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Wiesbaden, Germany

Discover remarkable boudoir photographers in Wiesbaden, a city in Germany that is known for its hot springs, beautiful architecture, and vibrant cultural scene.

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Petra A. Killick Photography on Location

Petra A. Killick Photography on Location is a boudoir photography studio that has gained widespread acclaim for its ability to capture stunning images of its subjects. The studio is renowned for its professionalism, creativity, and commitment to delivering high-quality results. Customers are impressed with the smooth and quick process, with Ms. Killick's skills making everyone feel comfortable and satisfied. Communication is always prompt and complete, and the digital infrastructure is top-notch. In addition to taking professional employee photos, Petra Killick's work has also been praised for wedding photography. With her relaxed, happy but still professional approach, she captures great moments that will be cherished forever. In general, her photo shoots are described as super friendly, easy to get along with, and flexible in scheduling appointments. Ms. Killick is always looking for a perfect picture and doesn't settle for anything less. The studio is highly recommended by anyone who has worked with Petra A. Killick Photography on Location, and it remains a top choice for those seeking high-quality boudoir photography services.

Customer Reviews

Markus Loeb

Very friendly, easy to get along with and flexible in scheduling appointments. Even in the short term. Super professional with the right amount of human touch to take "the" right picture for the need. To be recommended unreservedly.


We hired Ms. Killick for the company to take professional employee photos that we use internally in user accounts and office applications. Everything was well prepared, the process was quick and smooth. Ms. Killick was very committed and creative, everyone was very satisfied. Communication was always prompt and complete, pre-selection, post-processing and the digital infrastructure were very good. We would be happy to hire Ms. Killick again should the need arise.


In a nutshell: application photos with charisma and lightness. I had application photos taken by Petra Killick. From the first phone call, the absolute professionalism of the photographer was evident. Her emphatic nature enabled me to open up, feel comfortable and place my trust in her. On this basis we had a photo shoot with a lot of ease, fun and a high level of professionalism, for which she took a lot of time. The advice given in advance about the choice of clothes, make-up and hair showed that the competent photographer had the right perspective. The results of the photos are excellent. I would have photos taken at Petra Killick's again and again! :)


Natascha is a highly skilled boudoir photographer who has garnered numerous positive reviews from her clients. Her ability to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in front of the camera is commendable, and you can see this from the beautiful memories she captures. Natascha is very responsive to her client's wishes and ideas, which makes it easy for them to get the perfect shot. Whether it's a wedding, couple shoot, or baby bump photoshoot, Natascha is always professional, patient, and takes her time to get the best results. Her shoots are not only great fun but also result in natural and beautiful pictures that evoke tears of joy. If you're looking for a boudoir photographer who will make you feel at ease and deliver stunning results, Natascha comes highly recommended.

Customer Reviews


Very great photographer. She responds to wishes and ideas and tries to fulfill them ☺️ Natascha creates beautiful memories of a wedding. I really enjoyed having her at our wedding. She carries out her work conscientiously and professionally. I can only warmly recommend her.


At our couple shoot, Natascha took super nice photos of us and we felt very comfortable with it. Highly recommended! :)

Doris Frank

A fantastically beautiful experience to be photographed by her She creates an atmosphere that makes it easy and carefree to be photographed What you get back in terms of naturalness in the pictures Anytime again 😍

Spezialist für Portrait und Boudoir Fotografie

This boudoir photography specialist is known for delivering exceptional quality and creating a comfortable atmosphere for clients. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing out the best in each client, this photographer takes the time to understand their needs and provide personalized recommendations. Clients rave about the friendly and professional demeanor of this photographer, making the photography experience enjoyable and stress-free. Whether it's for a boudoir shoot or any other type of photography, this specialist is highly recommended and offers great value for the quality of work produced.

