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Kawasaki, Japan

Discover outstanding boudoir photographers in Kawasaki, a city in Japan that is located between Tokyo and Yokohama, known for its industrial and technological advancements, as well as its numerous shopping districts and cultural attractions such as the Fujiko F. Fujio Museum.

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Sakura Photo Studio

Sakura Photo Studio is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic and memorable kimono experience in Tokyo. With over a decade of experience, this small business offers a wide selection of exquisite kimonos for guests to choose from. The staff is professional, patient, and courteous, making sure you feel comfortable and welcomed throughout the process. The photography service is also top-notch, producing fashion magazine-level photos that you'll love. If you're not into indoor photography, they've got you covered with their outdoor photo plan. You can explore the beautiful Sensoji Temple while dressed in your kimono, and have your photos taken by a knowledgeable photographer who acts as a tour guide as well. Additionally, Sakura Photo Studio offers a new service that lets guests ride a rickshaw at a discounted price - a great way to see and learn more about the Asakusa area. Highly recommended!

Customer Reviews

Monica Tran

Wonderful and fun experience! The kimono options were beautiful and the photos turned out great! I will definitely be visiting again.

Johnny Neurotic

Worth the research, and then some! Professional, patient, courteous fitting and selection, and the photographer simply took and edited some of the best shots I’ve ever seen: fashion magazine-level photos. The pricing is very reasonable, up-front, and can be adjusted to how much you wish to wear, what you want to do, and for how long. I found out this small business is the original, too: they’ve been at it for over a decade! Thank you, Hiroshi and Kyungmin!

Donna T

This Studio has huge selection for you to choose with basic package, the other lady dressed me up the Kimono was super nice and friendly, the lady did my hair is super nice and patient she speaks mandarin as well after my photo shoot I am glad she asked me if I want to go outdoor and take some photos on my own times the Kimono must return by 6pm this was a good experience for me wearing this traditional Japanese Kimono and waking around taking pictures by the Sonji Temple This Sakura Studio is super convenient location 2 mins walking distance to the Sonji Temple. I raised it 4**** because the photographer gave us a wrong information about the charges over the phone. Over all I recommended it

Kimono Photo Studio WA

Kimono Photo Studio WA is a top-rated boudoir photography studio in Tokyo that offers a unique and unforgettable photo experience. The studio features a stunning selection of kimonos to choose from, including regular and luxury designs. The team of professionals at Kimono Photo Studio WA are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they speak English which makes the whole process much easier for tourists. They also help with everything, including hair, poses, and props, which makes it super easy and fun. The studio is highly efficient, and you won't have to worry about anything throughout the entire experience. Additionally, they have a great online reservation system, or you can call them to make a reservation. If you are looking for a memorable photo experience in Tokyo, Kimono Photo Studio WA is the perfect choice for you!

Customer Reviews

Omo Past

Outstanding service! Thank you so much! I went away feeling so beautiful! You were all so encouraging and kind! I am tall and plus sized (maximum 20 for chest but generally size 18 UK) and was able to fit in to any of the designs. They give you directions on how to pose and are very supportive and upbeat. Made for such a wonderful time! I ended up keeping all the pictures as they very kindly let me pose in the simpler kimono with an obi as well as a luxury kimono without the obi to get the experience still. It's on the 8th floor so take the lift the man at reception very kindly chased me to the 3rd floor to let me know!

Olivia L

I recently visited Kimono Photo Studio Wa with my family and we had an amazing experience! The staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and they knew English which made the whole process much easier for us. It was rare to find a whole team in Japan that knew English, and we appreciated how they went out of their way to ensure we had a great time. We were all impressed with the stunning selection of kimonos, and the staff were very helpful in guiding us through the entire photo shoot. The hair they did for our family was simply awesome and the photos turned out to be of top-notch quality. Additionally, I was really impressed with how efficient the shop was. They were incredibly quick and we didn't have to come back to collect our photos. I have to mention that the staff were very professional and we didn't have to worry about anything throughout the entire experience. Overall, I highly recommend Kimono Photo Studio Wa to anyone looking for a unique and memorable photo experience.

Julie Taeko

Awesome service. Very professional. You don’t have to think. They help you with everything — hair, poses, and props. It’s super easy and fun! You can also choose between regular and luxury kimonos. Please make sure to make a reservation in advance, or else you won’t be able to do it. The reservation is easy to make online, or you can call and they speak English as well.

Asakusa Photography

Asakusa Photography is a local photo studio that offers an authentic and orthodox shoot experience. They specialize in boudoir photography and can also provide traditional Japanese dressing and hair setting services for special occasions like Shichigosan. Clients have praised the quality of their photos, which are taken with great care and attention to detail. Despite the language barrier, the staff at Asakusa Photography are accommodating and go above and beyond to ensure that their clients feel comfortable and satisfied with their experience. One customer even noted that their child wanted to keep their kimono on all day because it was just the right amount of tightness. However, one customer expressed dissatisfaction with the shoot experience and the lack of communication from the photographer during the shoot. Overall, Asakusa Photography is a top choice for those looking for a high-quality and memorable boudoir photography experience in Tokyo.

Customer Reviews

Sugita M

I asked for Shichi-go-san dressing and hair setting by bringing in a kimono (without taking pictures). He responded to various requests and questions in detail, and the person in charge of dressing was also a veteran, so I felt relieved. Also, since it is originally a tight feeling, I thought that my child would want to take it off immediately, but from before noon to evening, after prayers, during meals and during walks, he said, "I want to wear it!" I could keep my clothes on. I think it was just the right amount of tightness (it didn't come loose at all). I am very satisfied and very grateful. thank you very much.

Rachel Guttentag

They were willing to take me on as a walk in for portraits in my rented kimono, which I was grateful for. The guy working there did his best to overcome any language barrier, and went above and beyond even when just taking a simple portrait. He even pulled out a paper umbrella prop for me to use. Everyone agrees the photos came out great!

Moët Po

Me and my husband took our wedding photos here to celebrate 10 years married!! We had a wonderful experience, the quality of photos was amazing. We had fun while shooting the entire time and the lady took her time doing my hair and make up and to make sure I was comfortable in the wedding kimono. The photos turned out so great!! Definitely an experience of a lifetime and worth it! Also want to note we don’t speak Japanese and it still worked out fine with google translate and they did speak some English

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