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Shizuoka, Japan

Discover the top boudoir photographers in Shizuoka, a city in Japan that is known for its stunning views of Mount Fuji and rich tea culture.

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写楽館® 静岡伝馬町店

Located in Shizuoka's Denmamachi, 写楽館® offers a unique boudoir photography experience that captures the essence of traditional Japanese culture. Despite some mixed reviews, it is clear that the studio's professional team takes great care of their clients, from the make-up and hairstyling to the dressing and photo shoot. One reviewer even praised the friendly team for making their wedding photoshoot a perfect experience. However, another reviewer was disappointed with the lack of compensation after receiving worn-out replacements for their borrowed waist strap. Overall, 写楽館® appears to be a good choice for those looking to capture a once-in-a-lifetime event or celebrate a special occasion in a traditional Japanese setting.

Customer Reviews


I made a reservation to wear an elementary school graduation hakama. Since I had a reservation for 5 o'clock in the morning, I was allowed to leave my tabi socks and hair ornaments in advance so that I wouldn't forget anything. Both are purchased, not rented. When I arrived and started dressing, I was told, "Did you bring your own tabi? When I told him that I had left it, he said, "Yes! Yes!" After I finished dressing and returned home, I noticed that the hair ornament was not attached, so I called her and told her that the hair ornament was not attached. I called you, but you didn't answer, so I left the hair ornament there." After that, there was no word of apology, no word. How do you store the reserved hakama, tabi socks, and hair ornaments? The hakama is borrowed, but the hair ornaments brought in are the customer's, but I thought that the studio could not be trusted. I know you're busy, but I wonder if the customers understand that it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. It was 30 minutes one way to Sharakukan, so I was wondering if I could make it in time for the ceremony. rice field. At the time of the pre-shoot, he said, "I'll take a picture of my hairstyle as a reference for the day, so I'll take a picture of it." , The person himself also seemed dissatisfied, "I didn't say anything about my hopes, but it turned out like this. The hairstyle at the time of the previous shoot was good." Normally, my parents should have noticed when I finished dressing, but it was very crowded and I was desperate to get home in time for the ceremony. There were a lot of staff just standing around, so I think one of them was able to deliver. postscript When I went to pick up the hair ornament, I was also handed a tabi. You said, "Yes," but they weren't found.

kt05. a

I went for a coming-of-age ceremony dressing and photo shoot, I personally didn't like her hairstyle because she didn't have a good sense of style and her make-up was too dark. The best part was when the waist strap was tied when I was putting it on. I borrowed it from my grandmother and it was very important to me, and I liked it because it was cute. I got replacements, but they were all worn out and worn out with outdated designs. Are you going to compensate for something like that? I felt very sad and there was no sincere response after that.

Tobias Cichy

A great photo studio. We had our wedding photos taken there in traditional Japanese wedding kimonos. A large professional team was by our side and took great care of us. From the make-up, hairstyling, putting on the kimono and the photo shoot, it was just perfect. Friendly team with whom it was great fun to take these photos.

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