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Yokohama, Japan

Discover phenomenal boudoir photographers in Yokohama, a city in Japan that boasts a stunning waterfront, historic landmarks like the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse and Sankeien Garden, and is known for its delicious food and lively atmosphere.

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Tabo Photography

Tabo Photography is a boudoir photography studio in Tokyo that has been praised for their exceptional work and outstanding service. With years of experience under his belt, Andrew Faulk, the photographer behind Tabo Photography, is highly professional and incredibly kind to his clients from beginning to end. He has an eye for choosing the perfect spots in Tokyo to take photos, which always exceed his client's expectations. Andrew is not only an excellent photographer but also one of the most intelligent and finest human beings that his clients have ever met. His ability to keep everyone motivated and on task during the shoot, while maintaining a great sense of humor, is impressive. The way he takes every moment as a creative opportunity is what makes him one of the best photographers in Tokyo. No matter how unusual or "out-there" your vision may seem, Andrew takes it as a challenge and produces something original and stunning. The results are fantastic, and his photos are memories that his clients will treasure for the rest of their lives. Clients have described working with Andrew as a dream come true, and they felt like they were inviting a friend into their home. If you're looking for a photographer for your special event, personal branding session, or any other occasion, Tabo Photography is the way to go.

Customer Reviews

Hina Agarwalla

Andy was nothing but highly professional, and incredibly kind from the beginning to the very end of our photoshoot. He chose the perfect spots in Tokyo to take my photos which exceeded my expectations. What an honour it has been to work with this exceptional photographer who also happens to be one of the most intelligent and finest human beings I have ever met. Thank you ever so much for making this experience memorable, Andy! You are a credit to your profession!

Sandie Heron

A dream come true with Tabo Photography. I am trying to write this review without getting all emotional :) but my photoshoot was such a special day for me. It was my first shoot and the experience turned out to be so much more than I imagined. Thanks to Andrew Faulk!! At our pre-shoot meeting, I explained what I was hoping to capture in the images and he understood my vision and gave me ideas and tips on how I can make it better. He was professional from start to finish and communicated with me every step of the way so I knew exactly what to expect. He showed up on time for the shoot and started setting up. It felt like I was inviting a friend into my home. He was professional but fun at the same time - having conversation and making jokes which made me laugh. I felt so happy!! I received the edited photo within the time he promised (well much earlier than I expected) which was so amazing. Of course, I love the images. Andrew is the type of person you would want to take photos at your engagement party, wedding, baby shower, graduation, work function, personal branding session or any other special event. I am so very pleased with his work so I definitely recommend his service.


We had the pleasure of working with Andy again on a 2nd project, and were not disappointed! In preparation for a new hotel that we are opening in Takayama, we had Andy take care of all of our promotional images in addition to our social media photos. Much like our first project in Kyoto, Andy was professional, prompt, had amazing communication (before, during, and after the project), and produced amazing content that represents our brand perfectly. It is always a pleasure to work with Andy, and we look forward to many more collaborations in the future! Thank you for all of your great work.

Gom Photography

Gom Photography, led by Emma, is a team that takes pride in capturing the most genuine and precious moments of people's lives. With her expertise in boudoir photography, Emma has showcased her ability to make clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. The team's flexibility, friendliness, and professionalism have been praised by many clients who have worked with them for family, engagement, and other special occasions. Emma's natural talent for capturing sunlight and making subjects smile naturally creates stunning photos that clients cherish forever. Clients have described working with Gom Photography as a joyous and memorable experience, often resulting in repeat bookings to capture more special moments.

Customer Reviews

Amanda Ralph

Our family could not recommend Emma as a photographer enough. We were a little nervous about a family photoshoot on location and how it would go. Emma prompted us ahead of time, planned a wonderful scenic location and listened to what we wanted from the shoot. She made us feel completely at easy in front of the camera and that we could interact naturally as a family whilst she captured some special moments. Our 3 year old son just loved the experience and Emma’s enthusiasm helped him to stay engaged and involved. We are so pleased with the photo results we are already thinking of planning our next family shoot with Emma. Thank you! 🌟📸❤️

Jamie Kusumoto

Emma is such a joy to work with! She is an amazing photographer! In the rain and thunder (and at risk of being struck by lightning), Emma captured the most precious moments of my daughter and me. She captured my daughter’s personality perfectly. I will cherish the photos (and the memories of the day) forever. I look forward to working with Emma again in the future!

