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Boudoir photographer near me

Kagoshima, Japan

Discover fantastic boudoir photographers in Kagoshima, a city in Japan that is known for its stunning views of Sakurajima volcano, rich history and culture, delicious local cuisine, and hot springs.

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  • 40 high-res boudoir-style photos
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DAYS Photo House Matsuki is a professional boudoir photography studio located in Kagoshima, Japan. They offer a comprehensive package that includes tuxedos, dresses, shoes, and makeup, perfect for couples planning a pre-wedding shoot or honeymoon photo session. The team at DAYS Photo House Matsuki is known for their excellent communication skills, making it easy for clients to discuss their preferences and needs before the actual photo shoot. The staff is accommodating, friendly, and attentive, providing exceptional service to every client. They also offer flexible poses, props, and shooting locations, ensuring that each client's unique personality and style are captured in every shot. With reasonable pricing, wonderful studio and shooting plans, and real-time shooting on Instagram, DAYS Photo House Matsuki is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create unforgettable memories.

Customer Reviews

Kwan Andy

We had reserved a photo shooting section via LINE on 21 April 2023 with a team of professional crew. The owner, Matsuki San, treated us very well and explained every details to us for the shooting. The make-up and dressing staff are nice and very helpful. The photographer gave us clear direction for photos and the outcome is good. I would recommend this studio to overseas couples who wish to have a pre-wedding shoot!

Yuki Tamoto

In December, we had a photo wedding at Kimono Sengan-en & Western-style studio! We started living in Kagoshima when we were registered, so I wanted to leave a Kagoshima-like photo as the place where we both started, so I was really grateful to be able to shoot at Sengan-en☺️ Neither of them are good at being in pictures or smiling well, and even though I didn't have much knowledge about makeup, they created an atmosphere that was easy to enjoy on the day, and I was able to do my hair and makeup on LINE as needed. I felt a great sense of security by carefully answering my requests. Even though it was just before the shoot, they flexibly responded to requests such as the guitar I brought in and other things I wanted to shoot, and I was able to shoot everything! From the off-shots sent to me on the day of the shoot, to the data afterward, there were a lot of memorable shots, and I was moved 😳 I was very happy to receive the six-cut mount safely yesterday and finish it beautifully. I had the photo taken at the beginning of December, but the correspondence after that was smooth. I was satisfied with the ease of consultation, flexible response, speed, wonderful studio and shooting plan, and even the price. Real-time shooting on Instagram and transmission of reservation status were also decisive factors. If you have another chance to shoot something, I would like to ask you 😊 Thank you to everyone at DAYS for creating wonderful times and memories.


"I want to see you again! All the staff who felt "I want to recommend it!" It was a wonderful photo studio that I thought ♪ I'm really glad I asked Mr. Matsuki! With a location photo plan of Western + Japanese clothing The filming locations were "Sengan-en" and "Kamegaoka". Both were great! Since it was a reservation from outside the prefecture (Hyogo), we had a meeting on LINE for costumes and hairstyles. I was able to welcome the day with peace of mind because I was polite and detailed every time. The opportunity to find Matsuki is Instagram. All the pictures were beautiful, so it was also a decisive factor for making a reservation (^ ^) In fact, I was very satisfied with the various cuts and family photos taken! It was a fun and memorable shoot! "I want to take this! I recommend picking up shots from Instagram and HP ♡ Also, on the day of the shoot, the make-up not only fixed it during the shoot, but also took pictures and sent them after the shoot, which made me happy! I am full of gratitude I'm looking forward to the data (^^)! I'm really thankful to you! !

Matsuki Photography

Matsuki Photography is a boudoir photography studio that captures warm and gentle moments with ease. Their expertise in creating stunning photographs is evident in every shot they take, and their commitment to excellence is unparalleled. Matsuki Photography's ability to make their subjects feel comfortable and confident is what sets them apart from other studios. With their unique style and attention to detail, Matsuki Photography creates breathtaking images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Trust them to capture your most intimate moments with grace and artistry, and you won't be disappointed.

Customer Reviews


You take very warm and gentle pictures wonderfully ☺️

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