Customer Reviews

Stephan Schmidt

Great contact, takes a lot of time and pays great attention to details. We felt very comfortable with him and would have us photographed again at any time. Recommended for any type of photography. 😃😃

Ana Karina Schmidt

Great quality, outstanding photos, friendly photographer here makes taking pictures fun. You are always in the right light 😊

Julika Thöming

Very professional and friendly. Takes a lot of time in the preliminary discussion to respond to customer requests and has great ideas and suggestions of his own that lead to great results. Highly recommended and great value for money

SonntagsFotos | Fotograf & Fotostudio | Wiesbaden

SonntagsFotos | Fotograf & Fotostudio | Wiesbaden is a studio that goes above and beyond to make sure clients have an unforgettable photography experience. The talented team, consisting of Lena and Klaus, are not only professionals but also fantastic people who make clients feel like stars. With attention to detail and a keen eye for creativity, they create masterpieces that exceed expectations. Clients rave about Lena's makeup artistry, which is of the highest quality and lasts all day long. Meanwhile, Klaus's calm and relaxed demeanor helps clients feel comfortable in front of the camera, making every photoshoot experience enjoyable and stress-free. Whether you're looking for boudoir shots or music videos, SonntagsFotos is the go-to studio for beautiful, professional photos that showcase your unique beauty and strengths.

Customer Reviews

Alexandra Dornhof

Lena & Klaus are not only professionals, but also fantastic people. With a lot of peace and serenity, they take you into their world. Lena's makeup is not lacking in quality, I was allowed to test it several times. My wedding makeup lasted all day without showing any signs of deficiency. Lena is also very reliable, which is also important when the makeup for important appointments has to be done on time. Klaus, the photographer in the team, gives you a lot of calm with his serenity, so that the initial excitement that comes with every photo shoot simply evaporates. It's always a special experience for me. Thank you!

Laura Violetta Lex

I shot the two photos in different sets and a music video and they both turned out beautifully. I have rarely met such a talented make-up artist and because of my job as a singer I have often had my make-up done but never looked so beautiful. It was great how my initial insecurity was understood by the photographer and immediately turned into fun. I had great days and will definitely come back!

Margarita Dzama

This studio is amazing! The best experience of photography I've ever had. They do everything that the result would exceed your expectations 😍 They pay attention to the tiny details, make you feel extremely comfortable during photoshooting and in the end you get a masterpiece. I can highly recommend!!! 👍

Andrea Schombara Fotografie

Andrea Schombara Fotografie is a highly professional and empathetic photographer who takes great care to understand her clients' needs and create a comfortable atmosphere during the shoot. Her creativity and guidance result in remarkable photos of fabulous quality. Andrea's calm and open nature makes her clients feel immediately at ease, while her individual approach means that she adapts completely to each person she photographs. From portrait and boudoir to engagement and personal branding shots, Andrea reliably delivers unforgettable, authentic and moving images that perfectly capture each person's personality. Her exceptional work has earned her a 5-star rating from satisfied clients who appreciate her attention to detail, realness and professionalism.

Customer Reviews

Jochen Stoll

Andrea is very empathetic and professional. She took a lot of time during our shoot to understand my ideas and created a very pleasant atmosphere. The result is accordingly great. Thank you Andrea! Greeting, yokes

Yvi Kilinski

Andrea is an incredibly professional and at the same time empathetic photographer. She responded individually to my wishes, needs and discomfort. She had many creative ideas for implementation and always gave me great guidance. Andrea even managed to make me smile in the photos and also think it's beautiful. I would never have thought that possible. She totally adapted to me and conjured up remarkable photos of fabulous quality. I can absolutely recommend Andrea as a photographer and I look forward to working with her again on a larger project.

