Nana I love you

Nadine Rodler photography

Nadine Rodler Photography is a highly recommended boudoir photography studio that captures the most precious moments of your life. Nadine's professionalism creates a relaxed atmosphere for a stress-free experience. Her creativity and expertise enable her to take beautiful photos, regardless of whether the baby is sleeping or awake. Nadine is always open to discussing any special requests you may have for poses or favorite styles. Nadine and her team are consistently professional, competent, and personable, ensuring that every client is satisfied with their photos. Whether it's a wedding, family, or newborn, Nadine and her team capture every moment perfectly, making each photo special and unforgettable. Highly recommended by satisfied customers, Nadine Rodler Photography is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photography studio.

Customer Reviews

Joanne Chen Herath

Thank you Nadine! This is our second time to invite her to take the baby's photo. She is relaxed and professional. She prepared some toys and photo material to our kids and everything went well. Meantime no matter baby is sleeping or awake, Nadine can always take beautiful photos. If you have any special request of pose or favorite style, you can also contact her earlier to discuss about it. Highly recommend!

Benedikt Fleckenstein

We've had a lot of shootings with Nadine. Pregnancy, marriage, family, and and and... We were always really excited! She just manages to capture moments perfectly and they never become standard pictures, but always something very special. Nadine and her team are consistently professional, competent and also incredibly personable. If you go to other photographers, it's your own fault 😉 We can recommend them unconditionally!

Christian Teutscher

This week we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary and have looked back at the incredible pictures Nadine and Mila took from Hochzeitsfarben. We are so glad to have not only the big moments immortalized from our wedding it’s but the small little gestures, smiles and details that make the pictures precious. We were so happy that we have used Nadine for other projects like the business website, dance performances, head shots, couples pictures and more. Not only are the pictures outstanding, but the experience is great. Professional, friendly, creative and you can have fun and be yourself. I can’t recommend them enough!

Freund Foto Fotostudio Fürth

Freund Foto Fotostudio Fürth is a studio that offers outdoor boudoir photography sessions, making you feel like you're with friends. Birgit and Nick Freund are extremely flexible and have great ideas, making your experience unforgettable. They are not only patient and nice with children but also create an environment perfect for spontaneous shoots. The pictures are fantastic, and the price-performance ratio is excellent. You get all the photos on DVD, so you don't have to pay extra for individual photos. Zahnbalance practice's spontaneous Christmas shoot left a lasting impression, and Birgit and Nick's competence were highly appreciated during Teresa's photo session. The studio's super-friendly team takes the time to look at little things, and the results are stunning. Freund Foto Fotostudio Fürth is undoubtedly a clear recommendation for boudoir photography sessions.

Customer Reviews

Theresa Müller

Birgit and Nick are super friendly and I was accompanied very competently! Clear recommendation! The recording is a complete success! Thanks and best regards! :-) Teresa

S. K.

A spontaneous Christmas shoot for our dental practice that left a lasting impression. 2 wonderful people and fantastic pictures! A huge thank you from the Zahnbalance practice

Elke T

Try it folks! We are a family of 9 adults and 5 children aged 2-6 years. We have been looking for the right studio for a long time and I can warmly recommend Birgit and Nick Freund. It was an outdoor shoot and you feel like you're with friends. Nothing seems staged, they have great ideas, are extremely flexible and totally nice, patient and nice with the kids - it's really a great experience to shoot with them. The pictures are great and above all the price-performance ratio is great. You really get all the photos - and that's not just 3 or 6 - on DVD and don't have to pay extra for individual photos. Really everything as agreed. I picked up the DVDs from her studio and that's really great... well, folks: Let your friend(s) take your picture, it's really an experience and tomorrow it won't work that young anymore. Thank you Birgit and Nick

Great Photoart

Great Photoart is a boudoir photography studio run by a passionate and professional photographer who is dedicated to providing clients with high-quality, personalized services. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, clients feel right at home in the studio. The make-up artist and hair stylist work together to create a look that is tailored to each client's individual style, ensuring that they feel confident and beautiful throughout the shoot. The photographer takes the time to understand the client's preferences and responds to their wishes, resulting in stunning pictures that capture the essence of each individual. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Great Photoart is a top choice for anyone looking for a boudoir photography experience that is both unforgettable and highly recommended.

Customer Reviews

Mirko Baumann

Very nice and absolutely professional photographer. She responds to the customer's wishes and takes super great pictures. Absolutely recommended 👍👍👍

Marina Moestl

I had my first boudoir photo shoot with a make-up artist at Corina's. I was warmly welcomed by both ladies. You felt right at home there. Yvonne did the make-up and hair really well, according to my types and not like a doll. The studio has a nice size, everyone will find their suitable background here. Corina herself has a calm and very pleasant aura, so I was very relaxed right away. She explains the poses really well and if you can't do them right away, she helps and shows them. The pictures turned out just great, whether black and white or in color. Everything just fits here and I can only warmly recommend it. A great photographer who is passionate about her work. 🤗

Mandy Franke

Great pictures and always new ideas for beautiful photos

Chepter_Photographie - Maximilian Podszuck

Chepter_Photographie, led by the talented Maximilian Podszuck, is a boudoir photography studio that offers a unique and personalized experience to all its clients. Max has a natural ability to make his clients feel at ease during their photoshoots, which results in stunning and authentic images that truly capture the essence of the individual. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for photography, Max creates a comfortable and welcoming environment where his clients can express themselves freely. Whether you're looking for a boudoir shoot or a wedding photographer, Chepter_Photographie is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to capture beautiful, intimate moments that will last a lifetime.

Customer Reviews

Maxi Fe

Max accompanied us at our civil wedding this year. We wanted a photographer who would capture the emotions and atmosphere of the celebration without making the images look unreal and staged. Max implemented this wish more than perfectly and even exceeded our expectations. In the first interview, he immediately took away our excitement with his relaxed manner. We immediately had the impression that we were in absolutely professional hands. He listened to our ideas, showed us impressions of his previous work and took a lot of time to answer all of our questions. On the day of the wedding we could completely rely on him and his work and didn't have to worry about anything. He has always found the perfect balance between openly introducing and realizing his ideas and subtly capturing the most beautiful moments of the celebration from the background. The finished results absolutely convinced and inspired us and our guests. What we particularly liked were the small moments that he captured perfectly and unnoticed throughout the day and from which the most beautiful memories were created. We are overjoyed with the results and can warmly recommend Max as a wedding photographer. 🤍

Rebecca Kötterheinrich

Great photographer! Max is very likeable and easygoing and it's always fun to shoot with him. You can very well discuss your own ideas with him and find ways to implement them with him. I am more than satisfied with the pictures. Gladly another shooting 😍

Leimin H.

Max is a very great and likeable person and photographer. I think it's great that he gives you the freedom to be what you want, and great pictures always come out of it. His own picture gallery is also very good and simple. I recommend it to anyone.

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