Lindsay Sakamoto

Emma is absolutely a dream to work with, and becomes like family. She’s so down to earth and fun. She’s captured some of the most precious events in our lives and we are so grateful for the priceless memories. We have been her clients for 10 years and plan to be for many more!


撮影スタジオ上野ミライト is a photography studio that provides an outstanding space for boudoir photography. The studio boasts plenty of natural light, which allows for gorgeous shots to be taken. In addition, the furniture and accessories provided are substantial, adding to the overall aesthetic of the photos. The make-up room is also neat and well-maintained, making it easy to use. For those looking for a full-fledged photography studio, 撮影スタジオ上野ミライト offers exceptional value for money. Customers rave about the spaciousness of the studio and the beautiful pictures that can be captured with ease. With its inviting interior and ample natural light, 撮影スタジオ上野ミライト is a top choice for boudoir photography.

Customer Reviews

Kazuyuki Nakane

I was able to shoot comfortably with a very nice interior! It's a full-fledged photography studio so far, and I don't think there's a place where you can rent it at this price, so I think it's pretty good value for money! Thank you very much 😊


It was a perfect space for photography with plenty of natural light. It was also nice that the accessories and furniture were substantial. The make-up room was also neat, so I think it's pretty easy to use.

Anna Silifonova

It was my first time to use the studio! It was a spacious space, and I was able to take beautiful pictures with all the accessories. Natural light enters well, too and wants to use again.

Jonathan Sander Fotografia

Step into the world of boudoir photography with Jonathan Sander Fotografia and experience stunning, top-quality photos that capture the essence of your beauty. Jonathan's work speaks for itself - with incredible attention to detail in his edits, he is dedicated to creating the perfect shot and making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whether you're a seasoned model or a little shy, Jonathan's patience and creative direction will help you achieve the perfect pose. With a focus on quality and exceptional service, Jonathan is sure to deliver fantastic results that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Trust us, you won't be disappointed!

Customer Reviews

Larissa Mori

Jonathan Sander's work is incredible!!! His photos are too top, editions etc. He gives himself a lot for a good photo, and he makes people super comfortable in front of the cameras. 😊

Jheny Fukuda

It's really nice when the photographer is patient and helps us with the poses and still manages to make us feel comfortable too and that helps a lot for models who are shy!! Thank you so much for the experience!!

Beatriz Zanata

Fantastic! My family and I did a photo shoot with him and we loved it! highly recommend

CUBE 2nd

CUBE 2nd is a conveniently located boudoir photography studio that offers a range of amenities for an enjoyable and comfortable experience. Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, the space is perfect for shooting sessions. The clean and spacious interior provides a great atmosphere for relaxation, while the nearby shopping area makes it easy to run errands before or after your session. With a responsive manager and friendly staff, CUBE 2nd ensures that every client feels welcomed and taken care of. Whether you're planning a photo shoot or a party with friends, CUBE 2nd is definitely worth considering.

Customer Reviews

afroscript 10

I used it at a party with 6 friends. It was said that it was cleaned every morning, so it was very beautiful & the interior was fashionable, and it was a very nice atmosphere. It was also nice that it was close to the station.


I used it for watching WBC on a big TV. The space was very spacious and clean. The surrounding environment was good and it was helpful for shopping. The manager's response was also good, and I was able to use it very comfortably. thank you very much.


I was able to relax in a very nice atmosphere. Thank you very much for your kind guidance.

MaryElla Photography

MaryElla Photography is a talented boudoir photographer with a unique editing style that sets her apart from the rest. Her attention to detail and kind personality make her a joy to work with, as she helps clients put together perfect color patterns and find ideal locations for their shoots. MaryElla's flexibility and willingness to adjust her schedule for clients, even in adverse weather conditions, demonstrates her commitment to providing exceptional service and capturing perfect moments. Clients rave about her pro-level guidance with posing and dressing, and her easy-to-use online gallery. With MaryElla Photography, you can trust that you'll receive stunning boudoir photos that will exceed your expectations.

Customer Reviews

Whitney Hayes

MaryElla did our family photos in the cherry blossoms and we were absolutely blown away by how gorgeous they turned out! She is a total pro through the whole process start to finish. Helps with posing and dressing and everything, even her online gallery is super easy to use. You will not be disappointed.

Rachel Samuel DeCastro

This was the perfect way to end our time in Japan! MaryElla is talented, kind, detailed and so sweet. She helped me put together the right color patterns for my family while encouraging me the whole way through, she shared perfect locations options, and adjusted her schedule for us because it rained for a week. Now we have these perfects moments to remember. Thank you MaryElla. I have no regrets. There are many photographers but I chose her for her unique editing skills, but then her personality was the cherry on top! Book with MaryElla Photography!