Katja Cisse

I am very lucky to have had Andrea's art in the form of beautiful, authentic and moving photos in my life for many years. 🤍 Whether portrait, boudoir, engagement, baby bump or personal branding photos: she has always reliably, professionally and stylishly ensured that unforgettable photos, which I personally value very much, have been taken. Her pleasant, loving and empathetic nature immediately makes you feel comfortable in front of her lens. She knows how to set the scene perfectly with little instructions, has great ideas for locations and perspectives in the picture and conveys so much of the personality of the person she is photographing in her photos. I can recommend Andrea and her work to anyone who wants detailed and real photos. No matter in which area - you are in good hands with her. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Punktdesignerin - Mediengestaltung & Fotografie

Punktdesignerin - Mediengestaltung & Fotografie is a boudoir photography studio that specializes in capturing beautiful moments that last a lifetime. Led by the talented photographer Franziska, the studio offers a range of photography services including baby belly shoots, weddings, family shootings, and couple shootings. With a commitment to capturing every memory in a nutshell, Punktdesignerin - Mediengestaltung & Fotografie has received rave reviews from clients who have worked with them. One client praised Franziska's great job, while another described her as a committed and loving person who did a perfect job at their wedding celebration. Clients have also appreciated Franziska's ability to listen and implement their ideas, making them feel comfortable during the photo shoot. The result is a huge selection of pictures that are memories perfectly captured, according to one happy client. Overall, Punktdesignerin - Mediengestaltung & Fotografie comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a boudoir photography studio that delivers beautiful and memorable photographs.

Customer Reviews

Katharina Müller

Franzi accompanied us photographically to the baby belly shoot and to the wedding and we are simply blown away. Such great pictures, all the memories captured in a nutshell. She does a great job and we can definitely recommend her! A family shooting is still pending, we will record the date promptly and are already looking forward to the day 🙂🙂 keep it up! Greetings 🙂

Maria Vanderwege

Clear recommendation

Kim Michele Tran

We booked Franziska as a photographer for our wedding celebration & she did a perfect job. The pictures turned out beautiful. We received a very large amount of great photos, which made us very happy! Everything went great from the contact to the day itself. She herself is a very committed and loving person. We can only warmly recommend Franziska! Thank you again dear Franzi!

Fotostudio Aschenbach

Fotostudio Aschenbach is a professional boudoir photography studio that captures the beauty of each individual with stunning photographs. Angelika, a talented photographer, loves her craft and it shows in her work. The Nauroder studio is a comfortable and inviting space, making clients feel at ease during their sessions. From weddings to business portraits, Fotostudio Aschenbach delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations. One satisfied customer raved about the wonderful, relaxed atmosphere during an erotic photo session. Another praised the professional yet informal approach that resulted in fantastic business photos. Angelika's creative ideas and great execution ensure that clients are left with gorgeous, high-quality photos that they'll cherish for years to come. Don't hesitate to book your next session with Fotostudio Aschenbach.

Customer Reviews

Puchiko San

I fell in love with a photo motif and it was implemented perfectly here. Fast, uncomplicated and professional. Angelika is a very nice person and you can tell right away that she loves photography. The ambience in the Nauroder studio is also great. We felt really comfortable and would love to come back.

A. Huppi

Super photos in a really pleasant atmosphere. Angelika Aschenbach accompanied us to the registry office and captured the most beautiful moments! Really great photographer. We definitely recommend you!

Alex L.

After outrageous and completely exaggerated demands from the competitors, I (as an outspoken photo muffle) met with Ms. Aschenbach. What can I say, that was the best, most pleasant, most fruitful photo session of my life. I needed business photos and was understood without a lot of talking. Totally informal and really fun. The result spoke for itself and I am completely happy with it. Huge selection of photos at a really reasonable price. It is worth it! Many thanks!

Rock On Studios

Rock On Studios is a boudoir photography studio that is dedicated to capturing the beauty and confidence of every person who steps in front of their camera. With a team of skilled photographers who have an eye for detail and a passion for creating stunning images, Rock On Studios has earned a reputation as one of the top boudoir photography studios in the area. Their commitment to providing a comfortable and empowering experience for every client is evident in the way they approach each session, and their attention to detail ensures that every image is a true work of art. Whether you're looking for a gift for someone special or simply want to celebrate your own unique beauty, Rock On Studios is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to feel confident and beautiful in front of the camera.