Located in the heart of Akihabara, リノスぺ秋葉原 offers a stylish space that is perfect for a range of purposes. The spacious room features a large mirror and TV, providing an extraordinary feeling for those who use it. Additionally, there is plenty of equipment available, including board games and photography lights, making it ideal for small parties or events. Despite being close to the station, the space offers a comfortable atmosphere that allows you to relax and enjoy your time there. Whether you're looking to take pictures or simply spend time with friends, リノスぺ秋葉原 is definitely worth considering.

Customer Reviews


Ochanomizu is easily accessible from Akihabara because it is located along the overpass, making it easy for everyone to access. Since it was my first time using it, I couldn't find the light switch because it was assimilated with the wall. There was also a board game, so next time I would like to use it at a small party or event. It was a big mistake that I forgot to take a picture.


It was very good! Thank you very much!


The mirror and TV were large, and I was able to enjoy an extraordinary feeling in a stylish space! It can be used for various purposes.

リノスぺstudio 池袋

Located in the bustling area of Ikebukuro, リノスぺstudio 池袋 is a great option for those looking for a small-scale portrait photography studio. The studio is easy to find, just a straight walk from the north exit of Ikebukuro West Exit. Upon arrival, you will find a clean and beautiful space, complete with photography lights, hair setting tools, and other rental equipment for your convenience. The studio also boasts a large full-length mirror, nail equipment, hair irons, and plenty of natural light to create beautiful and bright photos. While the room may be a bit narrow, it is definitely worth considering for your next shoot. Whether you're shooting an original kimono dress or dancing alone, リノスぺstudio 池袋 has got you covered.

Customer Reviews


There was a big mirror, so it was perfect for dancing alone! It is very beautiful and easy to understand on the straight road from the station. I will use it again!

Mayumi Hino

It was very nice to have photography equipment, a large full-length mirror, nail equipment, hair irons, etc. I used it for taking pictures this time, but I was able to shoot brightly with plenty of sunlight in the morning. It was so bright that I didn't need to edit it, so I thought I could take beautiful pictures even if I'm not good at photography. I would like to use it again!


I used it for the first time. It's easy to find if you go straight from the north exit of Ikebukuro West Exit. The room was beautiful, just like the pictures shown. Photography lights and hair setting tools are also available, and this time I used them to shoot an original kimono dress. thank you very much. I want to book again!


スタジオプロローグ is a boudoir photography studio that provides a beautiful and comfortable space for their clients. The owner is known to be extremely kind and accommodating, making the experience all the more enjoyable. The studio's fashion-forward aesthetic creates a stylish backdrop for your photoshoot, while the spacious room makes it easy to capture the perfect shot. Located conveniently close to the station, clients have expressed their desire to use スタジオプロローグ again and again. Don't settle for less when it comes to boudoir photography - book your appointment with スタジオプロローグ today!

Customer Reviews


I thought it would be a normal apartment, but the room itself is reasonably spacious and easy to shoot.


The owner was very kind and took nice pictures! ! It was a lot of fun! ! I would like to use it again because it is close to the station! !


It was fashionable and nice! ! ! !

Japanorama Photography

With exceptional quality and a keen eye for detail, Japanorama Photography is a boudoir photography studio that truly stands out. Led by Alfie Goodrich, a highly talented photographer and educator, this studio is dedicated to delivering only the best in terms of professionalism and high-quality products. Alfie's expertise extends beyond just boudoir photography, as he has a comprehensive knowledge of Tokyo and its surroundings, making him an ideal choice for commercial projects. With friendly communication and stunning images, Japanorama Photography comes highly recommended for both individual lessons and business ventures. Don't hesitate to choose Japanorama Photography for your next boudoir photography session.

Customer Reviews

jj walsh

Alfie Goodrich is such a talented photographer who delivers high-quality products professionally. He's great to work with on projects as well as great at teaching important perspective and insights to aspiring photographers.

Matthias I. Lambrecht

Outstanding photographer and fantastic teacher with an excellent knowledge of Tokyo and it's surroundings. Highly recommended for both individual lessons and commercial projects.

William Penrice

I’ve done a couple of workshops with Alfie and he is simply an outstanding photographic educator. Alfie sees things most others don’t and kick starts people in their joyous discovery of how to see.

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