Customer Reviews

Flamingo Foto

Flamingo Foto is a boudoir photography studio that is highly recommended by clients for their exceptional photography skills. Agata, the photographer, has an incredible talent for capturing emotions and relationships in her pictures. Her friendly and patient nature makes the photo session relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved. Clients have praised the casual and easy-going atmosphere of Flamingo Foto. One client who struggled with self-confidence was amazed by the "hot but still elegant" calendar that she created for her partner. Another client who is a photographer herself highly recommends Flamingo Foto, praising Agata's skills and the beautiful photos she produces. Clients also appreciate Agata's creativity and individual approach to each shoot. Overall, Flamingo Foto is a top choice for those seeking professional and stunning boudoir photography.

Customer Reviews

Alexandra Vogt

We received the pictures of our shooting today and, as always, we are totally thrilled. Agata accompanies our little family from the beginning. Agata has the talent to capture emotions in pictures for eternity. With her friendly, calm and creative nature, she always creates a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere, so that everyone feels comfortable in front of her camera. She always responds to the needs of the little ones and has great tips on how to make the shoot with a toddler stress-free and with a lot of fun. With her creativity, she designs each shoot individually. The pictures simply speak for themselves. Thank you for the great pictures and memories you create for us.

Annika W.

Agata has done business photos and portraits for me and I love her. I am a photographer myself and I have high standards when it comes to photos. Agata's photos are super beautiful and our whole photo session was so relaxed, fun, easygoing and just great. Big recommendation!

Ewelina Szymańska

Very friendly and casual atmosphere. Agata is an awesome person! With a huge talent! She shows a normal reality in her photos, but in a special way. When you look at the photo, you see not only people, you see feelings and relationships.

Prohaska Pictures - Hochzeits- & Familienfotografie

Prohaska Pictures - Hochzeits- & Familienfotografie is a boudoir photography studio where Janine, a talented artist and magician behind the camera lens, creates masterpieces that capture the essence of her clients. From newborn shoots to family portraits and everything in between, Janine approaches each session with passion and creativity, making sure all her clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. Her studio is well-decorated and provides multiple set options for themed settings, allowing for a variety of poses and styles. Janine's work is loving, empathetic, and patient, and her dedication to creating beautiful memories for families is evident in the stunning pictures she produces. Clients rave about their experience at Prohaska Pictures, praising the professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail that Janine brings to every shoot. If you're looking for a photographer who will help you create lasting memories, Prohaska Pictures is definitely worth checking out.

Customer Reviews


We had a really great newborn shoot with Janine. We felt very comfortable. Janine took a lot of time for our little daughter and dealing with her was totally loving. The pictures turned out so beautiful. We can heartily recommend them. Always my pleasure. Steffi&Jens

Joseph Carbon

Artist, magician, supreme wielder of the camera lense! There are a lot of wonderful words to describe the photography talents of Janine and her comfort of her well decorated studio at Prohaska Pictures. My fiancé, our new son, myself, and my unimaginably beautiful cat Ginger, visited her business earlier this week and were treated to an hour photo session with someone passionate about their craft. Janine has two seperate photo setups that provided well thought out options for themed settings that were tasteful and picturesque. Our session was Christmas themed and made use of rich reds, beautiful trees, and white cotton snow on one set, and silver, golds, and whites on the other. Both had props to interact with as well. The scenes allowed for multiple poses amongst our family and Janine did a great job helping to keep our 4 month old son and non-cooperative (yet still charming) cat focused and facing front. She was cheerful, optimistic, and regularly checked in with us to see how we liked the direction, shooting quality, and that we felt comfortable with the style of photos she took. Honestly, I was nervous about being part of a photo shoo, but Janine made the experience relaxed, calm, and cool. If you're looking for a great photographer who is passionate about their art and loves helping to create beautiful memories for families, please go see Janine at Prohaska Pictures; you won't be disappointed.

Svenja Rompel

Outdoor shooting Christmas trees: it was a beautiful, loving and detailed location. Everything has been thought of. Very professional work. Reliably, the image selection came shortly after. The pictures turned out incredibly beautiful. Loving, empathetic and patient photographer! We will probably see each other again!

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